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IOTA Announces Partnership with Porsche, Token Price Surges - Cryptovest
IOTA token?s price has jumped over 18% on the news that it will work with luxury car maker Porsche for Startup Autobahn?s Project 4. IOTA announced that it would work together with German automaker Porsche on the Program 4 project, which was backed by platform Startup Autobahn. IOTA and Porsche will work along with other startups on a program focused on smart mobility. The news supported IOTA?s token price, which surged about 19% in the last 24 hours according to Coinmarketcapdata.  ?The @PorscheLab is looking forward to work together with @iotatoken & @Porsche on a @StartupAutobahn Project. StartupAutobahn is the ultimate innovation platform that unites tech companies with the tech expertise of SiliconValley & the best of German engineering,? IOTA News said in a tweet.
December 23, 2018 2:59 PM

IOTA News - Cryptovest
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December 23, 2018 2:53 PM

IOTA (IOT) - Live IOTA price and market cap
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December 23, 2018 2:15 PM

Top 5 Crypto Performers Overview: Bitcoin Cash, IOTA, TRON, Bitcoin SV, DASH
After dipping to year-to-date lows earlier in December, some cryptocurrencies are showing first signs of recovery. After dipping to year-to-date lows earlier in December, some cryptocurrencies are showing first signs of recovery Cryptocurrencies as an asset class are maturing and carving out their own niche. While the equity markets had their worst week in the past 10 years, the crypto markets have bounced sharply from their lows, showing first signs of a recovery. However, after the massive destruction of wealth this whole year, it will take more than a bounce to confirm the start of a new uptrend. Though these bounces are a good opportunity for short-term traders, the investors need to look for large bottoming formations which signal the beginning of an uptrend.
December 23, 2018 2:03 PM

IOTA price predictions 2019: The cryptocurrency to look upwards (IOTA Forecast) IOTA news today -IOTA Cryptocurrency News | Smartereum
IOTA price predictions 2019: IOTA has captured the attention of many cryptocurrency investors. Many investors are asking whether or not to invest in IOTA? Today, we will shed some light on IOTA price predictions 2019. IOTA price prediction for 5 years is $ 38. This is the reason why currently it is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in. Also, a credit investment of $ 100 will be around $ 1782 in 2022. This marks a 17 fold increase. All these predictions catch the attention of the investors who are looking to invest in this cryptocurrency. The volatility in the cryptocurrency is on the side, if you?re willing to hold the cryptocurrency for a longer period of time, it will indeed become easier for you to have some beneficial returns. Also, in the current downturn, it is able to stabilize much quicker as compared to some of the other cryptocurrencies. That is why it will be able to protect your portfolio in case of any downturns. When you?re diversifying across IOTA as well as other cryptocurrencies, it will provide protection during the downside.
December 23, 2018 7:16 AM

IOTA (MIOTA) Price Prediction: MIOTA to Rebound to the $5 Level or More This Year [MIOTA Price Forecast 2018] News | Smartereum
IOTA (MIOTA) is an ambitious digital currency project with a lot of potentials. Unlike other digital currencies, IOTA doesn?t use the blockchain design, rather it stores data of transactions in a blockless distributed ledger. This technology helps the digital currency to eliminate costs of transactions and reduce processing time. The value of the digital currency saw a significant growth at the end of last year, and it?s set to be one of the best performers this year in the digital currency market. IOTA is currently ranked 9th on the list of top digital currencies based on market cap, and the market cap of the coin is $4.02 billion.
December 23, 2018 7:00 AM

When will the IOTA Trinity wallet be able to do this
Facebook is working on making a cryptocurrency that will let users transfer money on its WhatsApp messaging app, focusing first on the remittances market in India, according to people familiar with the matter. The company is developing a stablecoin ? a type of digital currency pegged to the US dollar ? to minimise volatility, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing internal plans. Facebook is far from releasing the coin, because it?s still working on the strategy, including a plan for custody assets, or regular currencies that would be held to protect the value of the stablecoin, the people said.
December 22, 2018 11:06 AM

IOTA vs Byteball Review - Legit Cryptocurrencies Without A Blockchain
The idea of blockchain as a chain of blocks containing data secured through encryption dates back at least 25 years to the early '90s, but Bitcoin was the first practical conceptualization of blockchain in 2008. Since then, we've had scores of different blockchains spawning like shrooms in a swamp. Currencies, Dapps, digital asset management, prediction markets? blockchain's possibilities are limited only by our imagination. It is safe to say that we've only scratched the surface in terms of discovering use cases for distributed ledger technology(DLT). Blockchain is often misrepresented as the only DLT, but it is only one iteration of DLT. There is a school of thought that blockchain's seemingly boundless potential is curbed by its inability to scale and support larger networks.
December 22, 2018 10:12 AM

Taking a Look at Top Altcoin Cryptocurrency Headlines for TRON, XRP & IOTA This Week
This week has been a disaster for crypto markets and investors in the crypto space are disheartened. This fall comes as a surprise to most people as the markets were stable for at least a couple of months prior. Even though a vast majority of cryptos took a harsh beating, some like TRON, XRP and IOTA held their own. TRON is always in the news cycle for increasing their use cases. This week was no exception. The TRON Project was listed on two more exchanges; namely Blockport and Scatter. We?re excited to announce the listing of @Tronfoundation on our trading platform! Blockport users can now buy and sell Tron?s token, $TRX, directly through our Euro gateway.
December 22, 2018 10:00 AM

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