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Weekly Update (1.15.19) - Coin Savage
Andrew Elliott is currently ranked #10 on the Coin Savage Leaderboard We are starting to see a break below the critical $3600 support level. The bulls are likely in for another set back. The low MAY have been reached on December 15th at ~$3100. Since then we have seen a bounce above a key short term level at $3600. We must see if price builds above $3600 for a push above $4600 or if price breaks down back below $3600. A push above $4600 would be bullish. A breakdown would likely lead to new lows.  Weekly Update (1.8.19) As the chart technicals are breaking down, we are also seeing fundamentally positive catalysts delayed.

Binance Coin Exchange Token Prince - Coin Savage
Thant11 is currently ranked #13 on the Coin Savage Leaderboard The token that we're going over in this article really doesn't need an introduction. We're of course talking about Binance Coin or BNB. As the token for the Binance exchange, BNB has been an industry leader and an example for other exchanges on how to launch their own exchange token. In fact, it may be more apt to say that other exchanges have sought to copy Binance and their success with BNB. Here we'll be taking a look at the basic details of Binance Coin, the advantages a user of Binance receives with the token, and Binance's plans for the future.

Decentraland (MANA) Fundamental Analysis - Coin Savage
Andrew Elliott is currently ranked #6 on the Coin Savage Leaderboard Since the emerging crypto asset class is much like venture capital with liquidity, performing a quick market size analysis can provide insights into potential fundamental asset value. Decentraland is a shared virtual world (i.e Metaverse). This virtual reality platform runs on the Ethereum blockchain and allows users to create, experience, and monetize content and applications within the metaverse. More simply put imagine a virtual world where users; interact, buy/sell goods and services, own land, etc. The currency within this virtual world is MANA.

Factom (FCT) Fundamental Analysis - Coin Savage
Andrew Elliott is currently ranked #6 on the Coin Savage Leaderboard Since the emerging crypto asset class is much like venture capital with liquidity, performing a quick market size analysis can provide insights into potential fundamental asset value. Factom (FCT) is creating an immutable audit trail by providing for hashing of documents to its blockchain. By hashing an organization's files/documents/etc. onto the blockchain, Factom enables the world's first precise, verifiable, and immutable audit trail?. Imagine the immense amount of data/documentation a single industry (real estate, banks, law firms, etc.) must generate then store and verify (i.e. to satisfy compliance requirements) on a daily/monthly/yearly basis. The native crypto asset of the Factom blockchain are Factoids (FCT), which ultimately provide for the right to hash data on the blockchain.

Is this the 2018 Bear Market Capitulatory Flush - Coin Savage
Andrew Elliott is currently ranked #6 on the Coin Savage Leaderboard The crypto market is selling off. We are now searching for a new bottom in Bitcoin and by extension the entire Crypto market. We think this low volatility is signaling a bottom, but if the key $5800 level is breached on Bitcoin (the market leader) then there will be more pain ahead. Luckily for the bulls that seems unlikely as the fundamental story continues to improve on a weekly basis.- Coin Savage Weekly Update (11.13.18) The key support level at $5800 was breached. Then the next level at $4900 was breached. Early this morning Bitcoin bounced higher off $4200, this level represents longer term support.

What did other BCH folks do
Andrew Elliott is currently ranked #6 on the Coin Savage Leaderboard In late summer 2017, a hard fork of the Bitcoin protocol resulted in the creation of Bitcoin Cash. This represented a split within the Bitcoin community (the network of users, developers, etc that are involved in a protocol's ecosystem). A community is like a crypto tribe, a common belief draws them together to build an open source project. In crypto, community is what matters so when we see a fork we complicate adoption and network effects. When a community splits (forks), both sides are weakened. I was initially supportive of Bitcoin Cash (held the coins) and believed that there was merit in the fork. Bitcoin could remain digital gold and therefore more of a store-of-value type investment. I developed my own price target based on the size of the gold market and assigned Bitcoin a future market share.

Get to know Rakiza from the Coin Savage Leaderboard- trade alerts available
Strategy: A diversified portfolio of cryptoassets for maximum flexibility and profitability in volatile markets. - Start date: 8.24.2018 Absolute Return: -50.41%  |  Overall Market: -42.05%  |  Return vs Crypto Market: -8.36% I am a hodler and casual trader. My main focus is the top ten cryptos plus Ethereum Classic. I can provide individuals and investors with clues on best entry and exit points (not direct buy or sell orders), signs of good trade, candle stick interpretation, and fundamental and technical analysis. I am specialised in blockchain strategy and organisational change. I provide consultancy about strategic aspects of integrating blockchain to your business. Finally, I mercilessly investigate ICOs, enabling you to make an informed investment decision.

