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Bitcoin Cash Overcomes an Attack, Successfully Implements Schnorr Signatures
Bitcoin Cash developers managed to quickly thwart an attack exploiting a bug in their software, the BCH network now supports Schnorr signatures. Bitcoin Cash has successfully completed its planned network upgrade. As of block 582680, mined at around 5:30 PM UTC, the updated BCH network now supports Schnorr signatures. This upgrade prevents second-party malleability, but given the preference Bitcoin cash developers have for on-chain scaling, the biggest benefit is a 4% reduction in transaction size, which slightly enhances scalability and throughput. However, the upgrade was not as smooth as ecosystem participants would have hoped for. A block template creation bug was exploited by a malicious entity, which resulted in empty blocks being mined, an orphaned block, and a temporary mempool size of nearly 20MB.

Roger Ver Pledges $10,000 to a Charity of Adam Back's choosing If He Agrees To Debate Peter Rizun, Drama Ensues
The debate between Blockstream's CEO and Bitcoin Unlimited's chief scientist seems more and more likely. The Twitter feud between big block proponent Peter Rizun and Blockstream founder Adam Back could escalate into a moderated public debate. At least this is the direction that the big block crowd is trying to push towards, following Rizun's invitation to Blockstream's CEO. Bitcoin Unlimited's chief scientist had a busy month pointing out flaws in the official scaling strategy of Bitcoin, culminating in a widely-publicised interview with Dr. Peter McCormack. In a typical Streisand effect scenario, the interview was mostly popularised by the attempts of some small blockers to prevent Peter Rizun from speaking.

Cryptocurrency Communities - Which Have Remained the Most Active (spoiler: BCH crushes LTC)
In the first article in the series, we focus on observing the most active reddit communities for cryptocurrency projects. One of the defining characteristics of every coin is the community behind it. A group of people only focused on selling a coin at a profit is unlikely to produce lasting results. Good communities are built with actual enthusiasm, willingness to create useful products, collaboration and (at least partial) ideological alignment. With this in mind, one positive of a bear market is that it allows us to filter out actual communities from pump-and-dump groups posturing as collaborative environments.

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