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VeChain Summit 2019, the First Global Developer Conference of VeChain, Was Held in San Francisco
April 18, 2019???San Francisco, VeChain Summit 2019, the first global developer conference by VeChain, was held at San Francisco?s historic landmark???Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason. Themed as ?Creating Valuable Transactions?, the conference boasted over 350 developers and scholars, over 50 business decision makers, government officials, and investors from all over the world to witness the latest achievements in VeChain Tech and Innovations. In attendance were business service providers representing clients which amounted to over 100,000 globally, covering the vast majority of Fortune 2000 companies. A joint collective over $10 Billion in capital under management of investors was represented by attendees.
April 23, 2019 10:20 AM

BMW announces VerifyCar powered by VeChain
BMW partnership and presentation at VeChain Summit 2019 "We built a digital ledger using the VeChainThor blockchain, and every interaction of the car will have a stored hash key on the blockchain." - Cihan Albay, Lead of IT Tech Office Singapore BMW Group Follow on Twitter: ==================================================== download Brave browser today and earn Bat Crypto. Join Coinbase and get $10 of free BAT Buy anything with Amazon link below at no extra cost to you, to support this channel. Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain Ledger Nano X to secure your Cryptos ============================================================================== Crypto Donations: BTC : 1K8BG2YJSTZasQ9cmrZVCDbikXcNymTBWW VeChain: rEb8TK3gBgk5auZkwc6sHnwrGVJH8DuaLh Ripple Deposit Tag: 101353939 Address: rEb8TK3gBgk5auZkwc6sHnwrGVJH8DuaLh Ethereum: 0xa5394b9871a2d5e07b5313f22fc30f1880956ab3 ==============================================================================
April 23, 2019 7:30 AM

ToolChain Revolutionizing your business, supply chain and product marketing
For decades, businesses small to big, from start-ups to SMEs to massive private and state owned enterprises has been plagued with various supply chain issues such as poor traceability along the supply chain as well as the need for more transparent business practices. Ineffective supply chain risk management as well as a lack of end-to-end visibility are both cited by a study conducted by Deloitte 2018 study titled ?Continuous interconnected supply chain?. Authenticity and anti-counterfeiting is also a concern in many industries with widespread counterfeiting happening in the market. Coupled with today?s purchasing behaviour by increasingly educated customers demanding greater transparency, sustainability, ethical business practices and so on, the reality is that even with modern traceability technologies and structures laid out and deployed, businesses still fail to properly track and trace their supply chain as well as effectively communicating their efforts to said customers.
April 23, 2019 2:24 AM

VeChain Thor Just On-Boarded Deloitte, With PwC That's Half Of The Big Four On VeChain's Blockchain
The VeChain project has revealed that professional services firm Deloitte will develop solutions on the VeChainThor network, having decided to migrate from the Ethereum network. The news was revealed at the VeChain Summit 2019 in San Francisco, which showcased how VeChainThor could be used for different applications and innovative upcoming solutions, such as ToolChain, which, according to VeChain, allows businesses to launch solutions in under 30 minutes.  Also announced is the fact that Blockchain Global CTO of Deloitte, Antonio Senatore, will join VeChain?s advisory board. 4) #Deloitte announced they will be developing its #blockchain solutions on #VeChainThor and migrating from #Ethereum due to the advance features of the #VeChainThor blockchain. Their open source block explorer and #Loki (#Truffle for #VeChain) will be released to the public soon

VeChain Summit 2019 recap - BMW announces VerifyCar |
VeChain held its first Summit on April 18th, 2019 in San Francisco. Next to speakers from the VeChain team, the ecosystem projects, speakers from DNV GL, Deloitte, Draper Venture Network, Microsoft and BMW attended. In the VeChain Summit 2019 recap series, I will share the key highlights of all the speakers. You can rewatch this session with Cihan Albay, Leader at IT Tech Office Singapore BMW Group, which is part of the early morning session, here on youtube. Cihan Albay starts his presentation by explaining how innovation looks like at the BMW Group. The BMW Group (BMW, Mini, Rolls-Royce) has 5 IT Tech offices around the world that work on IT for the supply chain, production, the cars as well as end consumers. Each year the company creates a Technology Trend Radar in which the categorize new technologies into three categories:
April 22, 2019 5:36 PM

Vechain | Dashboard Overview Steemit
If you haven't had the time to check out Vechains Explorer ( today is a good day to check it out. When comparing this block explorer to others its easy to see that Vechain took the time to consider all the things that make other explorers frustrating to use. It's sleek, functional and personally a joy to use. Network Totals In our image A, it shows you can interact with the dashboard. If you don't put your mouse over the graph it will show complete totals for the life of the blockchain. (Image A - Showing TOTAL network stats so far) In our Image B, it shows if you hover your mouse over the graph it will display totals for just the date you selected. In our example you can see I have the mouse on Jan 19th.
April 22, 2019 2:55 PM

