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eBay might be moving towards Bitcoin payments
News and Resources For The HODLER In You If the details of new promotional adverts at the Consensus conference in New York are to be believed, eBay might be readying itself to support virtual currencies and digital currencies?. The banners at the conference suggest that the e-commerce giant is about to enter the cryptocurrency arena which would result in a major mainstream breakthrough. First leaked on the Telegram channel, @PatronsOfTheMoon, the images are yet to be confirmed by eBay. If these images turn out to be legitimate, cryptocurrencies as payments could be available 180 million active buyers.

LindaX: Ethereum Predecessor launches PoA Protocol to Deploy Over 180 Transactions per second -
News and Resources For The HODLER In You The token development platform enables utility token creation by tapping into the flaws of Ethereum with a faster and more secure Blockchain based on the PoA Protocol. While modern enterprises and corporation around the world have the greatest interest in Blockchains, with ICO's managing to raise more the $5.6 billion all through 2017; around 52% proved to be unsuccessful due to factors like weak business models, improper tokenomics, or unrealistic goals. Ethereum has limitations that do not allow entrepreneurs or developers with the opportunity to reap the benefits of a fully decentralized network.

Coinbase and Kraken joins the list of other major Crypto Exchanges - which include Binance and Huobi - showing their support to the Ethereum's (ETH) Constantinople Hard Fork
News and Resources For The HODLER In You Major United States cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase and Kraken became the latest to confirm support for Ethereums (ETH) Constantinople hard fork, both announcing on Twitter, Jan. 14. Kraken will be supporting this. We expect this will be a non-contentious fork. No new coins will be credited to ETH holders as we expect the old chain will quickly become obsolete. Kraken Support (@krakensupport) January 14, 2019 Coinbase intends to support the upcoming Constantinople Ethereum (ETH) network upgrade. Please see our support article for more information:

New Zealand Crypto Exchange 'Cryptopia' suffers a "Security Breach"
News and Resources For The HODLER In You The first hack of 2019 for the Crypto community has broken out in just 2 weeks since the start of the year. New Zealand Crypto Exchange, Cryptopia announced on Twitter that they had suffered a security breach on January 14th by posting a letter addressed to the Cryptopians. Cryptopia Exchange (@Cryptopia_NZ) January 15, 2019 Investigations regarding the breach are being conducted by the New Zealand Police and Government Agencies. They have announced that they will remain in maintenance mode with trading suspended?. According to their Twitter feed, the past few weeks have seen Cryptopia having regular maintenance checks on their BTC and other cryptocurrency wallets. In the last couple of days, the Exchange has tweeted We are still experiencing unscheduled maintenance twice with the result being the above tweet.

University of Bahrain to issue digital diplomas on Bitcoin Blockchain
News and Resources For The HODLER In You The Middle East has been one of the few regions in the world that is gearing towards the blockchain and crypto industry with advances already seen in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. Bahrain seems to be another country also encouraging their young ones to move into the blockchain space. The University of Bahrain (UOB) will become one of the first universities globally to issue digital diplomas anchored to the BTC blockchain using the Blockcerts open standard, in partnership with Learning machine startup. Blockcerts is a global, open standard for creating, issuing, viewing, and verifying any type of official record using a blockchain as a secure anchor of trust. This Learning Machine Issuing System enables governments, corporations, and educational institutions to issue Blockcerts at scale.

Last Week in Crypto
News and Resources For The HODLER In You *The week started on Monday, 7 January 2018 and ended on Sunday, 13 January 2019. The above prices are as of 12 o'clock Midnight of 7 January and 13 January. A new bill to exempt cryptocurrencies from some securities laws is currently under consideration by the Colorado Senate. The move comes as local regulators crack down on illegitimate offerings in the industry, in a bid to formalize the local landscape. At the same time, lawmakers appear hopeful that attitudes towards both crypto and blockchain become more enlightened. Ripple made an announcement that a total of 13 more financial institutions had joined RippleNet, putting the total at over 200. Of these, five of them will use the ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency for liquidity. The institutions named in the press release are JNFX, SendFriend, Transpaygo, FTCS, and Euro Exim Bank.

