Ledgity LTY Token: Platform for Security Tokens


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Ledgity is an ecosystem dedicated to security tokens, starting from their issuance to their exchange on a security tokens platform. Ledgity’s ecosystem will unlock the market for direct investment in non-listed securities  by offering a dedicated platform. The platform is based on the most trusted and used blockchain, Ethereum.

Thanks to blockchain technology, we can reduce friction cost and increase efficiency and transparency, offering a global 24/7 market with broader access and liquidity while cutting middlemen and fees.

The tokenization of traditional securities and the management of their lifecycle through smart contracts will reduce the need for expansive financial middleman services and will set up a secure and easy framework for  peer-to-peer transactions.

This transformation will also allow automated clearing and settlement processes which often take several days in traditional workflow and involve multiple intermediaries and redundant data sets. Ledgity will reshape the  entire investment and transaction process, from issuing to trading, settling, and clearing.

Ledgity Token - LTY

Ledgity will issue its token, called the Ledgity token (LTY) to power its ecosystem.

A total supply of 1 Billion LTY will be issued and will never be increased. LTY will run natively on the Ethereum blockchain on the ERC 20 standard.

For a long term and sustainable appreciation, LTY token relies on its utility within the Ledgity platform. As such, we believe in the establishment of a regulated business with worldwide development. We aim to bring international investment businesses opportunities and fundraising to the Ledgity platform.


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