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Cryptocurrency Users Buy Bitcoin Only When Price Surges
The data provided by Google Trends shows that the search phrase buy Bitcoin only multiplied in March after the price of the cryptocurrency started surging. According to the chart, the interest in Bitcoin (BTC) the leading crypto by market cap crowded on Wednesday April 3, reaching an all-out score of 100 on Google Trends. At the time, BTC was trading about $5,300, a significant upsurge of more than 26% as compared to 48 hours before when it was changing hands at around $4,200.    The Google search trends indicate that users become more interested and willing to purchase Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies when their prices are steadily skyrocketing, versus when it is plunging this is due to the fact that people always don't want to forego a further upturn in the price (the fear of foregoing FOMO).  

U.S SEC's FinHub Published Framework for Crypto Assets
The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released a Framework for Investment Contract Analysis of Digital Assets on Wednesday April 3 to enable all market entities to determine whether or not a crypto (digital asset) is considered an investment contract, and if so, a security. The work was produced by the two SEC Commissioners Valerie Szczepanik, a senior advisor for crypto assets & innovation, and Bill Hinman, director of SEC at division of corporation finance. The framework serves as an analytical tool which will enable operators of initial coin offerings (ICOs) and all token issuers ascertain whether or not their offering is going to conflict with the federal securities laws. All parties involved in the market are therefore advised to further visit formal rules and regulations accessible on the SEC's FinHub - Strategic Hub for Innovation and FinTech.

Imminent Bitcoin Price Increase is Here Again - Crypto Analyst & History Indicate
Since early last year, cryptoasset investors have been caught in prices declines, fake news, accounts of fraud etc. which have weeded out the weak speculators.  Eventually, this has created a community of investors that more likely believe in the nascent technology or doubt that another wave of speculators will push the markets back to or above their antecedently accomplished all-time-highs. Even though the dogging bear market has been fantastically tough for new investors, an analysis of historical tendencies may indicate that another bull market is impending and close at hand.  Recently, a new theory concerning the future of bitcoin (BTC) that will certainly lead the direction of the whole crypto market has appeared on different social media platforms which uses historical drifts to forecast future market trends.   

Bearish Bitcoin (BTC) Outlook after Latest Consolidation
Even though last week began with the Bitcoin price consolidating, the utmost result was price action hitting a drastic week. The price made a high of almost $4,112 on January 8, 2018, before collapsing more than 10 percent for the week, according to data from    The price trend began this week with an increase from the low hit last week close to $3,470 on January 10, as Coinidol reported.    $3476 seems to be a critical level to observe, and if the BTC price falls under this point, then there is no distinct support until the low of last year of around $3122.    BTC's performance last week forced several analysts to forecast bearish prospects for digital currencies.   

It.Coinidol.Com To Update 90 Million Italians On Blockchain And Bitcoin News
Coinidol, the English speaking world blockchain news outlet with 1/2 million pageviews per month, has launched an Italian version of the website - The first articles were uploaded in December 2018, but the month of the official launch for the Italian public is January 2019. The Italian version of Coinidol provides news on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and FinTech with a focus on the local market in Italy and other Italian speaking regions worldwide. That's around 90 million potential readers all over the world.  Now Blockchain, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency news in Italy are reaching new levels and value, especially since the government has decided to invest 1 billion EURO in the development of Blockchain tech by launching a special investment fund in February 2019. 

NASA Declares Proposal for Air Traffic Management Blockchain to Secure Aircraft Flight Data
The National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA), U.S-based, is analyzing blockchain as a means to guarantee the privacy and security of aircraft flight information, according to an official paper published on the agency's website on Monday. An Aero-Computer engineer at the NASA Ames Research Center, Ronald Reisman, issued a document on January 7, proposing that distributed ledger technology (DLT) networks and smart contracts can assist some security matters.    The suggested system would use an open-source permissioned DLT to allow secure, private and more anonymous communication with responsible air traffic services. The paper states:   

Reserve Bank of India Forces Customers to Abandon Dealing with Cryptoassets
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is allegedly forcing the clients of the commercial banking institutions to completely abandon cryptocurrencies including bitcoin (BTC) and stop operating any kind of business activity related to cryptoassets. In case the client wants to set up a new bank account in any commercial banking institution in the country, he or she is forced to sign documents which in this case read that they shan't deal in any digital currency transactions from their bank accounts. If the client deals in such transactions related to BTC or any other cryptos then his or her respective bank account shall be shut instantly without any prior notice by the bank in question. The similar notice goes for the already existing clients of all commercial banking institutions in the country.   