NASA Proposal: Air Traffic Management via Blockchain
News and Resources For The HODLER In You Given the popularity gained by the blockchain technology in the financial sector, it is seeing a wide range of applications in other industries as well. The space industry has recently started realizing the potential of the blockchain. NASA the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has proposed a paper to examine blockchain and smart contracts technology from Hyperledger Fabric open-source software as a means to ensure the privacy and security of aircraft flight data. Starting Jan. 1, 2020, the U.S. has been mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to use a new surveillance system Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) which will publicly broadcast aircrafts identity, position and other information.

Cryptojacking cases on the Rise with Majority involving Monero
News and Resources For The HODLER In You A joint effort by two researchers, Sergio Pastrana and Guillermo Suarez-Tangil from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and King's College London, respectively, analyzed huge areas of malware over a twelve-year period and have reported that hackers have mined at least 4.32 percent of the total Monero in circulation. In simple monetary terms, that comes out to more than $56 million in profits. Pastrana and Suarez-Tangil wrote: Overall, we estimate there are at least 2,218 active campaigns that have accumulated about 720K XMR (57M USD). Interestingly just a single campaign (C#623) has mined more than 163K XMR (18M USD), which accounts for about 23% of the total estimated. This campaign is still active at the time of writing.

EU reports: Call for tailored Crypto asset regulation
News and Resources For The HODLER In You As we know, rules may be needed to protect investors and evangelists from crypto-asset risks, prevent money laundering and stop diverging national regulations from creating unfair competition. In this regard, two major European regulators have separately called for cryptocurrency and ICO rules at the EU level. The European Banking Authority (EBA) said in a report on crypto-assets that they typically fall outside the scope of EU financial service regulation, making it harder to build a detailed picture and have identified financial institutions making a market in them by lending against crypto-asset collateral, and exchanging crypto-assets for cash.

Ethereum Foundation boosted Parity Technologies with $5 million
News and Resources For The HODLER In You A $5 million grant has been announced by the Ethereum Foundation, on their latest blogpost, to U.K.-based company Parity Technologies for its years of contributions in scaling and to support the firm's work of continuing development of the core infrastructure for Ethereum 2.0. It is particularly aimed to boost work on Casper, a proof-of-stake protocol upgrade, and the scaling solution dubbed sharding, as well as light clients, developer tools, audits, and infrastructure improvements. This grant will fund Parity's work on Casper, sharding, light clients, developer tools, QA, audits and infrastructure improvements.

Audit Giant PwC partners with Blockchain Lending Platform For Stablecoin Launch -
News and Resources For The HODLER In You PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) popularly know as Big Four has taken the bold step thus leaping into the cryptocurrency space by partnering with decentralized lending platform Cred to provide technical expertise in the launch of their USD-backed stablecoin. The announcement was made on Monday, October 8th and the corporate giant claims that the partnership is a catalyst to boost the American dollar-pegged cryptocurrencies market by bringing more trust to investors. Often times investors stay away from transparent and substantiation? therefore PwC has provided their expertise to provide solutions to major existing problems associated with the stablecoin market.

Vikram Menon, Author at
News and Resources For The HODLER In You The internet and the digital era we live in has changed every aspect of our lives. Technology has become effortlessly accessible, therefore the line between the real world and the online world is sooner or later going to disappear for good. The millennial generation has been the first generation to be completely brought up in... Continue Reading Black market traders and secondary markets are infamous for inflating the ticket prices for concerts and festivals. Ticketing companies are allegedly accused of having their employees buy tickets and resell them at exorbitant prices thus affecting event management companies and the artists who perform at these large-scale events. Jochem Myjer, Guus Meeuwis, and Youp van't... Continue Reading

hinomaru limousine Archives -
News and Resources For The HODLER In You Japan has taken another step ahead in the crypto space. A Major car dealership and airport limousine service have begun to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Carchs Holdings and Hinomaru Limousine have now allowed for crypto payments at its used car dealerships and airport taxi services, respectively. Airport Car Service by Hinomaru Hinomaru... Continue Reading

rahul pathak Archives -
News and Resources For The HODLER In You Amazon's Cloud business arm Amazon Web Services (AWS) is ready to supercharge the blockchain revolution with their latest product releases. At AWS reInvent 2018 in Las Vegas on Wednesday, the company had unveiled its own fully fledged services Quantum Ledger Database(QLDB) and Amazon Managed Blockchain to help companies manage business transactions that require full auditability.... Continue Reading

