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There are two SPON tokens on Etherscan, both of which appear to be inactive.

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SponsorCoin is here to play!

Instant Sponsor's mission is to tokenize the sponsorship economy across sports, e-sports, entertainment, business and lifestyle facilitating efficient, secure and cost-effective trade between brands and rights holders.

The current global sponsorship landscape is inefficient and labor-intensive, lacks data, has large barriers to entry and doesn’t allow sponsors/brands to capitalize on real-time branding opportunities.

Global sponsorship spending in U$ billions:

When you add these characteristics to a typical banking system riddled with currency conversions, excessive transaction fees and inefficient payment processing, it becomes apparent that the industry is ripe for a disruptive force to solve these market challenges, providing efficiency, access and value to both sponsors and the rights holders. Instant Sponsor (IS) has built an integrated solution to seamlessly connect sponsors and the rights holders via a blockchain-powered peer-to-peer (P2P) trading platform

Instant Sponsor aggregates and tokenizes global sponsorship inventory available for sale by the rights holders ranging from teams/athletes to festivals and community events.

Sponsorship tokenization creates efficiency, provides access and opens a currently existing sponsorship ecosystem to global players.

Comparison between traditional sponsorship model and instantsponsor:

The platform serves as a one-stop-shop for sponsors to browse and buy global sponsorship opportunities transacting securely under one payment system free of currency exchange rate volatility and bank transaction fees and, as a result, maximizing every dollar spent.

Our proprietary AI-powered algorithm effectively matches a sponsor’s target demographic with the demographics of the rights holder’s audience, enabling to achieve an outsized ROI.


instantsponsor is a premium sports sponsorship marketplace, powered by blockchain and smart contracts


instantsponsor has developed a proprietary algorithm-based platform to enable transacting on real-time sponsorship opportunities that are both demographic- and region-specific


We create a powerful sponsorship economy to provide a win- win solution for all the participants within the ecosystem


We are revolutioninzing a $66+ billion global sponsorship market and $500+ billion sports industry

SPON Token

To ensure proper functioning of the Instant Sponsor economy, we are issuing Instant Sponsor Token (SPON) cryptocurrency and the SponsorCoin (SC) internal token. SPON will be available for purchase during the TGE.

InstantSponsor Platform

instantsponsor platform is ready and a beta version is now available. Technology developed to- date, including patented technology and current partnerships with the rights holders, allow us to be operational within 4-6 months of the Token Generation Event (TGE). Instant Sponsor has operated as an independent agency since 2014 during which we developed deep relationships and sourced opportunities for major leagues/ athletes and top-tier sponsors.

To-date, the founders have invested $2+ million of their own funds to develop technology, file patents and support working capital needs of the company. Please refer to the Patents and Intellectual Property section for a full overview of issued and pending patents.

instantsponsor Has Worked With The Following Brands

International Sponsors and Cross-border Transactions

Emerging sports markets in Brazil, Russia, India, China and the Middle East continue to grow, offering scope for the development of new commercial opportunities in these territories of both domestic and international events.

Ricardo Fort, VP of global sports partnerships at Coca-Cola, stresses that cross-border transactions are becoming common with a lot of activity from Asian and Russian-based companies.

Thanks to the location of future Olympic Games, FIFA World Cups held in Russia and Qatar and the Rugby World Cup, as well as Chinese investments in European football, sponsors are becoming disproportionally Asian, Middle Eastern and Russian.

Spending by Chinese enterprises, both locally and abroad, will be the driving factor behind the Asia Pacific region’s strong sponsorship growth.

This growth was anticipated to again be the highest of any region at 5.8% in 2017.


instantsponsor is one of the most exciting blockchain projects we've analized.

The possibility of sponsors being able to engage with potential atheletes, teams, artists and entertainers in real time is absolutely innovative.

The sponsorship market is growing fast and instantsponsor has enormous potential in this field.

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