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DMTC Introduction | Waltonchain Smart Retail Application Child Chain
DMTC Introduction | Waltonchain Smart Retail Application Child Chain DMTC Global Eco-agriculture Application Traceability Chain is the first application child chain of Waltonchain. Its name comes from Demeter, the goddess of agriculture. Similar to Demeter who gave the hope of survival and development for the earth, DMTC applies the innovative IoT + Blockchain technology integrating Smart Agriculture + Smart Micromarket + Innovative Retail to the development of organic agriculture ecology. DMTC will rely on Waltonchain's RFID chip and blockchain technology for traceability within the whole circulation process of agricultural products and organic food for which it creates a safe and reliable big data information channel. Application in IoT sales terminals for safe agricultural products Magic Cat Online Smart Micromarket will also gradually realize $WTC-$DMTC conversion and consumption. Supporters can exchange tokens and hold them as a robust long-term investment with appreciation premium. Useful Links: Official Website: Official Twitter : Telegram EN : Reddit: Medium: Github:

Bitcoin And Other Altcoins Continue Their Stay In The Green, As Confidence Mounts Of A Greater Bull Market
This year is quite the opposite of 2018 in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. While last year was dominated by adverse reports about cryptocurrencies and how they were plunging in value, this year has primarily experienced massive comebacks. In particular, Bitcoin has led a significant rally since early April, and it seems not to be ending any time soon. Bitcoin is still in a relentless bull market According to data on CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin rallied 99.81% between April 02 and May 16, 2019, where it gained $4,145.9 to settle at $8,299.71. Before April 03, Bitcoin had not touched the psychologically $5,000 resistances level since late November 2018. However, the cryptocurrency hit $5,127 April 3, and the rally has been relentless ever since.

Why would a Seller accept Crypto Currency
Well, the answer really is why wouldn't they It has become so much easier to cash out through exchanges and TRADEZY is a new breed of e-commerce store that makes payments lightening fast and in true international selling and buying, so it's easier to get your brand known across the globe. It's all part of making the Aussie Digital ecosystem stable and viable.

Bank Of China Confirms That Owning Bitcoin Is Still Legal In China
A Bank of China's Law Research Association council member has clarified that Chinese citizens are still allowed to own Bitcoin (BTC) despite the ban on cryptocurrency trading that was instituted a while back. This is huge news in the Crypto world, a significant step forward in the mainstream adoption of this digital asset. The council member who goes by the name Sa Xiao made the announcement in a recent research release, in which he pointed out that Chinese people can still lawfully own Bitcoin. It is contrary to the common belief that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are illegal and have been, ever since China instituted a crypto ban.

How the Migration to Proof of Stake Consensus is Opening Up New Blockchains Potential
Move over, Proof of Work. Proof of Stake is the hottest new algorithm on the blockchain scene. Bitcoin's Proof of Work (PoW), the initial consensus algorithm that helped kickstart the broader cryptocurrency industry, is a sustainable and effective mechanism that's played a big role in making Bitcoin the flagship cryptocurrency it is today. But Proof of Stake (PoS), which is also an algorithm that validates transactions and achieves consensus, utilizes a significantly faster process. Because of this, a new generation of blockchains is emerging with Proof of Stake (PoS) or some kind of PoS variants at their core. And they're gunning to make blockchain technologies more readily available throughout the financial and enterprise sectors.

SpaceX Launches 60 Starlink Satellites on Thrice-Flown Rocket, Sticks Landing
By Amy Lynn Thompson 2019-05-24T03:00:45Z Spaceflight CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. SpaceX just took a giant leap toward making global internet coverage a reality as its fifth Falcon 9 rocket of the year took flight on Thursday evening (May 23), sending 60 internet-beaming satellites into space. Following the successful launch, the rocket's first stage gently touched down on a floating platform at sea, marking the company's 40th booster recovery.It was the third flight for this particular booster, marking just the second time SpaceX has flown a Falcon 9 first stage more than twice. The third time was a charm for SpaceX as the Falcon 9 lifted off at 10:30 p.m. EDT (0230 GMT on May 24) from Space Launch Complex 40 at Florida's Cape Canaveral Air Force Station here, following several delays: first a 24-hour delay due to high upper-level winds on May 15, and then a weeklong delay so SpaceX could give the onboard satellites a software software upgrade.

CoinJoin Bounty Unpaid Since 2013: BTC Dev Maxwell Refuses to Sign Transaction
TL;DR: As of bitcoin core's (BTC) present price, more than $350,000 worth of a donated bounty remains unpaid, going back to 2013 when it was first proposed by BTC developer Gregory Maxwell. He'd laid out terms for a privacy project called CoinJoin. Days after, claims to the bounty began to made and continued for some time. The topic reappeared as a point of contention recently with Maxwell openly refusing to sign a transaction for a potential claimant.? The thread runs some 37 pages and dates back to summer of 2013, spanning more than a half decade of debate and tangent. Then, Maxwell wondered openly about the future of privacy and how it might be best achieved with Bitcoin. It wasn't an easy problem to solve, and so an address was created for donations to a bounty fund, hoping to encourage developers to independently work on the project. A two of three multiple signature donation address was put in the charge of Maxwell, Pieter Wuille, and Theymos.

Assange Faces Death Penalty As DoJ Reveals New Charges
Your home county's stocks, bonds and real estate aren't the only options. I'm not anti-crypto, but I am anti-stupidity. Stocks are now prepared for a truly explosive move. The worst fears of Julian Assange's legal team have just been realized. Just as Wikileaks' editor in chief anticipated, the DoJ has revealed that a grand jury in Virginia has returned a new 18-count superseding indictment against Assange that includes violations of the Espionage Act stemming from his role in publishing the classified documents leaked by Chelsea Manning, as well as his original charge of conspiring to break into a government computer, per the New York Times.

Nomadic Labs announces new release for Tezos node: Snapshots, History Mode, and Multi-sig contracts
Thu 23 May 2019 in announcements Today we are proud to announce a new release of the Tezos node and'client. The main features present in this release'are: Remember that besides major features there are always a myriad of smaller improvements, have a look at the changelog. We encourage bakers to switch to history mode full using a snapshot before the activation of Athens to speedup the validation of the transition block. Detailed instructions are available on the release page. History mode, together with snapshots, is a feature that has been in the works for quite some time. For a full dive have a look at the original in-depth post. In a nutshell, the Tezos node now supports two additional history modes other than archive, allowing for a drastically reduced disk'usage.

Grayscale Ethereum Trust gets regulatory approval!
American digital asset manager Grayscale Investments confirmed its Ethereum Trust (ETHE) has gained regulatory approval from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) for retail trading. The news was announced in a press release issued on May 23. Set to become the first publicly-quoted security based on Ethereum (ETH), ETHE received the go ahead from FINRA to trade on over-the-counter (OTC) markets. The product will follow Grayscale's equivalent Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) Trusts, which are already publicly quoted. The launch remains subject to full compatibility with the Depository Trust Company (DTC), the world's largest securities depository with more than $35 trillion of securities deposited.

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