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The District Weekly ? January 12th, 2019 ? district0x
This past week we released our bi-weekly Dev Update, which included the latest on Meme Factory, the District Registry, and Ethlance. For a quick breakdown: Meme Factory has undergone some late stage architectural changes, which did introduce a few new bugs in meme generation and also generating parameters for the Dank registry. Much time is being dedicated to bug-bashing these instances before moving forward. The District Registry continues to require redesign to avoid contract size limit issues, and research into the recently developed ERC-1538 may offer a potential solution. Ethlance has undergone major backend development and focus will begin shifting towards front end.

district0x Dev Update - January 8th, 2019 ? district0x
The last two weeks of development have been spread across several different lines of work, mediated by the holiday season that afforded our service providers with a much needed break from work. Despite this, we've been making progress in our first week of development in 2019, and we're excited to share where we're at with all applications currently being worked on. In our last update, we relayed the issues we were facing getting Meme Factory deployed to the Ropsten testnet due to an inability to sync through our containerized pipeline. We ultimately had to abandon the containerized environment for now, and doing so allowed us to rapidly work towards deploying a testnet instance of Meme Factory for the various stages of QA needed.

The District Weekly ? January 5th, 2019 ? district0x
This past week the district0x service providers returned from the holiday and hit the ground running. The operations team made strides to wrap up odds and ends on Meme Factory by finalizing copy for the about page?, how it works?, and other key information. Expect our full bi-weekly technical update on Tuesday of this week for all ongoing modules. The District Roundup was back this week with the Community Feedback Stream. This stream aimed to cover what worked, what did not work, and what we plan to do this year. Stay tuned for our regular community livestream every other Tuesday at 3PM PDT (10PM UTC) as a forum for discussing recent updates to the district0x Network.

district0x Dev Update - December 25th, 2018 ? district0x
With our regularly scheduled update on development progress falling on Christmas this year, and with many of our service providers winding down briefly for the holidays, we thought we'd instead use this time to wish everyone a warm and relaxing holiday season. Shared below are some of the backgrounds we had made up for the past Christmas season. Our next update will fall on January 8th. For more information about the district0x Network: A network of decentralized marketplaces and communities. Powered by Ethereum, Aragon, and IPFS.

The District Weekly ? December 22nd, 2018 ? district0x
Happy Holidays from the district0x Team! Many members are traveling this week to recharge and hit the ground running in 2019. We would like to thank our entire community for your continued support, and look forward to releasing many projects on to Mainnet that are in their final stages of development. As a quick note, this week we released our Education Portal Updates for December, which includes new topics such as: Intro to Ethereum Scaling, Understanding Proof of Stake, Delegated Proof of Stake, Casper, Basics of State Channels, Plasma, and Ethereum Sharding. We are always looking to our community members for feedback, advice on how to improve, and even content contributions to the module. If you're interested in helping out please email or send us a message on Telegram or Twitter.

The District Weekly ? December 15th, 2018 ? district0x
This past week we released our bi-weekly Dev Update, covering updates on Meme Factory, d0xTasks, and Ethlance. Updates include completion of the DANK Faucet, a crucial element for new users of Meme Factory that will allow them to verify their phone number, if they choose, and receive an initial allotment of DANK. For more information please check out How Meme Factory Works on our Educational Portal. Additionally this past week the team over at Ethex wrote a detailed piece on the district0x network infrastructure and use cases in The Complete Guide to district0x and DNT. Many thanks for this informative article.

district0x Dev Update - December 11th, 2018
The past two week cycle of development has been an unexpected smattering of big wins as we wrap up the final pieces of development for individual applications like d0xTasks, Meme Factory, and the Dank Faucet; and unfortunate lows as we encounter sticky issues in our deployment pipeline preventing us from syncing our test applications to Ropsten and pay down technical debt on Name Bazaar. As the various service providers complete all necessary work and exit their application silos, we are left with an opportunity for an all-hands-on-deck push to troubleshoot these issues and drag Meme Factory and the rest across the finish line.

