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Bitcoin / Lightning - what to use for payments
Lightning network has made substantial progress and a number of merchants are now accepting lightning on their online stores. Most e-commerce websites will show a number of crypto options at checkout namely BTC/Lightning/Altcoins. This creates a confusion among customers on which currency is more appropriate to send for payments. We try to address this below using a simple flowchart Bitcoin is undoubtedly most secure crypto for large payments. It is backed by the largest amount of hash power and is very conservative on software updates/forks. Hardware/Cold wallets support storing large amounts of bitcoin offline. Ability to write seed phrase for HD wallet backup is another important feature that is necessary for secure and easy backup of funds

Accepting Bitcoin without a payment gateway
So you created a bitcoin wallet, did a few transactions and are loving the cryptocurrency memes and financial freedom. Surely its time now to accept bitcoin payments on your online boutique! Do you really need a bitcoin payment gateway  Isn't having a bitcoin address enough Why use a custodial payment gateway for a currency meant to regain monetary control  Lets try to build bitcoin payment processing capability step by step from scratch This is the simple and the most effective way to receive donations. Users can pay to the given bitcoin address, whatever amount they like. This looks easy, however the scenario is a bit different for merchants that get orders on online shop. The below question is asked a lot:

2019 Is Seeing More Support for Bitcoin Proof of Keys
On January 3, 2009, the first event on the Bitcoin blockchain happened, known as the genesis block. Now, a decade later, cryptocurrency expert Trace Mayer wants to hold a proof of keys celebration. He advocates for people to remove all their Bitcoins from third-party crypto exchanges and similar services on January 3, 2019. Mayer argues that by doing this, people can prove that their Bitcoins exist on the blockchain and that their keys are genuinely associated with Bitcoins, and therefore, value. By participating, people can declare their monetary sovereignty and hold third-party services accountable.

Accepting crypto on webhosting is now super easy! Blockonomics Blog
Webhosting is one of the few industries that have embraced crypto very fast and have been on the forefront of crypto adoption (Few example companies). This is probably due to already technical nature of webhosting and closeness to linux/opensource that they easily Get Bitcoin. The problem with accepting multiple crypto is that the merchant is burdened with maintaining wallets and then converting them. If you are holding multiple coins, monitoring their prices can be a big headache in itself. Blockonomics has partnered with to help webhosting merchants using WHMCS accept crypto. Right now BTC, ETH and LTC are supported. We are adding more currencies soon. Salient points:

2018, Has The Crypto Currency Market Becoming More Stable
We knew the cryptocurrency rally would end, and it did. Ethereum has lost 94% of its value since January and the total capitalisation of the market has shrunk almost 7 times. But how does this fit into the long-term behaviour of the market In out paper Evolutionary dynamics of the cryptocurrency market we showed that several statistical properties of the market have been stable for years and that the neutral model for evolution captures them. Is this still true Yes it is. Observed from afar, 2018 has not been that special. The market share distribution is still characterised by the same long tail [A), in figure] and the dominance of bitcoin has actually bounced back closer to what the model would predict [D), in figure], although we would not bet this is not a coincidence.

A Bitcoin Payment Forwarding Service for HD Wallets
Accepting bitcoin on webshop/store has become common, thanks to number of direct to wallet payment gateway services like Blockonomics Merchants, BTCPay and Mycelium Gear. In an utopian world everyone would only accept BTC and just use it to spend at other places. However, in practical scenario merchants have a real need to convert it to fiat. This is because they need to pay bills/salaries and HODLING is particularly risky in the current bearish scenario. We are glad to announce launch of our payment forwarding service. You can try it out using the below link Blockonomics Payment Forwarding Service

When the returns start coming in, individuals buy big cars but if you are a Non-profit, you can save more lives. Here is how you can accept Bitcoins:
Like any other organization, nonprofits must continue to grow with the times by adopting new technologies, incorporating innovative operations and, of course, exploring new opportunities for wealth. More importantly, it's vital that nonprofit organizations continue to present donors new ways to contribute, especially in the digital age. Services like PayPal and mobile solutions like Samsung Pay or Google Pay are great examples of new technologies in the space. But we're going to talk about one that's a bit more, well, cryptic. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies much like cash or fiat, only they exist in the virtual world. They're digital money, traded via a decentralized peer-to-peer network called the blockchain.

