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Crypto Terminal Releases Its A.I Driven Real Time Intelligent News and Data Platform for Bitcoin & Digital Assets
Crypto Terminal uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) to uncover key crypto news, enabling traders to make smarter trades and stay one step ahead in the market. In the hyper-connected world of the 21st century, market-moving news is often disseminated via increasingly unstructured channels, including blogs, social media, chat rooms, and other 24/7 news outlets. The growing prevalence of unstructured data has made it more challenging than ever for traders to track and determine news which could affect their holdings, and despite greater access to information, it's even harder for traders to know when and how to act.

A Beginner's Guide to Monero
Monero is a leading privacy coin and currently the 12th largest cryptocurrency. Here's a beginners guide to Monero written by Justin Ehrenhofer, the organizer of the Monero Community Workgroup. In celebration of Monero's five successful years since launch, I have put together a short introductory guide to Monero. Monero's goal is beautifully simple: a usable cryptocurrency that functions as users expect. That includes protecting users from network attacks, large-scale surveillance, and being accessible anywhere. Monero was founded on April 18, 2014, by an alias thankful_for_today. The project was a fair launch of the CryptoNote protocol. Although CryptoNote had many flaws, it was one of the best privacy solutions available at the time, and it attracted many developers and researchers. Shortly after the creation, the Core Team forked the project away from the original creator, who wished to continue the project in ways the rest of the community disagreed with.

Where's My Tesla? Justin Sun Refuses to Honor Competition Winner
Justin Sun, the Founder of TRON, is facing massive criticism over a 'botched' competition, which saw the winner of a Tesla car publicly announced but then quickly revoked, leaving the winner confused, and others accusing Sun of running a scam. Justin Sun, Founder and CEO of the 11th largest market cap coin TRON, has faced huge criticism for a botched competition, which saw the winner of a brand new Tesla car publicly announced and then swiftly revoked, leaving confusion for the winner, and many accusing Sun of running a scam. To celebrate #BTT & #USDT?#TRON success, I am planning a $20m free cash airdrop. Good news-it's coming, bad news-I may decide to give away more! First, I will randomly pick 1 winner for a #Tesla up until 3/27! To apply, follow me and RT this tweet! Simple! #Blockchain

China?s Increasing Stake in Crypto
Blockchain technology continues to mature. Despite negative price movements, global powers have positively shifted their sentiments toward the cryptocurrency market. Many countries are further exploring this new digital landscape and developing legislative frameworks. The global consensus seems clear: innovate with blockchain or fall behind the rest of the world. In particular, China is proving itself to be a leader within the digital currency arena. The country has already amassed superior mining power for several blockchains, and the country continues to increase its already near-majority stake in the crypto market. Even with the government banning all initial coin offerings (ICOs) and cryptocurrency trading in late 2017, developers continue to introduce innovative blockchain applications.

OKCoin Lists TRON (TRX), Trading Will Begin January 17th
Tron blockchains native coin TRX has been listed on the OKCoin exchange. Users can start depositing their coins now before trading begins on January 17th. Cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin announced on Tuesday that it would be listing TRX, the native coin of the Tron blockchain on its platform. OKCoin has started accepting TRX deposits from customers and trading will begin on Thursday, January 17th. OKCoin noted that TRX is one of the most active digital assets in the market which has announced a slew? of new partners in 2018. It noted its recent deals with the multiplayer online virtual reality world NeoWorld and the Chinese internet giant Baidu?.

TradeStation Plans To Launch a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform and Brokerage in 2019
The TradeStation Group will be entering the digital assets market this year via its TradeStation Crypto subsidiary. Monex Group Company TradeStation Group Inc. will be moving into the cryptocurrency sector this year via a recently created subsidiary called TradeStation Crypto, Inc. The final details of the company's new product offering will be released later this year, but they have highlighted their intention of creating an online crypto brokerage service. Available later this year, the company is planning to open an online brokerage service designed for crypto investors and traders. It will leverage TradeStation's extensive experience as leaders in the securities and futures brokerage sector to address the problems currently faced in the crypto ecosystem.

