ELI5 Pillar (PLR) Cryptocurrency

ELI5 Pillar (PLR) Cryptocurrency

PLR or Pillar is non-mineable wherein you can use this type of coin for trade just like other Altcoins. The only way to gain profit is to wait until the price of PLR is rising then you will be able to sell them high. But in order for you to have this coin you must have or who should buy some ETH or BTC after that bring them token into the following crypto markets such as Tux Exchange, ShapeShift, bter, EtherDelta, HitBTC, Cryptopia, Zaif, and BX Thailand which that is available for exchanging your ETH or BTC into PLR. Aside from that, you can store coin here in Parity, Trezor, MetaMask, LedgerWallet, Ethereum Mist dApp and My EtherWallet for sending as well as spending your PLR.

Maximum circulating coins

Pillar (PLR) Cryptocurrency consist around 227,384,800 PLR circulating coins.


Pillar is known as peer to peer, decentralized cryptocurrency as well as meta-token in which can cater each popular token as well as works a lot for the ecosystem of the user’s personal data that’s why the PLR created by the long team as well as impressive advisors which are based in London UK. In July 2017, Pillar is spotted in public thru crowd sale. During its pre-sale, around 48 million Pillar coins are sold and by the actual crowd sale, over 528 million are sold. Due by that, over $50 million earned by Pillar during its crowd sale. Aside from that over 800 million of Pillar coins is exist in the Pillar hard cap.

What makes it Different?

Pillar is designed to cater numerous services as well as your transactions a day. It aims to make your life better by allowing you to use services as well as pay for the goods. Aside from that, Pillar also consists of smart browsers as well as exchanges, the advanced user data integration, and allowing the user to do numerous thing. But, Pillar does not allow any citizen of American to participate their pre-sale as well as their main sale unlike other Alt Coins they allow any user as well as they have the capacity to purchase BTC or ETH to exchange in their desired Alt Coins.

Who is behind Pillar?

Pillar coins is an open source automatic wallet in which could allow the users to hold each certainly as one of your benefits – your wellness records, coins, budgetary data, deal great resume, responsibility as well as a decentralized cryptocurrency. The Great Pillar Team is consist of five member including Tomer Sofinzon, David Siegel, Yogesh Gaikward and Vitor Py which is all based on UK (London).


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