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January 16, 2019 3:12 PM

Audi Will Showcase Its E-tron Models With an Electric 60-Second Super Bowl Spot Adweek
Mark off another car brand advertising during the Super Bowl this year. Audi announced today that it will run a 60-second spot during the second quarter of the game, airing on Feb. 3 on CBS. This will be the auto brand?s 10th time in the Big Game. The ad, which will once again be created by longtime agency partner Venables Bell & Partners, will have an, ?electrification theme,? according to a statement from the brand. Audi announced last year that because nearly 30 percent of Americans are projected to ?go electric? by 2025, the brand plans to roll out battery electric vehicles in the coming years.
January 16, 2019 2:58 PM

Tron (TRX) up over 4%, in relatively stable 24 hours for the market | Chepicap
You will be logged out and redirected to the homepage Thank you for signing up! After confirming via email you can immediately use your account and comment on the Chepicap news items! Have fun! A relatively uneventful 24 hours for the crypto market has seen about half of the top 10 coins rise, and half of them fall, by around 1 percent. Market cap is down around $1 billion. Total market cap / BTC dominance:  Another $1 billion has been wiped from the crypto market in the last 24 hours, with the majority of larger altcoins losing some value. BTC dominance is at 51.2%, much lower than it has been in recent months.
January 16, 2019 2:58 PM

E-Tron, the first ever electric SUV from Audi is futuristic but normal in look and feel - cnbctv18
Audi is all set to introduce its first ever all electric SUV the E-Tron in the Indian market. CNBC-TV18?s Overdrive team checks out the E-Tron. ©TV18 Broadcast Limited. All rights reserved.
January 16, 2019 2:58 PM

Will TRON be a Good Investment in 2019 | BTC Wires Will TRON be a Good Investment in 2019
Catch up with all the buzz in the world of crypto with BTC Wires. Here, we bring all the breaking stories, feature announcements, public statements and multinational plans of well-known industry investors. Explore more about how and where Blockchain Technology is making headlines! Away from the cryptocurrency, BTC Wires has got something for you out of this world of fascinating fancies and ideas. Let your queries be sorted out by some brilliant minds of Blockchain Ecosystem! BTC Wires has this syndicated interview column that has up-close and personal interviews of some of the game changers in the world of cryptocurrency. Know what they have in their sack for you.
January 16, 2019 2:57 PM

Whales Buying Ripple XRP ! HUGE Tron TRX News ! Bitcoin BTC Price, Trading, Cryptocurrency News 2019
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January 16, 2019 2:57 PM

Tron (TRX) Price Prediction For 2019: Long-Term Trend Looks Bullish, As TRX Gains 20% In Three Days - Crypto Daily Gazette
According to the crypto experts, Tron can expect a successful 2019 for its digital asset TRX. This would be a breeze of fresh air after the bearish 2018 which has been affecting all the digital assets. The long-term outlook is a bullish trend. The bulls seem to be on their way back after the price dropped to $0.01920 in the demand area on 1st January. The progressive upward price movement triggered a pushed of TRX-USD to $0.02425 in the supply on 5th January, and this was the high of the week. The new trading week is bullish at $0.02262 which is higher than the last week opening price which was $0.02045, and this is definitely an indication of the pressure coming from bulls.
January 16, 2019 2:56 PM

Tron's Justin Sun Sees TRX Breaking into the top 4 Cryptocurrencies in 2019 and Surpassing the Ethereum Ecosystem
Justin Sun, the founder of Tron token (TRX) and the CEO of Tron Foundation which is also the parent organization of the World?s Largest File Sharing Protocol, BitTorrent is an achiever and not just a young man of vision going by Tron?s performance in the year 2018. However, Justin is at it again by releasing his vision for the Tron ecosystem in the year 2019. TRX is presently at the 10th position in terms of coin market capitalization and trades at about $0.02. The sights of Justin Sun who is also a protege of Alibaba founder Jack Ma are: 1) Integrating the 100 million BitTorrent users to the Tron blockchain which is almost a reality considering that BitTorrent Foundation had recently announced that it will be launching BitTorrent token (BTT) a TRC-10 token On the Binance Launchpad.
January 16, 2019 2:56 PM

