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Bitmain cutbacks claim another victimWormhole
Is Wormhole, the supposed game-changing project backed by Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu, is no longer auxiliary to the Chinese cryptocurrency mining company This week, reports surfaced that the Wormhole team has been disbanded and that the project is over. RIP @WormholeCash We will put you down as another casualty of Jihan. #YouSplitWe Skylark_Cash (@skylark_cash) January 15, 2019 Jerry Chan, head of department at SBI Crypto Solutions, tweeted on Wednesday that a source has confirmed that Bitmain has cut it's entire @WormholeCash team. I have an inside source that also confirms that Bitmain has cut it's entire @WormholeCash team. Guess that's 80% of the reason why BCH wanted to split with BSV, gone. The other 20% are the anti-government anarchists.

How Bitcoin SV can power your passport
With Dr. Craig Wright's latest Medium post, we learned how patented nChain technology will create smarter, safer wallets using smart-card based technology and the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain. Now, thanks to a blog post from nChain's Sebastian Plötzeneder that further explains the implications of this technology, we're starting to understand how it can also improve identification services, like passports and immigration. Using the same combination of the BSV blockchain, smart phone app, a smart-card and biometrics, Plötzeneder writes that the technology allows for greater ease of use and security in passports / personal identification cards, communication channels, payments, or file encryption. He breaks down the reasons why in five points.

Look into the future of blockchain in 2019 and beyond with Fai The Great Reset
Blockchain technology gained a lot of traction, in terms of popularity and adoption, globally in 2018. According to fintech analysts Juniper House, the popularity of blockchain among large enterprises rose by 11% in September as more firms move beyond proofs of concept onto trials and commercial rollouts. As blockchain's growth continues to grow this year, there's a need to answer a few questions about the future of the technology'questions like, why there may be only one or a few dominant blockchains in the long run. With this in mind, new marketing and consulting firm Fai has organized a night of in-depth talks around the future of blockchain as part of the company's launch in Singapore on February 1 (6:30 p.m. 9:30 p.m.) at the Hive Carpenter on Carpenter Street. Titled The Great Reset, the event will bring together thought leaders in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space to answer questions like why on-chain scaling must happen sooner rather than later as well as what everyone can expect from regulatory bodies this year and beyond, and what lies ahead for crypto exchanges.

Coingeek: "Unwriter unveils exclusive BitDB node on BSV"
Popular crypto developer Unwriter has introduced via a Medium post a new and exclusive BitDB node that runs on Bitcoin SV (BSV). Genesis, as the node is called, is an extension to existing BitDB nodes, which include both and, and works exactly the same as the others, but with one exception. Unwriter explains that Genesis offers an entirely new behind-the-scenes architecture. This architecture is a result of lessons learned from several stress tests and will soon be made available as open-source software. Where the new node differs from others is in its address format. Genesis uses the original Bitcoin address format and not Bitcoin BCH's Cash Address format.

Under Chinas new blockchain laws, Bitmain-ABCs BCH is in trouble
More legal trouble is coming Bitmains way, this time courtesy of China's internet regulator. On January 10, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) outlined the final draft of its regulations for the management of blockchain information services in the country. The rules, which will come into effect on February 15, aims to guard national security and public interest, and protect the rights of its citizens and legal entities, while also promoting the development of blockchain technology and related services in the country. Under the new regulations, blockchain information service providers are within the purview of the CAC and a range of penalties has been outlined for the violation of the provisions.

Coingeek: "Smart-card based wallets for a smarter, more secure wallet"
Dr. Craig Wright, in his latest Medium post, has broken down the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency wallets. There have been an endless supply of variations introduced over the past couple of years, each offering their own special tricks or characteristics, but they all have one common thread that ties them together security. In the post, Wright talks about smart-card based wallets and how these could and should- be the future of portable wallets.  Wright points out that a smart-card application tied to a wallet can offer better security for crypto assets while also allowing for private system authentication. The chief scientist for nChain explains, We (nChain) have been awarded or granted a patent on the use of ECDSA [elliptic curve digital signature algorithm] as a means to securely share and create keys. The mechanism can be used to create a system that allows uses to authenticate to computers or to create a wallet-key store that can work with a smart card and a mobile phone to allow a single-use Bitcoin key that always updates the address.

Bitwise takes a stab at a crypto ETF in the US - CoinGeek
Despite the fact that the Winklevoss brothers and VanEck have had difficulty convincing the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to green-light their cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds (ETF), a new startup isn't deterred. Bitwise Asset Management is looking to introduce its own ETF, positive that its version appropriately addresses the commission's concerns and will find regulatory approval. In a registration form filed with the SEC, the Bitwise Bitcoin ETF Trust would track its Bitwise Bitcoin Total Return Index, which would be used to measure the value of Bitcoin Core (BTC), as well as any meaningful hard forks. The ETF would possibly be listed on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) Arca, an exchange that targets stocks and options other than large-cap stocks that are traded on the NYSE.

