HorseChain: Digitized Equine Industry

HorseChain: Digitized Equine Industry


Although the project’s Twitter account reported some activity 2+ months ago, we’ve checked HorseChain’s website and Telegram group and believe this project is inactive. The website is currently presenting a 404 page, while the Telegram chat shows mostly spam from third parties.

The HRS token also hasn’t seen any on-chain activity in months.

For these reasons, we’ve moved this project to the Dead Coins section. Please let us know if you feel this was done in error.

Original Text

The equine industry is one of the major industries that are hidden in plain sight.

The market of the equine industry is greatly higher than we think. In 2018, the market of the global equine industry value has reached 300 billion dollars and created 1.6 million full-time jobs. However, these days the Equine industry is facing lots of challenges such as frauds, untrained personals and many more.

The challenges that the equine industry is faced with may be too many to be counted, but there is a single solution that can crack all of these challenges – the decentralized blockchain. With blockchain technology, we, at HorseChain Foundation, can implement smart contracts, produce unbiased data, enhanced detestability and validation of extortion verification in the equine industry and make it increasingly proficient, straightforward, secure and comprehensive.

HorseChain Foundation is basically a group of people committed to building a new equine world. Our software solutions are the best platform to build peer to peer trust on the network, making the value-transmission process transparent and private without interference from intermediaries.

The team at HorseChain Foundation believes that horses are assets like gold but the current system has many disadvantages. We work to solve these issues.

The platform we are building can be implemented for other pets too in the future.

Key Issues

Since the horse industry is a rapidly growing industry, there are lots of problems that are the major concerns in this growing industry. It is considered that horse community members are conscious of horse industry problems that impact them and the horse industry.

The following are a few of the major issues:

● Systemic fraud – Insufficient policies and regulations to validate and check equine passports, origin identification, and supplemental data.
● Inefficient – Legacy paper systems put off quick accessibility to essential equine data that has enough negative impact on business between researchers, buyers, sellers, and other stakeholders in the network.
● Fragmentation Limits Growth – The equine industry is conducting business offline or through local websites. Lack of a one-stop online stage for the equine industry isolates significant stakeholders into local niches, impedes growth and localization of the equine industry, and hinders precious information exchange on training, handling, and breeding horses.


As we’ve seen that the equine industry is currently facing lots of issues and problems that are restricting the potential of growth.

However, these issues can be resolved with the following solutions:

● Sealed Verification System – HorseChain will implement the Sealed Verification System to make certain the consistent and fast authentication of equine passports and recognition of horses, thereby efficiently preventing the fraud and supporting the swift globalization of the equine industry.
● Decentralized Equine Ecosystem – HorseChain will combine the global equine community using a common digital currency built on blockchain technology. This decentralized platform creates an environment of trust for stakeholders to work together and manage equine merchandise, data, services, and expertise.

SRH HorseChain Token

HorseChain token is an ERC20 token deployed on the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comments and is the official protocol for proposing improvements on the Ethereum network. Standard rules apply to all ERC20 tokens which let it interrelate with each other on the Ethereum network.

These tokens permit for an exchange of assets of value and can be received, sent and purchased like any other crypto-currency such as Bitcoin or ether through the generation of addresses and wallets which assist these transactions.

Horse Sale Tokenization

Since all the HorseChain Dapps will be running on the official HorseChain app within the ecosystem, the HorseChain economy will use the SRH HorseChain token.

We see the SRH HorseChain Token as the means with which global animal professionals and enthusiasts will align themselves with. Through the borderless, international, and decentralized platform, important functions such as trade, knowledge exchange, and verification of data will be enabled. All of these transactions, and therefore exchanges of value, will in the long run being transacted through the SRH token.

Similar to a toll gives access to use a freeway, the token enables access to use services and products on the blockchain.

Token Sale Model

The HorseChain Token follows the baseline principle of non-minable, Ethereum based token distribution, in that all SRH tokens are generated and distributed as part of the public equine sale process. In which the cost of 1 SRH Token will be 0.0001 BTC and tokens can be purchased through several ways such as, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), fiat payments.

Token Distribution

How tokens are distributed can have an important impact on the general functioning of the HorseChain and general system safety. Therefore we ensure that SRH tokens are efficiently distributed to key stakeholders on the network and that all required roles are effectively filled, at the right time.

HorseChain tokens are distributed in the following way: 65% of SRH Tokens are issued for Crowdsale, 10% to the team, 15% to founders’ team members, 5% to the Advisors and Partners, 5% to the Beauty, Airdrop, and Referrals and 15% are reserved for Agate Ecosystem.

Token Sale Objectives

The Objectives of the SRH Token Sale is to kick-start the HorseChain venture and bring it into full production mode as rapidly as possible. As written in the white paper, we have a plan to construct a worldwide business.

The SRH Token Sale proceeds will be used to construct out the platform and its applications, to set up operations and to roll-out the business internationally across the identified target markets. We want to provide a secure way to make the transactions for the users of the HorseChain.

Thus the major objective of the Token sale is to provide the opportunities to the stakeholders to kick-start the business through our platform. This will grow up the trade in the equine industry through HorseChain platform.