Two Other Partnerships Awaiting Tron (TRX) After Baidu TRX News Today - Today's Gazette - Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ripple, Tron, Verge, Cardano News Your SEO optimized title
Tron (TRX) ?The year had started off on good note for many cryptocurrencies. Tron (TRX), perhaps the most speculative of all is set to end the year in style. The first quarter of 2018 had seen many crypto coins leaving their shells in the decentralized community and moving into working environments ? real-world use cases. Tron (TRX) had been making moves to get important platforms to its side as part of efforts to usher in another web ?web 4.0 that will entrust content creation in the hands of users. Justin Sun?s Tron (TRX) had perhaps struck gold in recent partnership with supposed secret project ? Baidu.
January 16, 2019 2:55 PM

TRON CEO, Justin Sun, On The Future Of Content And New LINE Partnership
Despite blockchain?s massive potential, there have been few real use cases that have shown true staying power. One of these success stories is the capacity of blockchain to democratize and decentralize content storage and content creation. As a peer-to-peer platform, there is little doubt that blockchain offers a much smoother means for users to create, store, and distribute their content than centralized platforms like Netflix and Spotify offer. Instead of charging creators and users for the privilege to use their platforms, blockchain platforms such as TRON propose a fully open network that is governed not by intermediaries, but by those who do the hard work of populating these marketplaces.
January 16, 2019 2:55 PM

BitTorrent Sold to Tron Crypto Founder Justin Sun Variety Variety Mobile Logo Premier Logo
File-sharing pioneer BitTorrent Inc. has been sold to Justin Sun, a blockchain entrepreneur best known for the Tron platform and its TRX cryptocurrency. The acquisition closed last week and staff has been notified of the deal, Variety has learned. Company representatives and Sun didn?t respond to repeated requests for comment. Word about a possible acquisition of BitTorrent first got out last month, when TorrentFreak reported that Sun was pursuing the company. Sun first started talking to BitTorrent in September of last year, and signed a letter of intent to acquire it in January. The deal was briefly held up when BitTorrent started talking to additional bidders, which led to Sun filing for a temporary restraining order, arguing that BitTorrent agreed to not pursue any other offers.
January 16, 2019 2:54 PM

Tron Surges: Ethereum Tops $1,000 As Bitcoin Price Falls Academy caret Investopedia Logo
Altcoins were back in play as bitcoin?s price registered declines this morning.  Tron, a cryptocurrency from an open-source entertainment platform that connects content creators with audiences, registered the biggest gains. It shot up by more than 150% in a day. At 15:25 UTC, the cryptocurrency was trading at $0.20, up 150.89% from its price 24 hours ago, and had a market capitalization of $13.2 billion. On January 1, it had a market cap of $2.94 billion.  Justin Sun, Tron?s founder, had earlier tweeted about the prospect of several partnerships in the coming year. Sun is a protege of Alibaba Group Holdings Inc. (BABA) founder Jack Ma and, according to rumors, that the company may announce a partnership with the e-commerce giant later this year. 
January 16, 2019 2:54 PM

TRON Foundation Announces Partnership with Shift Markets | Business Wire
Blockchain Leader to Offer TRX Trading in All Currencies NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--International blockchain foundation TRON announced today a deal with Shift Markets to bring TRX trading into the currency markets, the largest market in the world. TRX is now being offered on nine brokers in nine different countries, and growing. The first UK regulated exchange to offer TRX will begin trading in coming weeks. Additionally, JM Financial, a leading regulated FX broker in India, will be the first in the region to offer TRX next week. "We are excited to bridge the gap between the FX and crypto markets with a popular and exciting project like TRON,? said Ian McAfee, CEO of Shift Markets. ?The demand from FX has been enormous, and we anticipate more and more crossover between the two markets.?
January 16, 2019 2:54 PM

Tron Partners with Crypto & Proud to Promote TRX Use - Tron News
By clicking you agree tothe Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy There is no doubt that the coins that find utility will gain greater adoption. One of the ways foundations are pushing for adoption is by creating avenues through which their token will find use as a means of transfer of value and not merely as speculative instruments and store of value. In view of this, the Tron Foundation recently partnered with Crypto & Proud to bring various merchandise to the Tron community. In a tweet announcing the deal, Justin Sun, the Tron founder wrote that Crypto & Proud has made available some basic collectibles for purchase by the Tron community using the TRX. He also said that the collectible base will increase with time even as Crypto & Proud has been mandated to produce merchandise unique to Tron. Presently, the products available for the Tron community at the Crypto & Proud store are T-shirts, Polo shirts and Iphone X cases. A medium post about the arrangement said that Crypto & Proud ships internationally. So all holders of the Tron token (TRX) and holders of 50 other tokens can order from the store.
January 16, 2019 2:54 PM