ElectrumSV introduces desktop wallet option for Bitcoin SV - CoinGeek
This article has been updated to include quotes from Neil Booth, developer of Electrum SV.  More and more businesses are choosing to support Bitcoin SV (BSV), the only cryptocurrency to follow Satoshi Nakamoto's original vision for Bitcoin, all the time. Now the bComm Association has announced the new ElectrumSV wallet, available now at Cryptocurrency fans will know the original Electrum wallet, created for Bitcoin Core (BTC). It's considered one of the top digital currency wallets because of the strong feature set it offers. This new ElectrumSV wallet will offer the following features on launch:

Bitcoin vs. Pokemon, who will catch em all?
If you're looking for a fun way to pass some time or need to take a break from a hectic work schedule, this game is the perfect solution. At the very least, it's good for a few laughs. Bitcoin takes on Pokemon in a game that uses Bitcoin SV (BSV) to make moves as you gotta catch em all.  The game can be found at Players pay less than $0.01 (1/10 of a penny, to be exact) to make a move by choosing a Money Button option up, down, right, left. The money is received as a donation to the site, with the game's developer stating, All proceeds are considered donations to maintain the site. I am not charging anyone to play the game but merely tying OP RETURN data in donations to keypresses. This was merely the result of an educational project for myself. The only donations that are monitored are Bitcoin SV donations. Please do NOT send [Bitcoin Core] or [Bitcoin BCH] to this address. Money Button does not allow for more than 25 chained unconfirmed transactions, if you get an error that says 400 Bad Request that is more than likely the culprit.

Coingeek: "Ryan X. Charles: Bitcoin SV can bring sound digital money to the entire world"
The founder of Money Button and, Ryan X. Charles, believes that Bitcoin SV will be the fresh start the world of cryptocurrency needs after the damaging hash wars of the past couple of years: Sadly in many ways, we're back to square one from an adoption perspective, but at least we have lessons learned, intellectual capital and money available to actually do it right. Charles vision is of really radical adoption? in the next ten years. We're going to go from the toy phase and the experiment phase and the learning phase into the reality phase of actually applying this technology for real problems and real businesses and real customers in the real world.

ElectrumSV Wallet Released for Bitcoin SV (BSV), the Original Bitcoin - CoinGeek
10 January 2019   The bComm Association announces the ElectrumSV wallet for Bitcoin SV (BSV), the rebirth of the original Bitcoin. ElectrumSV is a conversion for the Bitcoin SV blockchain of the popular Electrum wallet for Bitcoin. ElectrumSV version 1.0.0 is available at and is provided for free usage under the open source MIT license. The original Electrum wallet was created for the Bitcoin Core (BTC) chain, and is considered one of the top Bitcoin wallets because of its strong technical feature set. After the August 2017 hard fork which created Bitcoin Cash (BCH), a BCH version of Electrum was created under the name Electron Cash.

Satoshi Vision lives on with Bitcoin SVthe original Bitcoin - CoinGeek
What is Bitcoin SV (BSV) It's the original Bitcoin, the only cryptocurrency that follows the original Satoshi Vision for Bitcoin. Emerging from the November 15, 2018 contentious hard fork of Bitcoin Cash, BSV is dedicated to preserve Bitcoin's original design. It is named for the Satoshi Vision of Bitcoin's creator Satoshi Nakamoto, and is focused on restoring the original Bitcoin protocol, keeping it stable, and allowing it to massively scale. BSV's roadmap will achieve the world's new money used by billions of people, and the global public blockchain with professionalized engineering upon major enterprises can confidently build.

Jerry is one of the smart guys in this space. Bitcoin SV will create unique business models this year and save the mining business and be a catalyst to driver energy costs lower. Its all about utility. Calvin Ayre twitter
CoinGeek's Becky Liggero spoke to SBI Bits Jerry Chan on his ideas to make crypto mining more productive and sustainable. With Bitcoin being a relatively new phenomenon, it's not surprising that many aspects of it are not fully answered or addressed. One such aspect, as pointed out by Jerry Chan, head of Digital Assets at SBI Bits, is power usage in mining coins. According to him, comparisons of mining output to specific countries total output are misleading. Bitcoin is supposed to be a financial global ledger. Potentially, it could be a replacement for a global financial system. So we should really be comparing it to the power that the existing financial system is using, right Not just like power for keeping the lights on in people's houses, which means all the servers, all the branches, all the offices, all the ATMs that operate around the world, he explained.

The split, and the future Now we build - CoinGeek
The following is reprinted with permission from the author, Eli Afram. This post was originally published on, where content creators get paid for their work. Please visit and support content creators. I've gone silent on my thoughts because like many of you, I have been devastated by the fallout of the split. We've seen friendships obliterated, people who once fought side-by-side during the big blocker campaign, now hurling insults at one another, an ecosystem of developers, and products, split into two. While exchanges remained loyal to ABC, much of the application development went with BSV.

