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Ripple (XRP): When Is The Right Time To Start Buying - Crypto Daily
Ripple (XRP) has run into a strong resistance at the top of its descending channel. This resistance is the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level which indicates that there is a strong probability that Ripple (XRP) may have to correct short term. Even if XRP/USD does not have to fall towards the bottom of the descending channel, it still has to at least retest the 21 Day EMA if it is to break the descending channel. The problem with Ripple (XRP) is that it has been trading out of sync compared to the rest of the market which has put itself in a very difficult position. Investors are confused as to whether this might be a good time to start buying Ripple (XRP) or not.

Why do we take EOS seriously when it's clearly a plutocracy - The Block
EOS, the brainchild of seigniorage addict Dan Larimer and noted #1 cryptocurrency project by the Chinese government, has confirmed what we always sort of knew: EOS clearly functions as a plutocracy'governance by the rich, for the rich. It wasn't always this way: a company called block.one created EOS in 2017. The team described their mission as providing end-to-end solutions to bring businesses onto the blockchain from strategic planning to product deployment. They initially offered an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network in a controversial, continuous year-long Not A Token Sale where customers bought tokens, booked as revenue by block.one, the administrator of the EOS network. If you're thinking, Wait, this thing sounds an awful lot like an ICO, you would not be wrong. The placeholder tokens were a hot commodity, with block.one selling 1/5 of the total supply for 250,000 ether (~$80m) within the first four days of the sale.

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