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Tron (TRX) Hits A New Milestone: 100 Million Transactions Processed On The Network | Oracle Times
Tron's founder Justin Sun has recently unveiled via Twitter that the TRX network has processed more than 100 million transactions. In his tweet, Sun also placed a link to a TRX block explorer that shows the token has indeed processed so many transactions. This really high transaction volume most likely comes from the dApps in the Tron ecosystem. DappRadar reported that eight out of ten most popular dApps developed on Tron's network are gambling dApps and the other two are decentralized crypto exchanges. As you already know, the most prominent dApp in Tron ecosystem is TRONBet. TRONBet was the very first dApp that was launched on the Tron blockchain.

TRON Network Sees Massive Boost in Transactions
The TRON (TRX) project, a competitor to Ethereum which intends to be a home for dapps, has recently achieved 2 notable achievements: recording just over 2.5 million transactions in a single day, as well welcoming over 30,000 new wallet addresses. #TRON breaks two records today! 2.53 MM Txs per day and 32,284 daily increase address! More developers from #EOS and #ETH have migrated to TRON! #TRX $TRX pic.twitter.com/6siaP4hw61 Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) December 14, 2018 This news follows the launch of TRON's new exchange TRC20 last week, a marketplace for tokens launched on the TRON platform. It is likely that this has contributed to the great number of transactions on the network. The exchange is one of many projects that is being built by the TRON development team.

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