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How to Buy Bitcoin - Exchanges vs Wallets 2018
The increasing popularity of Bitcoin has made more people interested in investing in the cryptocurrency. This has made more people ask how Bitcoin can be bought. This article will list and explain the various steps to take to ensure the successful purchase of Bitcoin. First of all, this is the first thing every potential Bitcoin buyer must do. Selecting a good wallet is important, because if your wallet is not secure, you could end up losing all your funds. When choosing a wallet, you have to look for a wallet that is secure and reliable. Some of the recommended wallets to choose from includes:

Why bitcoin randomizer can be useful
Bitcoin, is basically a digital currency which became really popular among most of the people lately. It is a form of an asset, this is the main reason why it is being used a lot. The second reason why Bitcoin was used so frequently was that it was considered to be anonymous. But studies and researches found out that it actually isn't. The transactions can be traced and the links connected to the addresses can be located by the hackers. For this purpose Bitcoin randomizers were established. It is basically an anonymous service which mixes the trails of the Bitcoin transactions thus making it somewhat anonymous, if not completely.

Why bitmixer
If you want to make sure that you mix btc safely, it's very important to identify a bitcoin mixing service that you can trust. But even if it can be easy to find an anonymous bitcoin mixing service right now, that doesn't mean you can literally trust any service out there. Handing your coins to an unknown service can be very tricky, and that's why you have to stick with a trusted bitcoin mixer. After all, this is the best way for you to stay safe and retain the control you need in a proper manner. Of course, you can count the amount of sites that can be the best bitcoin mixer on your hand. So yes, there are not a lot of them, which is basically a shame.

Top 5 Bitcoin Mixing Services in World-Wide Web
Before discussing the top 5 Bitcoin Mixing Services we need to know what bitcoin mixer or tumbler is. Well. Apparently, Bitcoin was considered anonymous which is why people started to trust the service blindly. But to be honest, it is not as anonymous as it is seems to be, which is why in order to secure the privacy and personal information Bitcoin blenders were introduced. These services are used to mix coins from different transactions so that the hackers or other users cannot reach to the specific address. The top five bitcoin mixers which are currently used are listed below: was the best bitcoin mixer which were used by many Bitcoin owners till the service was shutdown. They were first in this niche and trusted by bitcoin community, but service is not working anymore. This website is mainly used to ensure individual anonymity and make secure transactions. 

How Bitcoin mixing service works
A lot of people want to shuffle BTC in order to get the best protection. If you think about it, using this type of approach does make a lot of sense. The last thing you want is to deal with a lack of protection online. That's where the need for a bitcoin mixer comes into play. It allows you to confuse the trail for your coins. This way you get to keep your money safe without having to worry about someone else tracking them or your personal information. Most hackers are trying to identify the taint of bitcoin transaction and personal data. You want to avoid any issues as much as possible. But you can't really do that all the time. Yet with a good approach and focus, you can do that. And that's the reason why trying to use a bitcoin mixer makes a lot of sense. You can shuffle BTC in no time with such a system and it totally works the way you want it.

Top 5 Anonymous Cryptocurrency Offerings in 2018
Anonymity was what originally made Bitcoin famous as a digital currency. Born out of the 2008 financial crisis, the idea of a currency which couldn't be tracked (or outright confiscated) by banks and governments caught on fast. Sadly, the true anonymity benefits of Bitcoin have since been undermined significantly. The good news, however, is that anonymous forms of cryptocurrency now exist, which are far superior to Bitcoin in terms of speed, affordability, and price stability.

Why the Bitcoin market remains optimistic
The cryptocurrency industry is full of high adrenaline moments with near misses and close-call survivals. Many times during its less than a decade lifespan Bitcoin came too close to be quashed by one threat or the other  and every single time it has gone on to bounce back even stronger. The story of Bitcoin in 2017 is one that finally sees the Alpha Cryptocurrency coming of age. This can be seen through the way it almost effortless shrugs off a Chinese crackdown on the sector a few months ago, as well as a few scathing comments from CEOs of some of the biggest banks in the world. So what happened, why does the Bitcoin industry and market in particular continue coming back up. Despite being labeled as a bubble or even a fraud, why has the market decided to keep faith with Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry at large In this piece we intend to go over a few key reasons that make the Bitcoin market more optimistic than ever despite seemingly unending challenges.

The best Bitcoin mixer is that one that keeps your anonymity at a max
Please send your Bitcoins (min 0.02) to: Minimum amount to mix is 0.02 BTC (smaller sum will be accepted as a donation) Your personal fee {percent}% + {fee} for every transaction of the mixer We charge random commision 2-5% for every transaction. You are allowed to choose transaction fee in order to get force your transaction to come faster or longer. Do not hesitate to contacts us with any questions. We do not store any logs so we cannot help any organization or individual with their questions about users activity. We do this for system storage optimization and for users anonymity. We store only information about not completed transactions (about 3 days can take transactions that were sent using minimum commision).

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