Netscouters: Decentralized Football Investments

2020 Update

In 4 years, the project has not published source code to their official Github account.

The most recent Twitter update was published 5 months ago.

The Netscouters roadmap dates have apparently been repeatedly pushed forward year after year. Some even 20,000 years into the future:

For these reasons, until a Netscouters coin is released, we're moving this project to the Dead Coins section.

Original Text

Netscouters’ Platform is a distributed meritocratic transparent and unified platform to assess, validate and empower youth players’ skills”. Real opportunity to shape the policy debacle on how the public and the private sector can work together to help build a more inclusive Economy in the football world.

The main goal is to help Amateur clubs overcome common obstacles (infrastructure and finance) to sustainable growth, generating a distributed, meritocratic, transparent and unified platform to assess, validate and  empower a young player’s skill. The Club will be able to cover its sport season needs under financial point of view in an autonomous way.

Anyone can access to the platform and start earning by following players.

Give the athletes the opportunity to be able to play football independently of his social and economic conditions.

Professional Clubs can access the platform and see Players data and statistics.

Agents can access the platform and see Players data and statistics.

Any kind of brand can access the platform and see Players video to decide to introduce advice or sponsoring Club.

Anyone can access (by registration process) the NETSCOUTERS platform and receive financial rewards for evaluating players.

As accredited by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, football is a universal language of millions of people around the world, including children and adolescents, regardless of their place of origin, language they  speak or religion to which they belong.

Amateur Club Costs

As explained in the previous section, the Amateur Clubs have a series of expenses that are necessary to develop their activities. This need, to cover their budget, is the main premise that forces them to fight every day to  achieve uncertain income, since many cases depend on variable items such as the attendance of the public to a match, the collection of advertisements on the match field or promised subsidies that do not arrive, etc., when  it would be logical that their efforts have to focus on purely sports work.

Netscouters Tokens

NETSCOUTERS marketplace PLATFORM is Players and of a decentralized clubs based and on transparent Tokens.

The decentralization of amateur football in our platform marketplace will help to ensure that Amateur clubs, with their youth activities, has access to global financing. With our platform, Amateur clubs will be able to  receive support from investors, Brands and Professional Football Clubs. It doesn’t matter if an Amateur club is from USA or any other country. Doesn't matters if investors, Brands or professional Clubs are from Australia, Argentina, Japan or any country around the world.

Netscouters Token Utilities

The funds coming from the ICO generate two types of tokens with the same value:

ICO token (OutInv Coin) that will be delivered to investors and which will give the right to receive the commission (20% of annual club’s earning during 2 years) on the investments made for the clubs or players (Setup  platform fees) and that will be distributed in proportion to the number of tokens in ownership.

Platform Token (Out Coin) that will be used in a Netscouters Platform Market place.

Netscouters Wallet

Every NETSCOUTERS platform user will have a simple hardware wallet that secures Crypto Coin and movements between them. Assets will be protected from hackers and thieves. Our Wallet claim to be virus and malware proof, this is because it will not have an operating system like phone or computer.

The firmware will be 100% open source and works on PC, Mac, Linux, and Android.

Netscouters Token Sale


Official Website

ICO and Roadmap



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