The Future of Virtual Assets: Introducing the Fractional NFT - Coin Savage
directbus is currently ranked #25 on the Coin Savage Leaderboard We now live in a world where the most valuable assets are no longer physical. While virtual assets have been in existence for years it's only recently that these digital goods have emerged as a new asset class. Now with the combination of blockchain technology virtual assets have the opportunity to no longer be limited to traditional use cases such as gaming. In today's sharing economy as more assets, both physical and virtual are tokenized a new kind of protocol is necessary to ensure security, transparency, ownership, liquidity and shared use.

Predict Anything Augur - Coin Savage
Thant11 is currently ranked #11 on the Coin Savage Leaderboard Want to be able to create a market to predict anything Blockchain has the solution for you with the project Augur and their Ethereum based prediction markets. Augur is a protocol that allows users to create their own prediction market where users can buy and sell stock in the likelihood of an event occurring. In this article, we'll be going through what a prediction market is, how Augur works, how people can buy and sell, and some recent news for newly released application. The key component to the Augur project is what is known as a prediction market or a market for buying and selling stocks on a future event or outcome. For example one could have used a prediction market to make a prediction about the winner of the World Cup Finals. If you thought France would win then you would have bought stock on that outcome. The more people who believed France would win the more demand there would be and the price would be higher. Those who correctly predicted France to win would then be paid for their correct prediction. That simple structure is what comprises the entirety of the Augur project.

What Will It Take to Get the Bitcoin ETF Approved
Avi F. is currently ranked #22 on the Coin Savage Leaderboard If you'd like to get more regular updates of my take on the markets & blockchain, feel free to sign up for my daily crypto newsletter, where I publish my take on the market, recent developments and all things crypto. Recently there's been a lot of buzz surrounding the possibility of the Bitcoin ETF and although this type of buzz isn't new to Bitcoin enthusiasts, this ETF prospect is becoming more likely. Ever since Bitcoin started gaining traction in 2013, there have been whispers of institutionalization. Banks, hedge funds, and venture capital funds have poured large amounts of capital into the markets over the past few years.

2018: What did you think was going to happen
D.M. Brooks is currently ranked #21 on the Coin Savage Leaderboard After trading sideways since late summer/fall, BTC made its long awaited move. Unfortunately, it did not move where we were hoping.  When an asset trades sideways, it indicates a big move coming.  This led many who had been beat up during 2018 to hope for positive movement. Positive thinking can only get us so far. A lot of great news has come out this year to support the growing infrastructure of crypto currency. It has not resulted in the price movements that we grew to expect coming out of 2017's Bull market. In fact, the crypto market has never looked this promising from an FA perspective. Go back to 2017 and the crypto market didn't even have custody arrangements secured yet.  As you know, custody is one of the most important things for large financial firms.  Custody of the asset allows these firms to create asset class holdings for their clients governed by financial regulations.

Polkadot is a protocol that enables independent blockchains to exchange information. The defined purposes behind the project are: The unique technical aspects behind Polkadot's heterogeneous multichain technology are the use of relay chains, which coordinate consensus and transaction delivery between chains; parachains, the connected blockchains running transactions parallely to one another; and bridges, the link to blockchains that have  their own consensus, such as Ethereum. Polkadot's vision is to enable a truly decentralized Internet which serves the true promises of blockchain technology, where independent blockchains exchange information trustlessly, and where the creation and mass adoption of decentralized applications will distribute power and equality for the common good of the world.

IoT Solutions, Part 1: IOTA
Ask the Eden Labs team questions on our Telegram and receive updates, analysis, and research insights. When analyzing a project, the Eden Labs team looks for projects that do something unique or do it much better than its competition. Quality projects should be able to explain complex ideas simplified to their audience. In addition, projects that rely heavily on a broad user base have to have an incentive for the first ten people to join the network before a million users is ever achievable. No project will succeed if it requires a million participants to bring any value to its users. IOTA is a DLT project that aims to implement a transaction settlement and data transfer layer for the Internet of Things (IoT). IOTA was developed in response to the fundamental problems blockchains face today with scaling and high fees. Due to the nature of current blockchains, they are far from compatible with IoT and its millions of potential transactions. IOTA adopts a different architecture than traditional blockchains. IOTA is based on a quantum-resistant Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) known as the Tangle, that serves to store transaction history. This implementation allows IOTA to have zero transaction fees while also allowing for increased scalability. IOTA is focused on the machine-to-machine economy of the IoT market; the IoT market will be heavily dependent on micro-payments with near instant settlement, needs that IOTA is aiming to fill.

Blockchain Design Trade Offs
The design of blockchain networks is guided by several tradeoffs. Overall, any blockchain will be able to achieve, at most, two of the following: Decentralisation, Security, or Scalability. However, the design of blockchains can be divided into further trade-offs to enhance different aspects of its functionality. The additional trade-offs blockchains face are outlined in the following article. Depending on the properties on which the network has settled, participants will face certain advantages and drawbacks. Furthermore, every blockchain aims to solve specific problems. By building a deep understanding of blockchain design principles, it is possible to evaluate the viability of specific blockchain solutions.

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