HSBC Settles $250 Billion Worth of Forex Trades on Blockchain in 2018
Banking giant HSBC recently announced that it had settled millions of transactions in forex trades using blockchain technology. Global banking giant HSBC announced on Monday that it has settled over $250 billion in forex trades using blockchain tech in 2018. The bank showed its interest in blockchain technology last year when it made the world's first trade finance transaction on blockchain in May 2018. According to the banking behemoth, it settled forex trades worth about $250 billion (194.15 billion pounds) in 2018, starting February. During this time, the bank settled over three million FX trades and made more than 150,000 payments using the distributed ledger technology.

Winklevoss Twins Believe Bitcoin Can Overtake Gold and Say Crypto Needs Banking-style Regulations
Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are the owners of Gemini cryptocurrency exchange who think that Bitcoin could overtake Gold someday. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, the owners of New York-based Gemini cryptocurrency exchange recently said that Bitcoin could overtake gold, as reported by Fortune. The two said that if the cryptocurrency is provided with a banking-style regulatory environment that allows people to trust it, Bitcoin could be bigger than gold. Gemini recently launched its first marketing campaign Revolution Needs Rules and ran full-page ads in the New York Times along with some huge billboards around Wall Street.

Dogecoin [DOGE] Price Analysis ? Doge Enters Range After Descending Triangle Pattern
Dogecoin [Doge] technical analysis for 14th January 2019. Doge has reentered an important range after a descending triangle played out last week. We analyze how the price action of doge has performed in this range before and how it might play out this time. After a bearish end to last weeks trading, the market has begun spiking over the past hour. Many major cryptocurrencies are rising to key levels and finding resistance. Doge declined from a descending triangle pattern yesterday to reenter what has been an important range for the meme-based cryptocurrency. Doge had traded in the range of $0.002 to $0.0023 for three weeks prior to forming the descending triangle pattern.

The Bitcoin Whales Are Back, Traders Should Expect Increased Volatility
A recent report by Bloomberg is pointing towards the resurgence in long-dormant accounts in Bitcoin that are rising up from their slumber. The volatility of Bitcoin has a huge effect on the wider cryptocurrency market. As volatility in BTC has increased again recently Bloomberg is now reporting that more dramatic price movements could be ahead of us. According to Bloomberg, Bitcoin whales are resurging once again after being dormant for a long time, and it's this whale activity that could lead to increased volatility. It began in October last year, when a large number of Bitcoin holders who had been dormant for anywhere between six months and over 2 ½ years, started moving their coins.

117 DApps Now on the Tron Network, Says Weekly Report
Apart from the rising number of Dapps on the network, the Tron ecosystem celebrates the establishment of the BitTorrent Foundation and the launch of BitTorrent's BTT token. The Tron blockchain protocol published its latest weekly Dapp report on Jan. 12 which highlights the growth of the ecosystem. The highlights for the weeks include the launch of the BitTorrent Foundation, the increase in Dapps numbers, and the conclusion of the Tron Accelerator project submissions. In all, these developments point to a maturing blockchain protocol focused on its promise of developing the infrastructure for decentralized internet.

Bitwise Asset Management Says 2019 Will Be the Year for a Bitcoin ETF As It Files New Application
Bitwise Cryptoasset Management firm has filed another proposal to SEC for a Bitcoin-backed ETF. The new application includes amendments which, according to the company's representatives, lay the proposal fully compliant with SEC's regulatory guidelines. Bitwise Asset Management announced on January 10 that it is seeking to launch a physically held Bitcoin ETF and for this purpose, it has filed an initial registration statement on Form S-1 with the Securities Exchange and Commission (SEC). The Bitwise Bitcoin ETF will be based on the Bitwise Bitcoin Total Return Index, produced by a subsidiary company, dubbed Bitwise Index Services, LLC.

