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Time Aspect Of Bitcoin Transfers - How Long Do They Take? | CaptainAltcoin
Or how long should my Bitcoin transaction take The digital currency Bitcoin allows users around the world to make low-cost, peer-to-peer payments with a faster processing time than international bank transfers. But how fast are Bitcoin transactions Simple answer would be that Bitcoin transfers from one wallet to another depend from transaction to transaction. When you make a payment using Bitcoin, your transaction needs to be confirmed by the Bitcoin network before the payment can be completed. First, your transaction goes into the unconfirmed transactions pool, a list of all the pending Bitcoin transactions. From there, it is picked up by participants in the peer-to-peer Bitcoin network who then use their computing power to validate your transaction.

Smaller PoW coins are in constant danger of 51% attacks - Decred (DCR) governance model is the solution | CaptainAltcoin
DCR aims to serve three purposes of an ideal currency: being a store of value, being a medium of exchange and being a unit of accounting. Bitcoin is kinda capable of performing these three functions, but currently possesses inferior technology that isn't suited to make it commercial grade money. A hybrid POS/POW system used by Decred combined with upcoming privacy solutions looks to eliminate these limitations and launch the DCR token into worldwide adoption. Decred developers decided that a Bitcoin with some form of governance is required to avoid similar problems in the future and thus their current project was created.

Beginner's Guide for WaBi Token (WABI) - Top Altcoin for 2018? | CaptainAltcoin
WaBi is a free floating blockchain based crypto-token with strictly limited issue and exponential transaction growth potential. It is an electronic cryptocurrency which supports Walimai's anti counterfeit system backed by sales of products protected by Walimai technology. Consumers around the world can purchase products protected by Walimai technology with WaBi. Walimai has developed a solution that securely links a physical item to its digital representation at a cost that allows us to protect everyday consumer goods such as milk-powder, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, and cosmetics both physically and digitally.

Aion (AION) about to break out of its shell and go full marketing mode | CaptainAltcoin
Remember when AION was priced above $2 USD? Well you probably don't as this was way back on July 9th. The coin saw its monthly highs a couple of days before, reaching $2.31 USD/30000 satoshi before beginning to drop in an apparent free-fall. That drop has continued throughout these past weeks, leading AION to its absolute monthly lows of $0.72 USD/9374 satoshi. August brought no change to this pattern as AION is currently riding the yearly lows train whose brakes are nowhere to be seen. Right now you can purchase one AION for $0.489109 USD (21.01% rise in last 24 hours)/7414 satoshi (18.50% drop in last 24 hours). Daily trade volume is almost non-existent, sitting at 282 BTC. With a market cap of $68,330,937 USD, AION is currently the 70th most valuable cryptocurrency in the world.

Beginner's Guide to Ontology (ONT) | CaptainAltcoin
Ontology is a new high-performance, public blockchain-based project which combines a distributed identity system, distributed data exchange, distributed data collaboration, distributed procedure protocols, distributed communities, distributed attestation, and various industry-specific modules to create an infrastructure for a cross-chain, cross-system, cross-industry, cross-application, and cross-device peer-to-peer trust ecosystem. Such a decentralized, open and standardized platform will be suitable for implementation in many industries, allowing various companies to create a user friendly, interactive and blockchain-based environment for their business.

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) - A Friendly BTC Hard Fork | CaptainAltcoin
Bitcoin, the revolutionary cryptocurrency, had another Hard Fork. This was the third fork of Bitcoin, after success in the Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold. Here are some of the basic questions that usually arise when a fork is done: Bitcoin did another hard fork, and the coin created this time is Bitcoin Diamond and is dubbed as BCD. According to their official website, this new Bitcoin hard fork happened on 24th November 2017 at about 1:20 am Pacific Standard Time at block height 495866. It is a friendly fork. This means that it is not being done to compete with original Bitcoin. This new fork is done for reasons that I will explain further in this post.

Yet another fork: 0x (ZRX) forked to give birth to Hydro Protocol (HOT) | CaptainAltcoin
0x is an open, limitless, wide open  protocol allowing you to trade ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. And now it is being forked, giving birth to a new project called Hydro Protocol. Why we are forking 0x Tian Li (@tstyle11) December 14, 2018 As the main developer behind the fork, Tian Li, explains it: Although we are using the term fork to give proper credit, we rewrote a large portion of the codebase. We plan to ship a new order schema, an engine capable of true matching, robust market orders, and a fundamentally different liquidity sharing model. The ZRX token will be removed as well, because fee-based tokens create unnecessary friction.

Complete Beginner?s Guide to Dogecoin (DOGE) ? Why Do People Call It the World?s Most Valuable Joke? | CaptainAltcoin
Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer digital currency that is widely used, traded, community supported (the Dogecoin community consists of over 100,000 subscribers on Reddit), available on almost every exchange, and supported by a number of popular multi-asset wallets like Jaxx. Created back in December 2013 by creators Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, Dogecoin began life as a joke currency?, but quickly exploded onto the market, and today it has thousands of users and whole Internet communities designed around sharing the currency and posting memes about the coin online. Famously known as the joke currency, Dogecoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency, just like Bitcoin and Litecoin, but is designed to reach a much broader demographic than Bitcoin. Dogecoin was originally intended for two main purposes to act as a satirical commentary on the sudden explosion and ridiculous valuations of the new currencies coming out at that time and to be fun and more readily accessible than the dominant Bitcoin.