China Merchants Bank Stretches Blockchain Tech e-Invoices to Funds & Consumer Finance
One of the top commercial banking institutions in China is expanding its use of distributed ledger technology (DLT)-based tax invoices. In 2018, Tencent innovated an e-invoicing blockchain technology and CMB was one of the institutions to participate in the Shenzhen Taxation Bureau launch of the blockchain technology and issued its initial invoice in November last year.  On January 10, the China Electronic Banking Network purported that the financial institution has expanded its usage, and the China Merchants Fund (CMF) subsidiary is utilizing it in addition to consumer finance subsidiaries.    An executive at the Nanjing branch of China Merchants Bank told Cebnet that the lenders had unified CMF and Zhelian Consumer Finance into Shenzhen's DLT e-invoice platform, to officially issue the first-ever DLT e-invoices for the fund & consumer finance areas.   

Carrefour Italy Tracks Chickens, Food & Fruits in their Supermarkets Using Ethereum Blockchain
A promotion of Carrefour Italia carried a hotshot, claiming to trace the chickens for sale in their respective shop outlets and supermarkets on a distributed ledger technology (DLT). The project has continued and on Thursday, January 17, the next stage will be officially presented in Bologna, the capital of Emilia-Romagna; located in northern Italy to the east of the Apennines, in the setting of the Marca fair the potential traceability of citrus fruits.    Foremost, it will be easy to collect and make readily available to clients on DLT the traceability information of lemons and oranges, and at the end of 2019, the service should also stretch to tomatoes, clams and other day-to-day commodities.   

Nick Szabo: Central Banks will Turn from Physical Gold Reserves to Bitcoin Reserves in 2019
A Blockchain and Crypto pioneer, Nick Szabo many believe that he could be the anonymous developer of Bitcoin (BTC), Satoshi Nakamoto said that central banks will more than likely turn to digital currencies to support their reserves, while speaking at the Israel Bitcoin Summit at Tel Aviv University on Tuesday, January 8, 2018. Nick is a veteran cryptographer who developed the construct of BitGold an unenforced, pre-BTC privacy-aimed crypto way back in 1998. Nick is the first person to have gestated smart contracts in the year of 1996 and remain as the top thinker in the cryptocurrency industry.   

Cryptos Face Comprehensive EU Regulation, Regulators Plan to Set New Financial Rules
Fresh EU rules may be required to strongly safeguard users from cryptocurrency risks, stop money laundering and prevent diverging national regulations from forming unjust contention, European Union regulators revealed on January 9, 2019. Since 2013, relevant regulators have been giving signs to investors that they could face a lot of losses by investing in cryptoassets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH) and others, or in ICOs which raise funds for firms in exchange for tokens.    BTC surged to almost $20,000 in December 2017 and made all investors happy, but since then it has been plunging to the extent of losing ¾ of its value.   

Ethereum is Waiting for a New Upgrade, Constantinople is Coming Soon
Another significant development for the Ethereum network is Constantinople, which is going to be implemented this January. This upgrade is also called Ethereum 2.0? and the New Ethereum. The main aim of this fork is to improve the basic capacity of scaling within the framework of the network. Constantinople is part of the release called Metropolis and it will be integrated into block #7080000. Developers have prepared three forks for the beginning of 2019, including Constantinople. Other two forks are hard forks?, which will result in creating new cryptocurrencies, Classic Vision and Ethereum Nowa. Users are notified that Constantinople fork will take place between the 15-16th of January 2019.   

Italy Launches a Blockchain Technology Commission
Recently, the Ministry of Economic Development in Italy, headed by Luigi di Maio, selected 30 high-level experts to form a blockchain technology development committee. Apart from managing financial payments, financial transactions or insurance uses, the development of the Italian national strategy in DLT and AI is in the hands of these selected teams of experts, as Coinidol reported.    These experts will be responsible for developing and explaining the national strategy on artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, and analyzing possible application cases especially in public and private services.   

Blockchain Regtech Leader Coinfirm to Launch AMLT Token for Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
Coinfirm, a global leader in blockchain AML/CTF and compliance is releasing a dedicated token, AMLT, to deliver one of the most needed solutions for blockchain adoption by allowing market participants to help determine the potential risk of others. Coinfirm has been raising the standards of tech solutions for compliance in the blockchain and financial ecosystem through their AML/CTF Platform. The platform delivered a solution for AML/CTF needs for cryptocurrency and blockchain-related companies that allows for the safe adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain by players in the traditional economy. AMLT adds a new level of transparency to the ecosystem by acting as the mechanism allowing entities to rate and provide information on other market participants into the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform, with AMLT as their reward for the valid data they provided.