The District Weekly ? December 8th, 2018 ? district0x
Our community initiatives have always been developed alongside an ongoing educational initiative. Not only are we continuing to add modules to our educational portal, but we also invest in education internally. So as we move into the coming year, our community manager Brady is going to finish a six week community management course from CMX. The goal with this class is to develop a long term strategy that's entirely community and purpose driven. The Ambassador role is currently the first step in a strategy we are using called a community Commitment Curve which is essentially a road-map for the community involvement. You can read more about this in the Sourcerers Open Source Operations github repo.

The District Weekly ? December 1st, 2018 ? district0x
This past week we published our bi-weekly district0x Dev Update, covering all modules currently under development. Additionally, the team over at Messari released their Messari Disclosures Registry, described as district0x is proud to be included as one of the first 12 applicants for this registry, which will be setting the standards for transparency within the crypto community. In other network news, MetaX, the developers of the first TCR, released a TCR State of the Union article covering many prominent TCR use cases including the one being developed for Meme Factory. Last week on the District Roundup we covered Aragon setup with John Light. Stay tuned for our regular community livestream every other Tuesday at 3PM PDT (10PM UTC) as a forum for discussing recent updates to the district0x Network.

district0x Dev Update - November 27th, 2018 ? district0x
With the recent Thanksgiving holiday keeping a few of our American service providers out with family and friends, the past two weeks have been a slow grind towards the testnet deployments of the District Registry, Meme Factory, and the district0x Tasks app we mentioned in our previous update. This has lead to a series of devops challenges across our applications in development, and has given us a unique opportunity to identify pain points and experiment with architectures that might avoid these hangups for future projects. As detailed in our last post, Meme Factory development has been focused on final improvements for the DANK faucet. This includes, among other things, better error logging and handling of all negative code paths, in addition to testing token transfers directly and hashing phone numbers within the browser. After battling some compatibility issues caused by using Ganache, we are now focused on documenting the entirety of the faucet for developers and operations staff alike.

The District Weekly ? November 24th, 2018 ? district0x
This past week, district0x teamed up with the Non-fungible Alliance. The Non-fungible Alliance is a community centered around projects, developers, enterprise solutions, and service providers within the ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token space. The ERC-721 standard is a core technology that will be used within Meme Factory, and allows for digital assets to be provably rare. Due to the holidays in the US, some of the initiatives outlined in the previous District Weekly have been put on hold. Specifically, the self assigned roles for talent pools and the tip bot functionality. This coming week we will conduct further testing of the tipbot and complete the talent pool setup. Once this transition is complete we will enable the tipping functionality so the community can earn, send, receive and tip DNT all within the Discord working groups.

The District Weekly ? November 17th, 2018 ? district0x
This past week we released our bi-weekly Dev Update covering Meme Factory, the District Registry, d0xTasks, and Ethlance. Overall, with the exception of Ethlance (already launched), we are busy pushing all other dApps to a public Testnet as soon as possible to wrap up QA. Thanks to our Ambassador and previous stream guest Luke Parker (Kayaba), we have transitioned all community rewards to an open source bot that he created and helped us deploy. With his efforts, we can now distribute DNT in a more fun and engaging way. This month's rewards are still in the process of transitioning over to this new bot and the rewards form will no longer be used. Keep in mind that this bot can only be used in the rewards channel found in Discord. The commands for the bot can be found by typing !help in the rewards channel.

district0x Dev Update - November 13th, 2018 ? district0x
As each service provider within the district0x Network proceeds closer to completion within their respective projects, there have been small and unexpected issues identified, and each needed to be resolved before moving on. Across all dApps in development, with the exception of Ethlance, we are moving step-by-step towards testnet deployments. With this, we'll be able to iron out any final changes needed to roll these dApps out to the wider public. Meme Factory is progressing right along after resolving the issues we encountered with deployments mentioned in the previous update. The DANK faucet has had its token funding/loading mechanisms readied, including an on-server wallet, and is now having the odds and ends included, such as error handling as well as phone number hashing within the browser.

The District Weekly ? November 10th, 2018 ? district0x
This past week the developer teams continued to home in on releasing the new district0x modules. Stay tuned for a comprehensive technical update on Tuesday of this week. Additionally we started conducting polls for community lead content on the District Roundup stream. We will do more of these polls for upcoming community streams. This coming Thursday we have Nathan Ginnever from finality labs joining on the show to talk about the new game Eternal Time Heroes. This past week on the District Roundup we covered an introduction to Bloom, where you can create a cryptographically secured identity powered by Ethereum. Stay tuned for our regular community livestream every other Tuesday at 3PM PDT (10PM UTC) as a forum for discussing recent updates to the district0x Network.