IOTA Details Year in Review, Troika Hash and Chat.Ixi in Newsletter #6
In its Newsletter #6, the IOTA Foundation talked about its year in review, detailing the work it has done, and important milestones reached. The IOTA Foundation recently underwent some reorganization while reaching some important milestones- like creating the CHAT.ixi applications and work on the Troika hash function. The Foundation detailed all these development in newsletter #6, published on its blog. David Sonstebo took it upon himself on Jan 1, 2019, to talk about the developments of 2018 on behalf of IOTA. He noted how the crypto craze of 2018 mimicked the dotcom era. He also noted that IOTA Foundation tried to keep its focus on growing resources and their team during the bull-fear-of-missing-out periods, to ensure that they have the vital building blocks of the technology and long-term success.

The Tron Foundation Hires David Labhart as New Head of Compliance
The Tron Foundation announced on Wednesday that it had hired veteran regulatory industry executive David Labhart as its new head of compliance. The Tron Foundation's regulatory efforts will now be guided by finance industry veteran David Labhart who joined the company as new head of compliance on Wednesday. The company announced that Labhart would be spearing their efforts to navigate blockchains interaction with the financial authorities of the world. Labhart's career began with law firm Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr. He handled some high-profile investigations while working there, including litigation related to securities and SEC enforcement actions.

IOTA Foundation and Crypto Storage AG Partner to Offer Institutional Grade Storage for IOTA Tokens
The IOTA Foundation, known for its groundbreaking Tangle technology has partnered with Crypto Storage AG to offer worldwide professional storage infrastructure for IOTA crypto tokens. The IOTA Foundation announced on Jan. 9 via a blog post its partnership with Crypto Storage AG which will offer the first institutional-grade storage infrastructure solution for IOTA tokens. The professional storage solution will be available worldwide. Swiss-based Crypto Storage AG is a subsidiary of Crypto Finance AG, and will provide IOTA's industry partners and users a new solution that offers a professional level of security.

Coinbase to Add Ethereum Classic Support
Coinbase revealed its intention to list a new digital asset on its products last Monday. Ethereum Classic, an offshoot of Ethereum was the one the Company finally chose, putting an end to months of speculations on what the fifth cryptocurrency Coinbase is listing would be. Coinbase unveiled its plan to add support to Ethereum Classic (ETC) as its fifth cryptocurrency on Monday. In the next few months, the technical integration of the digital asset will take place prior to announcing the listing and, eventually, allowing ETC trading. Earlier this week, it was revealed that a new digital asset would be available for both individual and institutional investors soon. The choice was a bit surprising for most customers, who were rather guessing that XRP, EOS or even TRX had a better shot at being selected by the company.

The Winklevoss Twins Reiterate Their Bitcoin ETF Commitment During Reddit AMA
Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, owners of Gemini crypto exchange, appeared in an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit. Early Bitcoin proponents and owners of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss appeared for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on popular discussion website Reddit this Monday. The two asked Bitcoin investors to HODL and noted that they are committed to making a Bitcoin ETF product. The Winklevoss twins have proposed a Bitcoin ETF twice before, and both of their applications were rejected each time. However, the two still believe in Bitcoin and are committed to launching a Bitcoin ETF product.

What Is a Reverse ICO and Why Do Companies Love It?
As Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are becoming more popular by the day, traditional companies are looking forward to using this new method of fundraising. Kik messaging app is one of the few companies opting for tokenized fundraising. The world is quickly moving towards a tokenized economy and companies with traditional business models are now looking for ways to cash-in the trend. The success of messaging app Kik has encouraged other businesses to opt for a reverse ICO, which is a method of fundraising that allows traditionally designed companies to take advantage of the crypto craze. The latest figures from research firm Autonomous Next suggested that ICOs raised close to $6 billion in 2017 alone. This year's numbers have already totaled $9.1 billion.

Grammy Winner Is Working on a New Blockchain Project for Artists
Grammy Award-winning musician Imogen Heap is working on a new blockchain project that will help artists safely store information about their work and keep track of payments. This self-funded project aims to make music more secure and rewarding for artists. Grammy Award-winning musician Imogen Heap is designing a new blockchain project called Mycelia, as announced during the MoneyConf event in Dublin this week. She is funding this project using her proceeds from the Harry Potter musical and the Ethereum coins she earned selling a song. Imogen Heap plans to go on a world tour and promote her app on 40 different event stages once it launches.

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