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Dash Crypto Review-- Potential 100X #dash_force
Today I will be running you through the crypto currency Dash. Please like, share and subscribe if enjoyed.
April 23, 2019 6:53 AM

I'm intrigued to see how Bitcoin plays out this resistance.
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April 22, 2019 3:04 PM

Vechain | Dashboard Overview Steemit
If you haven't had the time to check out Vechains Explorer ( today is a good day to check it out. When comparing this block explorer to others its easy to see that Vechain took the time to consider all the things that make other explorers frustrating to use. It's sleek, functional and personally a joy to use. Network Totals In our image A, it shows you can interact with the dashboard. If you don't put your mouse over the graph it will show complete totals for the life of the blockchain. (Image A - Showing TOTAL network stats so far) In our Image B, it shows if you hover your mouse over the graph it will display totals for just the date you selected. In our example you can see I have the mouse on Jan 19th.
April 22, 2019 2:55 PM

Exclusive Interview to Dave De Fijter - IOTA Hispano
Dave joined the IOTA Foundation by July 2018 as Online Communiy Liaison and has been contributing since then to keep things sharp at Slack and Discord, key places for IOTA community to discuss different topics and organize itself. At certain point Slack ended up not being able to handle the vast IOTA community and Dave contributed planning the Slack-Discord migration. Since he has a tech background (ICT Degree at Rotterdam University), he soon became developer advocate and started conducting Twitch sessions to guide users step by step on mounting a Full Node, Bootstraping IOTA?s Data Marketplace or creating testnets. This videos can be viewed at IF Youtube Channel.
April 18, 2019 10:29 AM

[Article] Interview of Stratis Community Leader, Acetmesis
I go as Acetmesis in and around the crypto space, a mashup of my initials (ACE) and tmesis, which is a linguistic construct whereby you stick a word inside another, compounded, word, e.g. crypto-bloody-currency. Don?t ask me why I chose this name: I don?t have a good answer to that question. Besides my passion for the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, I have worked with a small film production company making low-budget horror movies and spend all my spare time on another passion of mine, woodworking. I don?t remember the exact first time heard about Bitcoin, but it was quite some time ago. I do remember the first proper conversation I had about it: with my dad after he had watched a Max Keiser bit on Bitcoin in 2012/13. He asked my opinion and I?m sure I had nothing valuable to say at the time.
April 17, 2019 12:22 PM

Coinbase Buy & Sell Exchange Platform Review
Coinbase, the world?s largest Bitcoin broker, operated by Coinbase Inc, which has its headquarters located in San Francisco, U.S. It is fully licensed to do money based transactions not only in the UK, EU and U.S. (registered as MSB with FinCEN) but also in other countries in the world. Recently, it received an E-Money License from the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) of the UK. Coinbase Exchange is fully compliant with consumer protection laws like The Bank Secrecy Act as well as the local money transmission laws and regulations of the U.S. states. It protects the customer?s digital assets with an insurance policy so that they can claim their funds if the exchange loses its coins in the case of unforeseen hacking or security breach.
April 17, 2019 6:09 AM

Binance Exhange Full Review & Step By Step Guide
Binance, the world?s largest crypto asset exchange, will have its headquarters located in Malta. Originally it was launched in China but plan to move to Malta in 2019. Even though the exchange was launched only in 2017, it has gained the trust of millions of investors and quickly became the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the world. At the time of writing, Binance is not registered with any legislative board. Still, it is considered a trustworthy exchange because of the extra steps, like anti-phishing code, PCI Scanning, Secured Sockets Layered encryption technology, pseudonymisation, internal data access restrictions, and more. These aim to protect the customer?s funds and personal informal from unauthorized personnel.
April 14, 2019 2:32 PM Exchange Full Review & Step By Step Guide, a multifunctional cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2013, has its headquarters located in London, United Kingdom (UK). The exchange is fully licensed to do money based transactions, as it is registered as an MSB (Money Service Business) with FinCEN. exchange is also registered with ICO (Information Commissioner?s Office) in the UK. exchange provides advanced trading options like margin trading for serious/professional traders. It is equally popular among the novice traders as well because of the instant purchase of cryptos using the credit card. This review will analyse several aspects to provide you with an all rounded detailed overview of the exchange and its services. Although Cryptimi does its best to provide you with accurate information and updates it on regular basis, we strongly recommend that you to visit for any updates that might happen afterwards.
April 12, 2019 11:22 PM

50 SMA crosses 200 SMA in a positive direction for the first time in 2 years. Breakout incoming.
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April 09, 2019 5:23 PM

