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Introducing the 0x Market Maker Program 0x Blog
We are excited to announce the launch of the 0x Market Maker Program! Market Makers (MMs) are important stakeholders in both the 0x network and the DeFi stack, as they provide the necessary liquidity to create efficient markets. The goal of the Program is to bring additional liquidity to the 0x ecosystem by providing comprehensive tutorials, monetary incentives, and dedicated support from the 0x Engineering Team.   Why Market Make on 0x   Before digging into the details of the Program, let's review some of the unique benefits of market making on top of the current network of 0x relayers. About the 0x Market Maker Program   Since 0x runs on Ethereum, the biggest challenge for MMs to start trading is that they need to understand how the blockchain works. Traders need to be educated on how to manage a node, monitor the mempool, set up token allowances, fetch relayer orders, etc.   We have created a set of comprehensive tutorials to inform market makers how both Ethereum and 0x function. The tutorials cover the technical differences between trading on centralized exchanges vs. decentralized exchanges, in addition to explaining how to manage risk and utilize developer tools to deploy bots specifically designed for DEX trading environments. The 0x team will provide 1:1 onboarding assistance to walk market makers through the tutorials so they can get up to speed quickly. Our engineers are hanging out in our Discord chat and are more than happy to answer any questions.   Beyond education and ongoing support, 0x will be compensating market makers through the Program. Accepted applicants can receive $15,000 for building and running their own market making bot on 0x relayers. See incentive breakdown below:

0x - Join the Tokenized Economy with Coinbase Earn
We are thrilled that 0x is the first protocol to be featured through Coinbase Earn, a new initiative that gives cryptocurrency enthusiasts the knowledge and confidence needed to use exciting technologies like 0x. While the number of people that believe in the promise of crypto grows each day, getting started as a new user can be intimidating. That's why we are working with Coinbase Earn to craft a series of educational tutorials on 0x and decentralized exchange that guide the crypto curious to join the tokenized economy. Our mission is to create a tokenized world where all value can flow freely. While we've made rapid progress over the past two years building the 0x Protocol and educating on the benefits of crypto, we have a long way to go. Coinbase Earn provides a platform to further communicate how the emerging tech stack enabled by crypto networks will establish a more open financial system.

Evolving the 0x Brand 0x Blog
Today we're unveiling a big update to the 0x brand and announcing our move to! Dropping the project and protocol? from our name gave us an opportunity to look deeply at our brand and how it could better reflect who we are and where we're headed as an organization. In order to accomplish our mission of creating a tokenized world where all value flows freely'the 0x brand needs to set the bar and inspire others to build transformative businesses on top of our technology. By aligning our brand with our values and prioritizing quality and consistency, we will continue to attract world-class talent to the 0x ecosystem.

0x's response to the DDEX fork
Today DDEX announced that they will be moving to Hydro protocol. We are disappointed to see them leave the 0x ecosystem. It can be challenging for crypto businesses to find an edge in the highly competitive DEX space and current crypto climate. The DDEX team have communicated that rolling their own contracts is yet another step in the never ending quest to establish an edge. While we understand their decision, we believe that modularity and standardization will lead to greater innovation over time.    0x protocol is designed to support a variety of relayer models including p2p trading, open orderbook, order matching, and beyond. Every model comes with tradeoffs around decentralization, security, and user experience. We acknowledge that there can be tension around how these tradeoffs are measured by different teams. We invite developers to use the protocol in new, creative ways and provide feedback on how we can better accommodate new use cases. Our monthly developer call, research forum, and Discord server are public and we welcome open dialogue regarding the 0x roadmap.   The DDEX team has communicated that Hydro protocol is intended to support pooling of liquidity between different matching relayers in a manner that is similar to R1 protocol. One of the benefits of the modular architecture offered by 0x v2.0 is that it makes it simple for developers to support this use case, among many others, with just a few lines of code. This capability is particularly exciting as it allows us to rapidly experiment with new extensions to 0x, including trade execution coordinators (TECs), which allow us to eliminate some of the tradeoffs associated with existing relayer models. TECs give guarantees around trade execution similar to order matchers, yet provide the flexibility of an open orderbook, which is needed for DeFi applications. Along with several other initiatives (stay tuned), we believe implementing a TEC model will allow us to build the most liquid DEX ecosystem in the next 6 months.   Regarding the ZRX token, it is important to review why the ZRX token exists in the first place. Our long-term goal is for ZRX to drive a governance process in which ecosystem participants securely execute protocol upgrades and manage a community treasury. Ultimately, the role of ZRX may evolve through community governance to adapt to changes in the greater crypto landscape. We recently presented at Devcon 4 on how we intend hand over control of the network to ZRX holders. DDEX migrating to their own protocol underscores the importance of governance and giving stakeholders a voice in how the 0x protocol evolves.   One of the 0x Team's core values is to focus on long-term impact and we've been explicit about our philosophy that creating value for our ecosystem participants is more important than anything else. Our team is heads down building market making tools, a liquidity incentivization program, and products that will accelerate the growth of the ecosystem. We will continue building towards a decentralized financial system that is more efficient, transparent, and equitable than any that has existed in the past.