The District Weekly ? November 3rd, 2018 ? district0x
This past week our operations team published our Q3 report, elaborating on our vision, product offerings, education portal, community updates, and financial details. Additionally we released our bi-weekly dev update, packed with the latest technical updates on all current district0x modules. In other news directly related to the local Ethereum ecosystem, Aragon released its version 0.6 on to Mainnet. With over 15,000 organizations created on their testnet application, it is now time for their mainnet application to begin its battle-testing. Quite an interesting and exciting time for the industry as a whole, and we look forward to closing out the rest of the year strong.

district0x Quarterly Report - Q3 2018 ? district0x
At the beginning of each new quarter, the district0x team produces a report giving an overview of any major proceedings from the previous quarter. This includes product updates, team updates, community changes, as well as financial statements. These reports are available via our transparency page. In the second quarter, we spent a majority of our time expanding the number of service providers and working towards parallelizing development of several new product offerings. This paved the way for a third quarter completely packed with development and engineering progress. Across all of our in-progress projects we've gone from a group of undeveloped ideas with rough backend sketches, to fully functional dApps needing finishing touches as they near completion. We've also committed to much broader changes in community management and marketing, having launched a new community initiative on Discord and having pushed our Education Portal live for all. We're confident in our position to capitalize on the coming growth of the industry.

district0x Dev Update - October 30th, 2018 ? district0x
The previous two weeks of progress have been largely contained to several important optimizations needed across our apps, including compacting down smart contracts, introducing vital forms of logging, and making the final preparations for all current and future apps with the transition to EIP-1102. Our group of service providers remain committed to the four in progress dApps, and we're coming closer to a concurrent release of all of them. As mentioned in our last update, Meme Factory hit an unexpected issue with deployment leading to a required revision of our smart contracts. This was a short-lived effort, but also provided an opportunity for us to construct much better logging facilities than we previously had. Besides the conveniences like issues being surfaced straight to github, we can now get logs directly from end-user clients. This will help significantly in diagnosing many issues as we scale Meme Factory out to the public.

The District Weekly ? October 27th, 2018 ? district0x
As the month of October draws to a close, we inch closer to Meme Factory release as well as completion of the District Registry and d0xTask app. The operations team has been busy finalizing resources within our open source operations github repo. And we published an article detailing changes made to our ever expanding education portal. You can now read and share topics covering state channels, plasma, sharding, gas, and ERC721 non-fungible tokens. If you have a topic you would like to see covered or would like to be a contributor yourself, please reach out. This past Wednesday we hosted Luke Parker of Ember, an instant and fee-less cryptocurrency, secured by the Merit Caching Consensus Mechanism. Stay tuned for our regular community livestream every other Tuesday at 3PM PDT (10PM UTC) as a forum for discussing recent updates to the district0x Network.

The District Weekly ? October 20th, 2018 ? district0x
This past week the team published our bi-weekly dev update, which includes the latest news on Meme Factory github issues, Ethlance interface redesign, d0xTasks backend test coverage, and District Registry debugging. We also published an Introduction to Blockchain Governance, which discusses on-chain vs off-chain governance, different approaches used by other projects, and finally governance within our own project and specifically for Meme Factory. Stay tuned for a big announcement at the beginning of next month. This week we have our new and improved Meme Factory Explainer video. Stay tuned for our regular community livestream every other Tuesday at 3PM PDT (10PM UTC) as a forum for discussing recent updates to the district0x Network.

Introduction to Blockchain Governance ? district0x
At a high level, blockchain governance refers to the mechanisms by which decentralized networks adapt and change over time. While blockchain networks should be intelligently designed, it's only natural that new considerations are uncovered once a protocol has been tested by the public. Problems can specifically arise in the face of competition. If users begin to crowd around a different set of features that they find superior, should a network adapt to match those demands Network features like inflation rates, privacy, and consensus rules are continuously debated and can only be iterated after real-world usage. Fred Ehrsam made an excellent case for why a blockchain network's ability to evolve and upgrade amidst ongoing development will be the key differentiator for whether or not it can survive the competing interests vying for its control.

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