How to get a Tangem Card!
Cardano Foundation is inviting the global community to get together and watch the keynote speech from Charles Hoskinson at the upcoming IOHK summit in Miami! On Wednesday 17th April at 09:10 AM EST (local Miami time), Charles Hoskinson will be delivering his keynote speech at the 2019 IOHK Summit. Titled ?State of the Nation?, Charles will be talking about IOHK?s goals, products and the vision for Cardano 2020 and it will be live streamed via the IOHK Youtube channel. As this will be an important event for the project, Cardano Foundation will be running a campaign to encourage community members to host a viewing party and watch the talk live!
April 09, 2019 10:46 AM

Dash Review - Crypto Collective #dash_force
?Project Website: Collectivist of the day Winner : Check out these links below : ?CryptoCollective Website: ?Instagram: ? Email Crypto Collective : **DISCLAIMER** Crypto Collective is a group of passionate individuals who REVIEW projects in our videos. These videos are often sponsored and should NOT be received or viewed as investment advise. We are NOT financial advisers and all viewers should do their due diligence BEFORE investing. Under no circumstances does this information represent a recommendation to buy or sell securities.
April 09, 2019 5:40 AM

A great interview showcasing the cryptomining industry in Canada and beyond!
Join us as we dive deep inside Canada's blockchain industry with the insightful team at Blockchain Infrastructure Research (BIR). Canada is rapidly becoming a global hub for blockchain innovation and cryptocurrency mining. Thanks to an established financial services industry, pragmatic governments, an abundance of clean energy, a favorable climate, and a collection of innovative startups, the country offers the perfect setting for aspiring blockchain technology startups to grow and develop. Because of this favorable environment, Canada?s blockchain leaders are now becoming global authorities within the industry.
April 08, 2019 11:30 PM

VeChain March 2019 overview |
In this Monthly report, we will give a summary of the most important updates that happened in the VeChain ecosystem during March 2019. March 7th ? Registration for the VeChain Summit 2019 has opened. Read everything you need to know about this event in our writeup: The VeChain Summit 2019 will be held on Apr 18 in SF. With speeches from Foundation members, a Developers challenge, product releases as well as speakers from DNV GL and the BMW Group, you don't want to miss this one-day event! #CreatingValuableTXs $VET ? VeChainInsider (@vechaininsider) March 10, 2019 March 20th ? Vechain?s Executive Financial Report Vol. 6 was released. Key highlights are that the circulating supply increased with 2% to 69% of the total supply. 11 full-time employees were hired and the Economic Nodes Reward Pool was lowered by 2.5 billion VET, as stated in the whitepaper.
April 07, 2019 4:41 PM

8 ways to remove/reduce the pain of TAXES for bitcoin investors
There is a reason why ZenLedger has by far passed every other crypto tax product. Actually there are 8 reasons why. This video covers ZenLedger's 8 critical features that customers need that other products don't have. This makes it almost zero work to complete your taxes.
April 03, 2019 11:45 PM

Indacoin Buy Crypto Exchange Platform Review [Updated]
Indacoin is a UK-based cryptocurrency exchange that allows its users to buy top cryptocurrencies instantly using their debit or credit card without registration. Additionally, KYC verification is not compulsory for credit card purchases less than $200. Indacoin exchange is owned by Indacoin Limited, headquartered in London since 2013. This exchange allows you to buy Bitcoin and over 100 altcoins, including Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash. In addition to buying cryptos, Indacoin even offers a free mobile-based wallet for its customers to secure their digital assets. The trading interface of Indacoin exchange is so simple that even a novice trader can quickly buy cryptocurrencies without the need to create an account. Their customer support is excellent, better than most exchanges which we?ve tested. Nevertheless, it?s good to highlight the fact that this exchange doesn?t provide an option to sell or exchange cryptocurrencies.
March 31, 2019 4:33 AM

All Tried & Tested Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms Reviews
As a UK based broker, Indacoin is an excellent choice for a novice trader to get involved in crypto as it requires no account registration and supports crypto purchases via a credit/debit card. Kraken Exchange is the first cryptocurrency exchange to appear on the Bloomberg terminal. This exchange ticks virtually all the boxes when it comes to sought-after features by both novice and experienced traders. EXMO is a UK based Bitcoin Exchange which was launched in 2013 by EXMO Finance LLP. One of the world's oldest Bitcoin Broker, Coinmama has its headquarters situated in Slovakia. CoinEx, is a relatively recent cryptocurrency exchange. With its headquarters based in Hong Kong, it boasts of low trading fees, supports over 50 trading pairs and is multilingual.
March 28, 2019 8:43 AM

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