Introducing 0x Instant 0x Protocol (Easily add crypto token/NFT purchases to any site)
We are excited to announce the release of 0x Instant! With just a few lines of code, you can now add crypto purchasing seamlessly to any app or website. Instant is open-source, fully configurable, and allows hosts to earn affiliate fees on every transaction. Under the hood, Instant aggregates liquidity from 0x relayers for any ERC-20 or ERC-721 asset. It automatically finds the best prices within the 0x networked liquidity pool and lets users pay for tokens with ETH via MetaMask, Ledger, Trezor, or any other Ethereum wallet.   If you need to embed a simple one-click buy interface to sell your in-game NFT or dApp token, getting started is easy with our off-the-shelf UI and the Instant Configurator. Just identify the tokens you support, choose a liquidity source, and select an affiliate fee up to 5% (if any). If you need more flexibility and want full control over how the UI is designed, use AssetBuyer, the engine that powers Instant. AssetBuyer leverages the new forwarder contract to abstract away the complexities of sourcing orders and performing market buys in the 0x network. That means no more wrapping ETH!

22 Ideas to Explore with 0x 0x Protocol
Exchange is a core function that underpins the entire crypto economy from game items to meme markets to local maize markets in Ghana, decentralized exchange is what enables new markets to function in a global and trustless manner. Furthermore, we believe the 0x Protocol will be the technical standard that delivers seamless interoperability of tokenized value across platforms, geographies, and individuals. Over the last few months, it's been thrilling to witness and work with teams building businesses on 0x. Complementary building blocks from the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) stack are being used in conjunction with 0x to create new products and markets that couldn't have existed before. New verticals such as digital art, gaming, crypto-derivatives, and compliant financial instruments have launched in just the last 6 months, and we see entirely new markets developing on the horizon. Progress like this shows not only that our industry is maturing, but also how far the concept of exchange can extend.

Relayer Report #14 EtherDelta Ruling, Permissioned Liquidity Pools, and ERC dEX Interview
Sign up for Relayer Report here We have a few new relayers to announce first we have Emoon, a peer-to-peer marketplace for crypto collectibles that also enables users to track and analyze the assets they've bought. Hut34 is next, which is in the early stages of becoming a data marketplace relayer. The founders have worked on a variety of projects in the cryptocurrency space, including an easy-to-use cryptocurrency wallet, a stablecoin backed by the AUSD, and a version of wrapped BTC. On the 0x side of things, we are excited to announce the 0x Launch Kit. We compare it to Wordpress, with anyone able to fork the Launch Kit and add token trading functionality to their project in a few steps.

Introducing the 0x Launch Kit 0x Protocol
Launch a relayer in under a minute. Get started here. We are excited to release the 0x Launch Kit! The Kit includes a simple, extensible 0x relayer codebase that can be forked or used as reference material as you create your own marketplace. If you're new to working with Ethereum, developing on 0x from scratch can be challenging and time-consuming. The Launch Kit addresses these issues and simplifies 0x integration by dramatically reducing the effort needed to add decentralized token trading to your project. We like to draw an analogy between 0x Launch Kit and WordPress. WordPress is free, open-source software that can be used off-the-shelf to easily set up a blog and has allowed millions of publishers to flourish. However, large publishers like The New York Times or BuzzFeed need more functionality than WordPress provides, and build custom solutions to suit their needs. 0x Launch Kit is perfect for dApp developers that just want simple trade functionality, while more sophisticated teams can build custom solutions to fit their use cases.