Crypto and Gaming Collaboration: MobileGO and Xsolla Are Now Business Partners | CaptainAltcoin
Millions of players are interested in esports and MobileGO wants to provide an ecosystem that will satisfy this interest. With already 500+ supported games and its own token MGO, MobileGO builds the solid esports platform that will be able to join developers, gamers, publishers, creators, investors and esportsmen the global gaming audience counting over 2.5 bln users. MobileGO, known for providing special token MGO has claimed its further development along with Xsolla. This cooperation offers benefits to the payment methods as Xsolla provides a gaming payment system to more than 500 mln clients worldwide.

Best Multisignature Wallets - Secure Your Crypto With More Private Keys | CaptainAltcoin
It's easy to lose your digital money if you are not consciously doing things. Unfortunately, in the world of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, incidents such as Bitfinex or MtGox are nothing new. Also, there have been some reported incidents where an individual has lost his/her coins and the reason was that he/she lost access to their private keys. How to make Bitcoin more secure and avoid such losses I know this is a big question in everybody's mind That's the reason why more and more people are looking out for more secure ways to store their Bitcoins. And why not Bitcoin is becoming more and more precious each day, and at the time of writing this article, Bitcoin is trading at about $10000.

All About KuCoin Shares (KCS) - Native Token of Kucoin Exchange | CaptainAltcoin
KuCoin Shares or KCS for short is the token issued by Kucoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform with total supply of 200 million. After buy-back disposal, it will be a constant 100 million. At least 10% of the KuCoin's net profit will be applied to the buy-back of KCS every quarter. The KCS retrieved through buy-back will be destroyed immediately. The process will continue until 100 million KCS are destroyed. As a decentralized cryptocurrency issued on the basis of Ethereum, also a standard ERC 20 token based on Ethereum blockchain, KCS supports all the Ethereum wallets. KuCoin is a relatively new crypto exchange based in Hong Kong, which was initially based in China until Chinese government banned digital currency exchanges.

BitQuick Review ? Legit Place to Buy Bitcoins? | CaptainAltcoin
BitQuick is a global bitcoin exchange that provides unrivaled transparency and lets customers buy Bitcoins with cash via cash deposit. BitQuick was founded by Jad Mubaslat in 2013 and has carved out a strong niche in the global crypto scene. The company is based in Cincinnati, US, and operates as a global bitcoin exchange platform that provides full proof of reserves, including full disclosure of total bitcoin transactions and average selling prices. One of BitQuick's primary objectives is to streamline the Bitcoin purchasing process, and it does this by enabling cash-to-bitcoin transactions. In its simplest form, BitQuick is a digital currency exchange used for buying and selling Bitcoins. The platform takes much of the confusion out of bitcoin trading by focusing on cash-only deposits. It essentially acts as a third-party escrow agent that links buyers and sellers, holding both Bitcoin and fiat currencies, while buyer and seller complete the necessary steps for a successful exchange.

Lisk (LSK) about to dismantle delegate cartels - new roadmap is out | CaptainAltcoin
Lisk issues with centralization and with its DPoS system being controlled by a pool that owns more than 53% of the network, thus having full control over the consensus, transactions, votes, and delegates, have been a public secret for quite some time. A Lisk developer and investor calling himself 4fryn released an article titled How to maximize your Lisk stake rewards in which he described why the current system benefits only a few selfish individuals at the top and suggested several reasonable improvements to the way things currently operate. His suggestions include reducing the size of the delegates pool and unvoting the most selfish members of the network.

Trade Instantly Amazon Gift Cards for Bitcoins | CaptainAltcoin
Believe it or not, I bought my first bitcoin using a certain amount of USD on my Amazon account. And I did not earn it, that was my friend's birthday gift. Yeah, Amazon gift card! Before I thought I might do some web search, and search engines listed several sites that were selling bitcoins for real cash at that time: CoinGate, LocalBitCoins, UnoCoin, Cex etc. Then I learned there are some online services where one can exchange gift cards for bitcoins. Basically, I found seven: Gyft, FoldApp, Purse, Cryfter, eGifter, InstaGift, YesToBitcoins. And both Purse and eGifter are linked with Amazon, connecting buyers and sellers on one platform. Just by random selection I decided to trade on Purse, to change my gift card for my first bitcoins, which I want to show you step by step:

