Bitcoin Gold replay protection

We'd like to clear up a few misconceptions for those in doubt about what, exactly, the Bitcoing Gold replay protection (or lack thereof) really means.

  1. There is no Bitcoin Gold being traded anywhere at all at this time.
  2. The Bitcoin Gold mainnet is NOT live yet. There is no mining, trading or any transaction happening in BTG at this hour.
  3. We've simply crossed the checkpoint where BTG will be based on. The BTG blockchain sprung into existence at Bitcoin block 491407. It is the snapshot block.
  4. Lack of replay protection is a serious issue. The mainnet cannot go live until this is fixed.

So, while replay protection is a must, all the FUD and noise being spread on chat rooms and social media are simply misinformation, spread either by ill informed users or trolls.

The important thing to know is: There is no BTG trading going on anywhere, because it is impossible without miners. And miners cannot work at this time, yet, because BTG transactions could potentially interfere with BTC.

BTW: There is currently a 250 BTG bounty for anyone who develops proper replay protection on Bitcoin Gold. (One would expect their core dev team to be able to achieve this without outsourcing.)

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