Blockchain Governance Peter Zeitz of 0x Protocol
Hi, this is Peter Zeitz, research fellow on the 0x core team. Formerly, I was an assistant professor of economics at the National University of Singapore Business School and prior to that a post-doctoral fellow at Stanford, where I arrived after earning an Economics PhD from UCLA. I have been interested in crypto for a long time. I first learned about Bitcoin during my time at Stanford in April 2011. This very quickly led to the purchase of some GPUs and the creation of a small Bitcoin mining node from my San Francisco apartment, which, as I later discovered, was less than a block away from Ross Ulbricht's alleged Silk Road command center. Anyways, having lingered in this space for a long time as a hobbyist, I was very excited by an opportunity to pursue my interest full time as a governance researcher at 0x. Upon arriving, I quickly learned that the talent and set of personalities assembled here are pretty awesome.

Announcing the launch of 0x protocol v2.0! 0x Protocol
Start developing on 0x v2.0 at + trade through 0x relayers at   We are incredibly excited to announce that we have completed mainnet testing for 0x protocol v2.0! After over a year of development, and numerous rounds of internal and external security audits, we are confident that this new system of Ethereum smart contracts is one of the most highly vetted systems on the Ethereum blockchain.    The launch of v2.0 is an important milestone in 0x's long-term mission of creating a tokenized world where value can flow freely. Version 1 enabled developers to create beautiful user experiences, tap into public pools of liquidity, reduce development time, and lower costs associated with trading. Version 2.0 brings further modularity and extensibility, allowing developers to address many new use cases. Over the past year, we have not only seen an explosion in the number of ERC20 tokens, we have also seen a growing set of new token standards such as ERC721 for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 0x Protocol v2.0 addresses the needs of both developers and end users to access and exchange all types of new digital assets as they emerge.   Over the past year the 0x core team has not only been building, we have also been listening. To relayers, Solidity devs, UX designers, market makers, community members, dApp devs, and others. By gathering all of this feedback, we have been able to include features in 0x protocol v2.0 that will pleasantly surprise developers, bring a new wave of high-quality projects onto 0x, and set up the system for future upgrades and improvements through governance. The 0x core team is grateful for all of our passionate supporters in the community and we look forward to supporting you as you find new ways to utilize v2.0!

Introducing the new 0x Portal: your entry point to the world of DEX
At 0x, our mission is to create a tokenized world where all value can flow freely. We've made some initial progress towards our mission by helping a number of talented teams launch relayers that have collectively facilitated more than $170M of ERC20 trading volume. However, to achieve mainstream adoption, we must overcome significant UX challenges associated with self-custody and on-boarding new users to the world of decentralized applications. Today we are pleased to release the brand new 0x Portal, a dApp for user on-boarding, education and relayer discovery. As the number of tokens on public blockchains increases, we believe that many dozens of relayers will emerge to serve different market niches and communities. While each relayer may be unique, the process of setting up an Ethereum account to use 0x protocol is always the same regardless of the relayer you need to use. 0x Portal is intended to serve two primary functions:

Introducing 0x v2.0: The protocol for trading everything
The first versions of the smart contracts that implement the 0x protocol were deployed to the Ethereum mainnet in August 2017. Since then, the 0x core team has been shocked by the positive response from the community. There are currently fifteen 0x relayers facilitating ERC-20 token trades on mainnet, with more in beta, as well as teams like dY/dX and Set building their own complementary protocols for exchanging new kinds of assets like financial derivatives and token baskets. What's equally important is that the ecosystem has seen incredible user adoption. A few highlights: The huge growth in trade volume is even easier to see in this time series of trades per day.

Sneak Peek: Buy and Sell Ethereum Tokens Instantly Using 0x
Recently, we have seen an abundance of 0x relayers popping up. These relayers usually have cryptocurrency traders as their target audience and create trading interfaces that feature plenty of red and green graphs and candlesticks. Serious traders need to take a few steps before they can trade using 0x, including setting their trading allowances on the 0x smart contract and converting ETH into WETH to make it tradable. These are friction points for new users who simply want to purchase tokens. We see this as an area that could use some ?, so we built a simple trading widget that allows users to instantly purchase tokens with ETH in a single transaction using 0x protocol. Check out the example below!

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