Who is Ezekiel Osborne (Zeke Echelon) Claiming to be Monero's (XMR) Co-Founder Who is Ezekiel Osborne (Zeke Echelon) Claiming to be Monero's (XMR) Co-Founder
The cryptocurrency community is currently talking about Ezekiel Osborne, according to some sources, Moneros co-founder. However, it seems that most of the figures related to Monero deny this. Forbes Middle East released a profile of Ezekiel Osborne, supposedly, Monero's co-founder. In the article, the author Claudine Coletti describes him as a Crypto Millionaire that turns coins into cash. All of this seems to be completely wrong. Monero developers have denied that several times saying that they do not know anything about Osborne. However, they noticed that there was a resemblance between Mr. Osborne and Seke Echelon and Ezekiel de Jong. Zeke Echelon is also known as one of the worlds best pumper in the crypto space. This is related to groups that pump and dump virtual currencies to earn juicy profits after manipulating the market. This entry was retrieved by us on December 22, 2018 10:14 AM. Share this content on social media: See bitcoinexchangeguide.com for more from this source. Leave a Comment

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