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Techrock awarded status of ?Exemplary Company in Imported Product Traceability? by State?s Consumer Body
Techrock, the safe product platform utilizing the Tael token and protecting imported goods with blockchain technology-based anti-counterfeit labels, has been officially inducted by the China Quality Promotion Association (CAQP), supervised by the State Administration for Market Regulation and supported by related departments. Together, we aim to promote quality developments while bringing authentic goods to communities?. We are excited to finally be able to publicize our event and our induction in Beijing, in association with the Development Center for Science and Technology, National Food Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Chinese Association of Market Development IoT Industry Working Committee, and more than 30 additional government officials.

IBM and Maersk announced two new partners for shipping blockchain
Shipping blockchain TradeLens, developed by IBM and Maersk, recruited two major marine cargo carriers to the platform: Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), the second largest after Maersk; and CMA-CGM, the fourth largest per cargo carrying capacity. Last year IBM and Danish shipping conglomerate Maersk announced the limited availability of a shipping blockchain TradeLens. The two partners finally announced that a couple of other major shippers have come on board. The new add-ons are Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), the second largest after Maersk, and CMA-CGM, the fourth largest in terms of cargo carrying capacity.

Nyzo: addressing arguments against proof-of-diversity and early entrants
In this article I will address and discuss the arguments against the Proof of Diversity consensus protocol and the influence of early entrants on the status quo of network diversity. It is a topic that often sparks heavy debate in regards to new cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin being no exception. I will start off by sketching a timeline of events that have led up to the current state of the Nyzo project and why I believe that there can only be one Nyzo, as there can only be one Bitcoin. As with Bitcoin, there is a certain technological advancement and a shift of perspective when looking at the Nyzo project. As with Bitcoin in the beginning, there are the naysayers who don't believe that the project will succeed, there are the early entrants who made a bet based on the limited amount of information available at the time and there are those who have yet to find out what proof of diversity or Nyzo is.

Sovereignty through mathematics CHAPTER NINE - MONEY AS AN AMPLIFIER
Money can be viewed as many things. It is often described acting as a medium of exchange, a store of value and a unit of account. As discussed earlier, one can boil down the definition even further. At its very core, money can be defined as a linguistic tool for expressing value, or even just gratitude, to another person, through space and time. From this perspective, money acts as an amplifier of a person's personality. If you're altruistic by nature, suddenly having lots of money won't make you less generous, but rather enable you to express your personality in more ways. Unfortunately, in a cultural environment such as the one we live in now, credit is cheap and economic incentives are skewed. Impulsive, irrational financial decisions in all segments of society are dictating all of our lives. If we didn't have inflation, in other words if we had sound money, we would be incentivized to save rather than spend. Sustainability would come naturally to us. The lack of sound money also affects the impact money has on our personalities, and its effectiveness as a personality amplifier. Sound money would allow for more honesty and more real solutions to more real problems. loses Goldman Sachs veteran to Ripple
May 28, 2019, 6:11PM EDT 2 min read Crypto wallet provider has lost yet another Wall Street veteran. Breanne Madigan, a former Goldman Sachs executive, has left for Ripple, communication lead Patrick Sutton confirmed to The Block. Her exit followed that of Jamie Selway, previously global head of institutional markets at the firm. Upon joining as head of institutional sales and strategy, Madigan was tasked to carry out the firm's ambition to attract institutional investors. The crypto wallet service's original plan'was to build an institution-oriented platform that integrates over-the-counter trading, custody and exchange business. To this end, also poached Jamie Selway from Wall Street broker ITG a few months after Madigan.

Tone Vays promotes Lightning but doesn't use it
Tone Vays and other Lightning Network proponents advocate it's use but don't actually use it for commerce. Original video:'v=nKqgK...

