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Bitcoin is poised for a price recovery
It's been a while since my last article. As mentioned in my previous post, bitcoin prices has been range-bound.  There was a spike in pricing yesterday as we saw bitcoin prices rising to a high of USD7,000 mainly due to the transparency and   trust issue with Tether. People moved their funds from Tether to stablecoins like Bitcoin and ethereum. This resulted in a short term price spike especially in Bitcoin prices to USD7700. But prices came down sharply  in an hour time. Notwithstanding, this brings a fundamental point. Bitcoin is the safe-haven for cryptocurrency. If you are expecting a rise in crypto, the very first cryptocurrency that investors will buy is bitcoin.

Is EOS overvalued and overhyped
EOS has been the coin to watch. It has hit the headlines about being a system which can support more efficient operations for decentralized applications than existing platforms such as ethereum. However, there are serious critics about EOS, especially from John Oliver talkshow and its really hilarious. But he does point out some truth to it. He rightly point out that EOS as a blockchain platform raised over a billion dollars even though it hasn't proven any use yet. It took facebook 7 years to raise a billion dollars. It took uber 5 years and EOS surpass that in under 9 months. He further comment about Brock pierce and his alleged scandals  sexual abuse of minors. Shortly after  part ways with pierce. Notwithstanding the John Oliver episode is hilarious and has left EOS with a dented reputation. This is the link to it if you have not had the chance to watch.

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