ELI5 Raven Coin [RVN] in a Nutshell

Ravencoin is a community-driven cryptocurrency launched in January of 2018.

Bitcoin Value Comparison

The maximum RVN supply is 21 billion, which makes it an exact 1000:1 RVN to BTC ratio.

This allows for easy comparison to Bitcoin valuation – simply multiply RVN U$ price by 1000 in order to compare it to current BTC price. Conversely, divide by 1000 to find RVN to Satoshi equivalent amount.

The Ravencoin source code is a fork of the C++ Bitcoin sources, making it a first generation cryptocurrency.

Technical Specifications

Ravencoin’s blocks are 10x faster than Bitcon. Which means the netwtork difficulty is tuned so a block is produced every minute, whereas Bitcoin block period is ~10m.

RVN originally employed the X16Rv2 encryption system but in 2019 they hard forked the system to use a more ASIC-resistant algorithm called KawPoW.

Each mined block pays 5000 RVN block reward, with halving period equal to that of Bitcoin, or ~4 years.

Ravencoin block size is limited to 1MB.

RVN was not premined by its owners, which signals a fairer distribution system than many ICO’s from the time Ravencoin was released. No premining signals that the coin owners do not have any privilege over the general public (founders got no special reward).

The Ravencoin client software listens for RPC connections on TCP port 8766 and its P2P network gossip via TCP port 8767.


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