Aussie Digital Launches New AUD Coin Trading Platform
The Australian cryptocurrency trading world is about to be shaken as blockchain company Aussie Digital announces it will launch its own crypto exchange in order to improve the crypto market in Australia. The firm is known for its crypto exchange and coin adoption interests, which are a major feature of cryptocurrency and that have yet to be harnessed to their full potential. This is where Aussie Digital hope to step in in order to revolutionise not just the crypto trading options in Australia, but in the wider world. But how will Aussie Digital's new platform affect competition in Australian cryptocurrency trading

VeChain Attended the China International Big Data Industry Expo 2019
On May 26, the China International Big Data Industry Expo 2019 kicked off in Guiyang, capital of Guizhou Province. The opening remarks were delivered by Wang Chen, Vice Chairman of the National People's Congress of China. In recent years, Guizhou has regarded the development of the Big Data industry as its priority. The expo, which is co-hosted by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Cyberspace Administration of China and Guizhou Provincial People's Government, is a national level event focusing on exploring industry frontiers, building win-win cooperation, and providing an international platform of interaction, presentation, and promotion.

'Big Money' Accumulates Bitcoin
2019 May 28 -Volume.3 Issue.16 2019 May 28 -Volume.3 Issue.16 'Big Money' Accumulates Bitcoin Driving Bull Market Return Demographic Challenges for Facebook 'Cryptocurrency' Last time Bitcoin saw current price levels was on its way downwards in August 2018. But the landscape of Bitcoin supply holdings has shifted ever since the most recent bottom was met this past Christmas. The number of addresses holding between 1000 and 10K Bitcoins each has seen a steep rise with a whopping accumulation of 450,000 Bitcoins in less than 9-months. Over 26% of circulating supply,$36Bn worth of Bitcoin, now sit in addresses that have a balance of 1000-10k BTC. In August 2018 when Bitcoin was also at $8000, these 'Firm Size' addresses held under 20% of the circulating supply showing a sharp accumulation of nearly 7% in less than a year.

Coordicide - The next step
Since its inception blockchain has been discussed both in terms of the future possibilities, as well as the limiting factors that hold it back. High transaction fees, centralization, scalability limitations and power consumption are the main challenges that limit the technology from reaching its promised potential. IOTA Foundation, a non-profit foundation focused on distributed ledger technology (DLT) and open-source ecosystem development, will change this in its most significant announcement to date... IOTA's unique network moves beyond traditional blockchains to become the world's first network to become fully decentralized with zero fees and the ability to scale to thousands of transactions per second, thus eliminating all of the current issues with blockchain's structure. And, fulfilling the promise of a distributed ledger technology that can be used in real-world applications for both enterprise and IoT. Today IOTA announces it's Coordicide solution for the removal of the Coordinator, a breakthrough step towards becoming the world's first scalable and fully-decentralized distributed ledger technology. The planned protocol upgrade provides a new, decentralized mechanism for securing the IOTA network. With this upgrade IOTA will be the first DLT to solve three fundamental problems with blockchain technology: high fees, scaling and centralization. Find the full version of the press release here: For more information visit:

IOTA Announces Coordicide Solution
With the launch of the Coordicide website we are proud to unveil our blueprint for the Coordinator's removal a momentous step towards realizing IOTA's promise as the first decentralized and scalable DLT. The website offers a detailed introduction to the challenge of scaling DLT. Those more familiar with these technical challenges can jump right into the main content a description of the building blocks that make up our solution, and the features and strengths of a post-Coordinator Tangle. Of course, we have also included our technical papers, and encourage you to delve into them. It is both exciting and humbling to have achieved our current level of progress in such a short space of time. Indeed our first research summit (ReSum) was held in Barcelona only in February of this year. The maturation of the IOTA Foundation has been a critical factor in our recent successes. In November of last year, we announced the formation of the IOTA Research Council, comprising Prof. Bill Buchanan, Prof. Robert Shorten, our director of research Moody Alam and co-founder Serguei Popov. The team's sole focus is now on actualizing the ideas presented on the website a goal we believe to be eminently achievable.

Veolia Entrusts Ledger (leveraging IOTA) to Equip Water Sensors with Leading Security Technology
05/27/2019 | Blog posts, Press releases Working with Veolia subsidiary Birdz, Ledger to provide technology that ensures the authenticity of drinkable water collection data. Ledger, a global leader in security and infrastructure solutions for blockchain-based applications and connected devices, today announced that they will be working with the global utilities company Veolia to equip the company's water sensors with Ledger's industry leading security technology. Through this partnership, Ledger's IoT business unit will be working closely with Veolia subsidiary Birdz, a pioneer in remote water consumption metering.

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