GameCredits Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell

GameCredits is developed for the gaming industry as a digital cryptocurrency that permits gamers to purchase in-game content and payouts that makes it mineable.

Its primary objective is to create a gaming platform driven by a digital currency that focuses on providing a secure, strong, and stylish system replacing the old mechanisms. They are also backed by blockchains to prevent players from scams and support transactions without fraudulent.

Monetary Data

GameCredits Cryptocurrency has 64,355,352 circulating coins.


After success in the gaming industry, GameCredits entered cryptocurrencies to gain programming expertise and blockchain technologies. It was established in Serbia in 2016 and expands its presence to gain popularity.

Co-founders Nebojsa Maksimovic and Aleksandar Mihajlovic have also made a partnership with a giant gaming company Datcroft Games LTD having millions of registered gamers. Together, they have committed to the making a smooth payment system and in-game monetization fro gaming industry.

GameCredits was under the name of GamersCoin in 2015 and was later rebranded to its current name. It’s a replica of Litecoin with some minor adjustments and specific gaming procedures.

What makes it Different?

The GameCredits have features that make it different from other gaming payments. The most common is the fact that GAME has a universal style that players like.

They offer consistency in helping millions of gamers to in managing without any hassle. Moreover, GameCredits is supporting hundred of games and plans to add its number.

For gamers, problems like a low amount of currency are limited to their deposits, security, and anonymity; also they are prohibited to make any money or credit transfer seamlessly across other games which they have earned, so they have no choice but to switch games and pay another in-game purchase.

With the low deposit of players, it affects the overall revenue of gaming companies. The waiting period also took a minimum of 60 days to process their earnings and is lessen by 30% when it arrives or even lose everything because of fraud transactions.

The great news for gamers, developers, and the gaming industry is that Google Play and Apple only allow gamers to pay through credit cards. PC gamers can now participate as the GameCredits expanded their deposit options. The networks facilitate transactions and payments in less than 60 hours.

Who is behind GAMECREDITS?

GameCredits Inc. is a network that embodies diverse people with expertise in blockchain and gaming world. The original developers were not visionary enough and ended leaving the concept. The two pioneering founders, Nebojsa Maksimovic and Aleksandar Mihajlovic supported the idea and saw hope in the gaming field. With 2 billion gamers in the gaming industry, founders redesigned the vision and targeted the opportunity.

Team member of the GameCredits includes CEO Sergey Sholom, Product Director Maxim Sholom, COO Alex Migitiko, along Jack Kuveke, Nikola Djokic, Milos Solujic, Nenad Tanskovic, Nenad Jerinkic, Vladimir Jovanovic, Stefan Crnojevic, Uros Radovanovic, Aleksandar Ostojic, Milivoj Nesic, Vuksan Simunovic, Danilo Cupic, David Filipovic, Filip Dimitrijevi, Aleksandar Bibovski, Stefan Lazarevic, Srdjan Misic, , Tamara Stavljanin, Isidora Puhalo, and Marija Kanazir.


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