Blockchain filestorage: end of the cloud. Only on BSV, the real Bitcoin.
The Internet has revolutionized how the world shares information and does business. There have countless benefits, with ease of accessibility and low barriers to entry top amongst them. At the same time, those benefits have led to difficult to solve problems, like content piracy and data security. In a recent Medium post, Dr. Craig Wright spells out how the Metanet, powered by the original Bitcoin reborn as Bitcoin SV (BSV), will negate these issues and provide better functionality all around. In the post, nChain's Chief Scientist spells out in detail how, through his patented BSV technology, a secure file store can be created on the blockchain, and what it means for the content creator and the end user. Here we'll try to boil it down for you to the essential bits.

Kraken stayed busy with law enforcement officials last year - CoinGeek
According to a tweet by the cryptocurrency exchange from two days ago, Kraken had to deal with a significant number of law enforcement requests last year. Compared to 160 law enforcement inquiries from 2017, the company faced almost three times that amount in 2018, responding to a total of 475 inquiries. In 2016, Kraken only received 71 inquiries. In the tweet, which included a graph of the law enforcement activity, Kraken stated, Peek at our Compliance team's 2018 Transparency Report. You can see why many businesses choose to block US users. Cost of handling subpoenas (regardless of licenses) is quickly becoming a barrier to entry. Inquiries up 3x [year-on-year].

The Real World: Legal Risks of Adding OP_DATASIGVERIFY to the BCH Protocol
Today, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network goes through a protocol upgrade, and miners will begin using their hash power to vote between two competing implementations: Bitcoin SV, which seeks to restore the original Bitcoin protocol, and Bitcoin ABC, the prior leading implementation. One area of disagreement is that Bitcoin ABC is adding a new opcode not contained in the original Satoshi protocol: OP_CHECKDATASIG (or OP_DATASIGVERIFY) (we'll call it OP_DSV for short). The Bitcoin Unlimited group also supports adding OP_DSV. Bitcoin SV opposes adding any new non-Satoshi op_codes, believing that the original Bitcoin protocol has everything it needs to enable development on top of it.

Coingeek "Coinbase celebrates Q4 achievementsbut still no Bitcoin SV?"
Coinbase has rung in the New Year with a roundup of its achievements in the last quarter of 2018, celebrating a slew of new cryptocurrencies, platform developments and countries supported. Yet there still remains a glaring omission'still no support for Bitcoin SV. Writing on Medium, Coinbase co-founder and CEO Brian Armstrong said that the company's goal was to continue to add more assets to the platform. He wrote, In Q4, we launched everything from new products to requested features to integrations that scale our ability to serve customers. Together with the assets, rails, and geographies we're adding, we're building the infrastructure to continue our role as the bridge from fiat to crypto for people all around the world.

Coingeek: "BOOM and happy 10 year anniversary present to the world by #Bitcoin SV. As I promised 2019 is the year of scaling for original Bitcoin. #BSV mines 103 MB block and other said it could not be done!"
Bitcoin SV (BSV), the only blockchain continuing the original Bitcoin vision, has mined a 103MB block, the world's largest ever on a public blockchain. The first to ever cross the 100MB threshold, the block was mined on January 3 at block height 563638 containing 460,400 transactions by Mempool, a mining pool based in China. Fittingly, the record-setting block was mined on the 10-year anniversary of the genesis block, which originated the Bitcoin blockchain. This latest scaling achievement confirms Bitcoin SV is on the correct path to becoming the world's enterprise blockchain. Emerging from the November 15, 2018 contentious hard fork of Bitcoin Cash, BSV is dedicated to preserve Bitcoin's original design. Named for the Satoshi Vision of Bitcoin's creator Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin SV's mission is focused: restore the original Bitcoin protocol, keep it stable, and allow it to massively scale. BSV aims to make Bitcoin the world's new money used by billions of people, and the global public blockchain upon major enterprises can confidently build.

Coingeek: "Post to Bitcoin SV blockchain with simplest Datapay JavaScript library"
Prolific cryptocurrency developer Unwriter is making good on his promise to build everything on top of BitcoinBitcoin SV (BSV) to be specific. On January 2, the eve of the 10th anniversary of the Bitcoin genesis block, Unwriter announced on Twitter the launch of Datapay, the simplest JavaScript library for building and broadcasting data transactions to the BSV blockchain. It's so simple, according to the developer, that all it takes is 4 lines (of code) to start writing data to the BSV chain. Forked from Datacash, the library Unwriter wrote for the BCH, Datapay uses BSV Explorer as its default RPC. It's also powered by bsv, a library for cryptography, key management and transaction building for Bitcoin SV. But unlike the conventional Bitcoin transaction libraries, which focus on sending money, Datapay is designed with a different philosophy'send data as simple as possible.

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