What Is a Bitcoin Brain Wallet and How to Create One for Yourself? | CaptainAltcoin
If you have trust issues with third-party services for securing your Bitcoins, perhaps it's time you considered a more secure solution. Exchanges are vulnerable to attacks, fraud and other forms of illegal activity, smartphones can die, and you may lose your hardware wallets. For the ultra-paranoid and those who lose their sleep due to the safety of their Bitcoins, there's only one storage option that's impregnable to all known attack vectors the brainwallet. Bitcoin is a digital currency that's not tied to a bank or government, but unlike a credit card or PayPal, it's equally suited to the analogue world. It's impossible to spend Bitcoin offline. However, it can be stored in the form of a paper wallet (by writing down your passphrase or key on a paper). If you take that approach one step further, by removing the paper, then you are left with a brainwallet. Brainwallets, as apparent from their name, refer to the concept of storing Bitcoins in one's own mind by memorizing a mnemonic recovery phrase. A brainwallet is where a user remembers their mnemonic phrase/private key and never writes it down, and it's the only Bitcoin wallet that's 100% impervious to phishing or hardware failure. However, it's important to note that in some cases, if a user forgets the mnemonic phrase or goes into a coma or dies without telling anyone, then the associated Bitcoins or crypto-coins are lost forever.

BitShares (BTS) Overview: Centralized exchanges delist them because they are competition? | CaptainAltcoin
BitShares price action has been somewhat wild throughout the past month. After reaching $0.1134 on September 5th, the currency dropped sharply with some high daily trade volume (reached $34,949,159 on 6th) and reached a monthly low of $0.0905 on September 12th. BitShares bounced with intention from this low, going on a run which would eventually end with the price of $0.1290 and bring the trade volumes back to $30 million. Ever since, the currency has seemingly entered a slow and bloody downturn which led it to its today's values. Furba gives a short overview of the currency's technicals: BitShares is at the end of the triangle. Considering the long history of the project and also the fact that it one of the highly rated blockchains by Chinese ranking, 300% returns Bitcoin-wise against 50% loss risk may be not that a bad trade.

NEM (XEM) hasn?t been in the news much lately, but they have been patiently working and growing their project | CaptainAltcoin
NEM currency saw a couple of ups and downs in the previous couple of weeks. Sitting at $0.1106 on September 5th, NEM went into a week-long downtrend which led towards a monthly low of $0.0796 on September 12th. From here onwards NEM entered somewhat of an uptrend which first peaked at $0.1021. The rise continued in the month of October and we saw prices $0.1121. The daily trade volume reached monthly highs on the same day with $28,094,175 worth of NEM being exchanged on the market. At the moment of writing, NEM can be purchased for $0.106585 USD (3.26% rise in the last 24 hours)/0.00001633 BTC (3.87% rise in the last 24 hours). This value represents a drop of 94% from the currency's all time high of $1.90. Daily trade volume dropped off from the monthly highs and is currently sitting at $5,813,085, most of it coming from Binance (13%), B2BX (12%) and Zaif (11%). With a market cap of $959,269,409, NEM is currently the 17th most valuable cryptocurrency in the world.

Bancor (BNT) Digest: It is not often you see a project meet its roadmap targets like BNT does | CaptainAltcoin
Bancors price action was all over the place in the last couple of weeks. After peaking on August 7th with the price of $2.03/29091 satoshi the currency dropped off on the 14th. This drop bottomed out with the value of $1.39/22964 satoshi before it recovered to $1.73/26402 satoshi. While the USD value moved rather errantly towards the beginning of the month of September, BTC value managed to stay above 23000 satoshi. This drop went down much stronger on the 5th and we saw September bottom reached on the 12th, when the value of Bancor touched $1.11/17705 satoshi. The rest of the month saw the currency switch into a rather strong uptrend which continued to the day of the writing.

TenX's Comit is a game changer: First BTC Lightning to ERC20 atomic awap went smooth | CaptainAltcoin
TenX showed a live demo where of their Comit protocol where they swapped a non-native asset to an asset on a layer-2 network on both mainnets. In particular, they swapped 10 PAY tokens on Ethereum for 71240 Satoshi on the Lightning Network using COMIT. COMIT stands for Cryptographically-secure Off-chain Multi-asset Instant Transaction network. The company bills COMIT as the Internet of Transactions, a universal protocol for uniting the transactions across different blockchain ecosystems. They compare it to the early days of the Internet, where a bunch of siloed, incompatible networks ruled the world. Before the World Wide Web, they couldn't talk to each other. COMIT is an open protocol facilitating trustless cross-blockchain applications. The simplest use case one can imagine is an atomic swap between two currencies.

Brave and BAT adoption is nearly a vertical line: Some of the world's largest websites are already making money via BAT | CaptainAltcoin
BAT's popularity in the crypto circles peaked at the time it was added to Coinbase. There were corners of crypto world that didn't know too much about BAT and Brave so that happening stirred some buzz around the Brendan Eich's brainchild. Ever since integrating BAT payment system into their exceptional Brave browser, the BAT team has seen staggering growth numbers both in monthly active users of the Brave browser but also in the number of publishers that accept BAT. Some of the world's largest websites are already making money as @brave publishers. Vimeo The Guardian Washington Post VICE CoinMarketCap

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