Tron and Alibaba, New Sources Confirm the Partnership - Ripple XRP News Tech
A few days ago it has been said that it could be a fake news (you know, these days better be careful) but today new confirmations arrive on the possible collaboration between Tron and Alibaba. Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba and Justin Sun, the founder of Tron have known each other for some time and apparently signed an agreement not yet made public. According to some rumors, in fact, an official announcement would be coming from Alibaba that would concern a partnership with Tron. The source, unfortunately, is anonymous, but this is what it says: ?As soon as Tron?s Mainnet is online I expect Justin to take another step forward and make the partnership already agreed with Alibaba public. And let me clarify: the agreement has already been made, but Alibaba has waited for the launch of the Mainnet in order to solve the problems they have in accepting cryptocurrencies ?.
January 16, 2019 2:53 PM

HedgeMaven - Ethereum Blockchain Based Game EtherGoo Migrates To TRON Network - KryptoMoney
Ethereum Blockchain Based Game ?EtherGoo? Migrates To TRON Network  KryptoMoney TRON News: EtherGoo, an Ethereum-based game will now be called TronGoo, as the popular game makes a shift from the Ethereum(ETH) network to the Tron ... Despite the market-wide price plunge last year, cryptocurrency trading volumes have actually increased in 2018 vs 2017. Do the charts reflect the improving fundamental indicators of crypto? Binance Foils Cryptopia Hacker by Freezing Stolen Crypto  CCN Binance has frozen funds as the Cryptopedia hack is investigated, but its CEO has raised concerns that are mitigating the move.
January 16, 2019 2:53 PM

Tron (TRX) expert crypto panel forecasts a 27% drop down to 1 cent
At the start of each trading session, you will receive an email with the author's new posts. You won't receive any more email notifications from this author. Tron price on Wednesday was nursing losses of around 3%, in resumption of blood shed seen across the crypto market. Failing to sustain any upside seen, rallies continue to be sold in a fast fashion by the bears. In the latest cryptocurrency report released by finder, their panel of crypto experts median forecast for the Tron price, is to drop down to $0.01. This is anticipated by January 1st 2019, which would mean a drop of 27% from the current price level at the time of writing.
January 16, 2019 2:53 PM

TRON (TRX) Now Available on BiMoney
According to a recent tweet by Justin Sun, the Founder and CEO of TRON Foundation, TRX is now available on the multi-chain digital wallet, BiMoney. #TRX is available on BiMoney, a multi-chain digital wallet, management of large digital assets with hardware wallet. Supporting the storage, transfer and receiving functions of $TRX. #TRON ? Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) January 6, 2019 The wallet supports storage, transfer and receiving functions of TRX and can be used for management of large digitial assets with hardware wallet. TronWallet, the TRON-based digital currency wallet recently hit soft cap on SEEDGerminator. The wallet introduced itself as:
January 16, 2019 2:53 PM

BitTorrent is selling for $140M to Justin Sun and his blockchain startup Tron TechCrunch
BitTorrent, an early mover (and currently the largest player) in decentralised computing architecture to distribute and store data, is being sold for $140 million in cash to Justin Sun and his blockchain media startup Tron, according to multiple sources close to the deal, who spoke to TechCrunch. Variety earlier this week reported that a sale of the company to Sun closed last week, without naming a price, following rumors that circulated for at least a month that the two were in negotiations. Shareholders have now been sent the paperwork to sign off on the deal, and that has detailed the $140 million price ? which includes both a cash payment from Sun as well as cash in the company being distributed to shareholders alongside proceeds. Some are, we understand, still disputing the terms, as more than one person claims to have made the introduction between Sun and BitTorrent . A source says it?s unlikely that the disputes will actually kill the acquisition, given how long BitTorrent has been looking for a buyer.
January 16, 2019 2:52 PM

Introducing LocalTRX - The most private, secure and intuitive way to swap TRON (TRX) with others for local currency
We have just released a peer-to-peer encrypted marketplace for buying and selling TRON (TRX) over-the-counter! You can check out the platform here ( Purchase TRX using virtually any local fiat currency with over 30 different payments including Venmo, WeChatPay, and MoneyGram! This website is very similar to LocalBitcoins and the main goal of this project was to provide the fastest and easiest way to purchase TRON (TRX) with local currency. To get familiar with the platform, check out the How to Use and the FAQ. The LocalTRX token will be launched this week, and for every 10 TRX (in volume) that you trade, you will receive 1 LTRX!
January 16, 2019 2:51 PM

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