Gift Bitcoin via e-mail to a newbie friend, colleague or relative (no min. amount) - And they'll be thankful to you at next year's thanksgiving!
We are glad to announce an overhaul of our btcmail feature. Now user can send bitcoin directly using his/her gmail account. The process takes less than 2 minutes. Thats it ! Bitcoin has been sent through email, its so simple ! How does this work technically and how is it better than other centralized services that store your bitcoins: The usecases of this service include but are not limited to the following: Covering the economics of bitcoin and blockchain :

Blockonomics will be there at Wordcamp'18 India to get the Wordpress community excited about Bitcoin!
Being in direct connection with the community is an important part of working ethos at Blockonomics. In this regards, we are very happy to announce that Team Blockonomics is going to attend WordCamp'18 in God's Own Country, Kochi-Kerala on 3rd November. WordCamp Kochi is an informal, international conference that revolves around the WordPress content management system. This event is organized by the WordPress Kochi Meetup Group, along with help from the global WordPress Community and Blockonomics is proud to be one of the sponsors of this event. Blockonomics Bitcoin Payments plugin is one of the prime choice for crypto payment processors in the Wordpress community since it was first released in Jan'17. For the last two years we have been striving to make it more user friendly and easier and making Bitcoins payments a seamless process, even for someone who is new to cryptocurrencies.

Shapeshift's un-notified change of policies has been a boon for which has partnered with Blockonomics to help their merchants convert shitcoins and directly receive BTC.
Last month, we had to discontinue altcoins on our plugin due to restrictions imposed by shapeshift . Though our own platform will continue to bitcoin focused, we have been working hard to find alternatives and help our merchants accept altcoins. Its our pleasure to announce that our merchants can accept ETH/LTC on their website using our wordpress plugin . Please update to latest plugin (version 1.6+). Some features of the plugin: We will be updating our plugins on other e-commerce platforms like Prestashop, WHMCS soon to include alts. Thanks to for providing API and working with us to power altcoin acceptance. Feel free to get back to us with any feedback/suggestions

We re Facing a Blockchain Talent Shortage, Too
People who keep tabs on the latest happenings in the tech sector have undoubtedly read about talent shortages that are hindering the industry at large, mainly when companies need to address specific needs, like cybersecurity gaps. And research suggests the issue surrounding the lack of skills extends to blockchain technology, too. At a fintech conference that happened in early 2017, numerous executives mentioned the blockchain talent shortage as a top concern. However, they also said the definition of a blockchain-related job is changing. At the conference, some participants recommended that people who are interested in pursuing blockchain careers should focus on finding new ways to apply their existing knowledge.

Websites using Joomla (second most popular platform after Wordpress), can now be enabled with Bitcoin payments - In less than 5 min!
Bitcoin offers a unique and efficient way to receive payment for your products and services online. Now its easier than ever to accept Bitcoin on your Joomla store! Follow the instructions below, and soon you'll be all set up to receive Bitcoin and have greater control over your profits. (If you prefer a video installation guide, click this link) Its really easy to install and use, here's how: First, download file from our GitHub page, but don't unzip it! It's also available on our GitHub site. After that's downloaded, go over to the admin view of your Joomla store, got to Extensions then Modules then Install?, and upload the file!

Got business on your mind Here are 7 easy and genuine ideas to start a Bitcoin-centric e-commerce store!
While e-commerce was once limited to a few larger vendors, it has since evolved into becoming increasingly accessible, making it possible for anyone to sell products online. Many products are easy to send via dropshipping, reducing the resources you need to spend on your supply chain. The concept of dropshipping is simple: source out a product you'd like to sell from a third-party merchant (like Aliexpress), offer the same product on your e-commerce store for a couple bucks more, and when someone purchases it, order it from the third-party merchant to have it delivered straight to the customer. You keep the difference.

6 things we need to communicate and clarify more about, for people newly getting into Bitcoins and also for those who chose not to.
Cryptocurrency and its foundational technology, blockchain, have the potential to be incredibly transformative for many industries. But like many other technologies that came before it, widespread adoption is going to be slow. To make matters worse, Deloitte pointed out in a recent survey that blockchain fatigue has taken hold. People are already tired of hearing about it every day and just about everywhere. But that's not what's causing the primary hangup, believe it or not. The average person simply doesn't understand crypto including what it is, how it works, or how it could fit into their life. Coupled with the fact that crypto is often associated with criminal enterprises, scams and extreme volatility, it's easy to see why a lot of people are hesitant about even exploring the tech.

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