AT&T Eyes on Subscribers Social Media behaviour through Blockchain map -
News and Resources For The HODLER In You As per a patent filed on December 13, AT&T describes a system of monitoring a blockchain social history maps and titled it Blockchain-Based Social Media History Maps?. The purpose of the patent is that the owners of the content would keep ownership of the information in the blockchain social media mapping service. Another benefit to the originators may be that the tweets and the posts they make will remain in the blockchain map even if they are deleted by the platform at large. The system users can track microculture transactions such as a current trend in a particular place of the behavior of friends. This can offer a great value to industries such as e-commerce, targeted advertising, and marketing.

ethscan Archives -
News and Resources For The HODLER In You The Ethereum Core Developers have announced that the Constantinople Hard Fork will occur around mid-January, 2019, during their 51st open meeting. The hard block is announced to be at 7,080,000. The delay to the Fork was due to a "consensus issue" that happened while upgrading the trial on Ropsten testnet in October 2018. According to... Continue Reading

SBI Holdings: Vctrade, Brand New Crypto Exchange Entry into Cryptocurrency Ecosystem -
News and Resources For The HODLER In You Vctrade, a Japanese crypto exchange backed by financial giant SBI Holdings has disclosed that it has opened the door for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) deposits as press release published on Dec. 21. The feature has already gone live and can be made use of by any customer who is currently subscribed to the platform. Through this initiative, SBI expects to welcome more than 23 million people on the platform and announced, At the launch of full-scale services, expecting customer inflow from the SBI Group's customer base of 23.47 million, specifically, SBI SECURITIES with approx. 4.26 million accounts, SBI Sumishin Net Bank with approx. 3.21 million accounts, and SBI Liquidity Market, including SBI FXTRADE, with approx. 1.05 million accounts, etc.

Nevada: Storing marriage certificates on the Ethereum blockchian
News and Resources For The HODLER In You Nevada's WashoeCounty is quite ahead in the race when it comes to blockchain use in government programs. Now it's time for marriage certificates that will be available on the blockchain. Citing specifically the use of DLT to issue digital marriage certificates, the Silver State had already integrated the technology or were running trials. In April 2018, Washoe County issued its first marriage certificate which was stored on a blockchain. In total, 950 such digital certificates, which use smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for security, had been issued to couples residing both within and outside Nevada.

Last Week in Crypto: 31 Dec to 6 Jan
News and Resources For The HODLER In You In South Korea, global blockchain developer, DGE, has launched the beta services of its gold trading platform Digital Gold exchange and its cryptocurrency exchange CoinZeus. The process works as such: Users purchase both physical and digital gold using the platform's official cryptocurrency called the Midas Touch Gold (TMTG). Users first purchase the cryptocurrency which they can then exchange for physical ounces of gold stored offsite or the digital gold (MDG), which can later be converted to physical gold. Real ounces can also be exchanged for MDG. In 2018, one of the biggest news was when TRON acquired BitTorrent. Now, BitTorrent will launch its own cryptocurrency, BitTorrent Token (BTT), on Binance LaunchPad. Users will receive BTT for sending files for a longer period of time and sharing bandwidth. 990 Billion BTT tokens will be created by TRON and it will also offer wallets to its users.

Goldman Sachs-backed Circle 2018's report: Over-the-Counter desk tasted $24 Billion trading
News and Resources For The HODLER In You Goldman Sachs-backed cryptocurrency-focused financial services firm, Circle Trade executed more than 10,000 over-the-counter(OTC) trades, with nearly 600 distinct counterparties, across 36 different crypto assets and had a notional volume of $24 billion in 2018. The company stated in their blog post: At the other end of the spectrum, our OTC trading business, Circle Trade, has continued to expand despite a tumultuous year for the industry: we onboarded a record number of new institutional clients, grew our trading operations to 24/7 with coverage in the US, Europe and Asia, and added significant workflow improvements, including the launch of our RFQ Electronic API.

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