[Boxmining] VeChain Summit 2019 Recap: Will VeChain bring mass adoption
Vechain Summit 2019 brought about major product announcements featuring a turnkey solution ?ToolChain? for any business to get into blockchain. I was able to attend and interview key figures like CEO Sunny Lu and COO Kevin Feng. Here is a summary of the major announcements and partnerships from the summit. VeChain (or VeChainThor) is a blockchain generation platform focusing on enterprise adoption. Vechain supports the creation of self executing contacts that have a guaranteed outcome without third party trust. This allows creation of decentralized applications (?Dapps?). These Dapps can potentially solve enterprise problems. Examples of enterprise problems include anti-counterfeiting in luxury items, automobile data and cold chain logistics.
April 22, 2019 11:26 AM

VeChain Introduces ToolChain
A truly revolutionary new turnkey solution within the blockchain space. ?Today we are officially launching VeChain?s ToolChain????Sunny Lu (VeChain CEO) from VeChain Summit 2019. VeChain?s ToolChain solution will enable EVERYONE to be a qualified builder, even people without a technical background will be able to create valuable transactions on the VeChainThor blockchain????power to the people?. There has been 60 technical people working tirelessly over the last 3 years to create ?ToolChain?. The ToolChain box comes with all of the hardware, software, service protocols needed to onboard your business to the VeChainThor blockchain within 30 minutes.
April 20, 2019 7:24 AM

With many key projects and ecosystem developers descending on San Francisco for the inaugural summit, we took a speculative look at what might make the April 18th event noteworthy. In addition to hands-on tech demonstrations, attendees will be hoping to hear plans from the multitude of speakers taking the stage at the summit. NOTE: These predictions are based on publicly-available information and prior knowledge of the speakers. Words in italics are unofficial predictions by the author. Vechain101 writes unofficial articles on the VeChain ecosystem and the thoughts and predictions don?t represent the views or plans of the VeChain Foundation.
April 17, 2019 12:41 PM

VeChain, DNV GL and Norway in a Box Collaborated to Implement a Superior Norwegian Product Platform
To assist superior Norwegian products, such as seafood, supplements, water, or home furnishings enter into the Chinese market, VeChain, DNV GL and Norway In a Box are working together to build a trust platform enabling consumers from China to enjoy high-quality products produced in Norway, as well as other Northern Europe countries. In the collaboration, Norwegian seafood will be the first batch of products integrated into the shopping platform. Guaranteeing the safety of imported foods into China has been a major challenge, even in the digital age. Like with many products, validating and verifying the origin is complex using previously existing technology. For a product to have true traceability, the answer has come in the form of blockchain technology, enabling immutability of data and transparency in the supply chain with data collection assured by third-parties.
April 08, 2019 10:36 AM

VeChain March 2019 overview |
In this Monthly report, we will give a summary of the most important updates that happened in the VeChain ecosystem during March 2019. March 7th ? Registration for the VeChain Summit 2019 has opened. Read everything you need to know about this event in our writeup: The VeChain Summit 2019 will be held on Apr 18 in SF. With speeches from Foundation members, a Developers challenge, product releases as well as speakers from DNV GL and the BMW Group, you don't want to miss this one-day event! #CreatingValuableTXs $VET ? VeChainInsider (@vechaininsider) March 10, 2019 March 20th ? Vechain?s Executive Financial Report Vol. 6 was released. Key highlights are that the circulating supply increased with 2% to 69% of the total supply. 11 full-time employees were hired and the Economic Nodes Reward Pool was lowered by 2.5 billion VET, as stated in the whitepaper.
April 07, 2019 4:41 PM

VeChain Partners With Haier, the World's Largest Home Appliances Manufacturer
Singapore-based blockchain platform VeChain has partnered with Chinese consumer electronics giant Haier and risk management company DNV GL to improve transparency in the supply chain. Haier, the world?s largest home appliances manufacturer, owns some of the industry?s biggest brands including Casarte, GE Appliances, Fisher & Paykel, AQUA, and Candy. Last month, it launched its ?Internet of Clothing? (IoC), a networked laundry solution connecting the smart washing machine, laundry rack and folding machine. In collaboration with Haier IoC, VeChain?s traceability application, My Story, will be used to verify products, prevent fraud, track carbon footprints and more.
April 03, 2019 10:50 AM

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