Bitcoin Halvening Alludes Market Correction Ended
Bitcoin has experienced days of tangled fluctuations since the commencing of this correction. However, the last few months have registered more downwards trend and less assaulting moves. To some people, this might be a significant indication that Bitcoin's correction is finished and that the price is refreshing before starting a fresh cycle. Nevertheless, to other people, this might be an alert that Bitcoin (BTC) is about to drop deeper in the coming months. Both of these contrasting issues have their own advantages and seem to be very reasonable. However, we hope that there are some major metrics that are being inadvertently neglected and not attended by both sides. 

New Zealand's Dollar-Pegged Crypto "NZDT" To Be Officially Re-Introduced Next Year
New Zealand's dollar-pegged crypto, popularly known as the New Zealand Dollar Token (NZDT), was delayed many months following its rollout in 2017, after the Blockchain New Zealand conference took place in Auckland. According to the latest news from Newsroom, a local news outlet, a Crypto exchange based in New Zealand which is behind NZDT, is more than ready to release again the crypto within the Q1 of 2019. Plans are underway to be reintroduced to its national fiat currency known as the New Zealand Dollar (NZD). The exchange is collaborating with a new unidentified financial institution to launch NZDT again. Their most recent bank, ASB, had some issues with the coin inasmuch as compliance is concerned, know-your-customer (KYC) needs and the increase in Australian digital currency slanders. Currently, the coin's developers are working hand in hand with several senior government officials that are so determined and inquisitive about digital currency, not condemning. 

The Famous Hong Kong Mark Six Lottery Is Now Available on the Blockchain as XOTTO
Warrior Developments Limited's XOTTO puts the renowned Hong Kong Mark Six lottery on the Ethereum Blockchain. March 1, 2017, British Virgin Islands XOTTO is a brand-new lottery on the Ethereum blockchain which follows the same rules as the Hong Kong Mark Six (HKM6) Lottery. Developed by Warrior Developments Limited, the similarities between the actual lottery and XOTTO's blockchain version extends beyond just the rules. Even the ticket numbers and the draw dates are the same on both lotteries. XOTTOs first draw was held on February 21, 2017, at 6:15 PM (Hong Kong time). The blockchain version of Hong Kong Mark Six lottery, XOTTO draws its qualities of transparency and fairness from the distributed ledger technology. The lottery is designed to be very simple in player's viewpoint while it solves the problem of money withdrawals, commonly faced by the online gambling community. As a blockchain application, all XOTTO elements are trackable and can be fully automatized.

Video Digest, May 2: Iran to Create Cryptocurrency, Mastercard to Sync Blockchain, Abu Dhabi Suggests New Regulatory Framework, Venezuela Licensed 16 Crypto Exchanges
Burning topics of today: Iran to Create Its Own Cryptocurrency, Mastercard to Sync Blockchain Data by a Fast Track Method, Abu Dhabi Suggests New Regulatory Framework for Cryptocurrency Exchanges, and Venezuela Licensed 16 Crypto Exchanges Iran is set to establish its own cryptocurrency based on the newest financial technology called blockchain. The experimental model has already been created and will go live soon. The project is aimed at facilitating the speed of transactions on the country's financial market. The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro has approved the intention to certify 16 exchange platforms for virtual coins, including blockchain-based bitcoin. Maduro considers the move as one that will help the Petro to enter the world's cryptocurrency market

The Ban on ICO Ads is Temporary says LinkedIn Co-Founder
Eric Ly, one of the co-founders of social media giant LinkedIn, is convinced the ban on ICO ads across social media and search engines is temporary. We look deeper at his reasoning here. Eric Ly is no stranger to innovative technologies and web-based businesses. According to casinopå, the co-founder of LinkedIn recently talked to Coin Telegraph and about a number of issues, one of which was the ban on ICO advertising. It seems that one social media company after another, including Facebook and Twitter, have banned ICO advertisements this year. Why so Ly belies that the ban is a temporary protective measure which companies have taken in order to avoid receiving subpoenas from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Digital Asset Exchange ChainEX Launches Zero Fees Promotion
The latest entrant into the world of digital asset exchanges, ChainEx, has made it even more attractive for South Africans to own their very first cryptocurrency, with a two-week promotion that will waive all fees on orders. Beginning on June 4th, 2018, and for the following two weeks after, all orders completed on every trading pair offered on ChainEx will be charged zero fees. ChainEX is the premier platform based in South Africa, allowing users to trade, sell and buy over 30 different digital assets with the South African rand (SAR) in fact, SAR is the default fiat currency for some buying options.

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