LeoPay (former LeuPay) Transfers

August 2020 Update

The LeoPay website is currently down:

The company's most recent tweet is from November 2019:

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Customers of the popular digital e-money platform and debit card company LeuPay can use their account to transfer funds both to and from leading crypto currency platforms.

With the world’s financial landscape changing at a dramatic and exciting rate, the demand for crypto currency trading has become increasingly popular. LeuPay has recognized this trend and is working on providing a safe and secure means for its customers to invest in the crypto currency market place.

Offering very affordable transfer fees as well as a hassle-free transfer process, LeuPay has found an elegant way around all the red-tape that is currently delaying Crypto trading through traditional banking methods.

The non-restricted transfers to Crypto Trading Platforms are already available for LeuPay clients and will give them another access point to crypto exchange platforms.


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