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AERGO in a Nutshell and Reviewing the Next Generation Enterprise focused Blockchain Solution
AERGO is an open blockchain platform and IT resource ecosystem that aims to support businesses and organizations to develop enterprise-grade applications on the blockchain without the challenges hindering the full adoption of blockchain technology by businesses. With AERGO, firms and organizations can utilize the distributed resource sharing nature of blockchain technology to conceptualize, design, build, and deploy business applications onto a private or public blockchain in the cloud. AERGO will provide a complete blockchain development platform featuring IT and software programming tools such as SQL and data security infrastructure. By enabling businesses to transfer data in a trustless manner, develop and deploy in-house business software on the blockchain, and share computing resources efficiently, AERGOaims to power the mass adoption of blockchain technology by businesses.

The Bahamas Might Soon Become a Crypto Tech Hotspot
The beautiful Caribbean island of the Bahamas is not typically associated with a tech scene nor cryptocurrencies but, thanks to one startup, it soon may be. PO8, a Bahamas-based tech company has been quietly building a pervasive presence on the island. Working in close contact with the Bahamian government, the organization has its hands in artifact preservation, museum building, virtual reality, gaming, and much more. The primary link between the PO8 project and cryptocurrencies is the exploration and recovery of The Bahamas estimated $100B worth of undiscovered underwater artifacts. Using nonfungible tokens, PO8 will add transparency to the ownership of these underwater treasures that date well past the golden age of piracy.

Can You Profit Off Crypto Crime? (By the ICO Ranker Team)
On November 28 of this year, federal prosecutors in Dallas announced the arrest of Jared Rice Sr., the CEO of AriseBank, on multiple counts of securities & wire fraud. Rice had allegedly managed to scam hopeful investors out of at least $4.25 million in a bogus ICO. And that was only one of the many high profile frauds in the news this year.  Here's what you need to know about how fraudsters are still making crypto crime pay: This post was created by a member of the CoinScribble Community, where anyone can post crypto news, updates, and more! Learn more or post your own Scribble! You must be logged in to post a comment.

How the Apollo Currency Coin is Set to Change the Cryptocurrency Industry. ? CoinScribble
There are many cryptocurrencies that are created every hour, over the past several years, the world has seen countless cryptocurrency efforts to change the financial system for the better. What sets the Apollo coin aside is that it's the ALL-IN-ONE currency. This feature rich coin is set to revolutionize the cryptocurrency space. Apollo isn't just some random coin, but a privacy coin with privacy as their number one priority, in fact, that's their mission! With privacy as their number one priority Apollo is able to deliver with private and public transactions using the Olympus protocol, with speeds crossing thousands of transactions per second and the ability to buy, sell and trade within the next generation blockchain technology. Utilizing the Hermes and Olympus technology this will allow Apollo to become more secured along with privacy features including coin shuffling, IP masking, encrypted messages & transactions, an alias system & a private ledger.

The Hardest Cryptocurrency Quiz Youve Ever Taken (Quiz)
How well do you really know crypto Use this quick quiz to test your knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain. This post was created by a member of the CoinScribble Community, where anyone can post crypto news, updates, and more! Learn more or post your own Scribble! You must be logged in to post a comment. About Advertise Content Policy FAQsContact CoinScribble is a free platform. If you enjoy our services, please consider a donation. Donated funds will be reinvested into the platform. Donate Here

Tron & Upfiring Continue Face Off in File-Sharing Arms Race
Since the announcement of BitTorrents BTT token, the cryptocurrency world has been buzzing. The soon-to-be Tron based token has drawn the attention of cryptocurrency and torrenting enthusiasts alike. BTT will be used as a store of value and the in-house currency of the decentralized file sharing platform. BitTorrent is a pillar in the world decentralization movement and a great step forward in the fields of blockchain and decentralization. Satoshi Nakamoto himself named BitTorrent as a great example of a decentralized network that could have a token with monetary value. The highly influential CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao also commented on the potential importance of BitTorrent's move to tokenize.

Bitcoin Retracing Weekly Gains
The move from $3800 to $4000 wasn´t natural. A single $200 candle on January 9 took the cryptocurrency to the psychological number of $4000. During this past week, with slightly rising volume Bitcoin attempted to break upwards to test the $4200 resistance level and bouncing off of it immediately. What in normal market conditions can be seen as consolidation, in this current bear market where liquidity is low and bots have taken front seats to mandating price action, Bitcoin could not break resistance and retraced $150 within an hour. This, now typical, formation informally known as a Bart Simpson is the zeitgeist of the current market. Low volumes and very few human actors providing liquidity leave a fertile ground for trading bots to trigger moves to the upside and downside. In these cases, liquidity is provided by stop losses. Only a moderate push to the downside triggers bot action, which lead the price down to the nearest support.

While Ethereum (ETH) had a great start in mid-January 2018, recording a value of $1400 in mid January, it failed to maintain it's glory. In the recent market crash, the crypto asset plummeted to a mere $80 value. However, the present scenario doesn't spell doom for Ethereum as it's present value rests at $150. A startling 80% increase has been noted in the past 30 days. Ethereum has finally managed to overtake Ripple (XRP) and restored it's earlier position (Ethereum ranked 2nd on all cryptocurrency exchanges), prior to the market crash. The graph denotes the progression of Ethereum in the past 30 days.

How High Can Ripple Go?
After the brutal bear market of 2018, which included several steep drops, many have been left wondering which cryptocurrencies will emerge as survivors, if any at all. In a space filled with scams, manipulation and immaturity, some blockchain companies stand out as more serious and useful projects. Ripple is one of these standouts. There's no shortage of opinions regarding which of these coins will prove to be valuable and which become useless and ultimately sink to zero, but if you examine the partnerships that Ripple has forged you'll begin to see the enormous potential for usage and growth.

Beginner's Guide to Buying Altcoins in 2019
Buying Bitcoin, Ether, and altcoins is getting easier by the day. Plus, many experts expect 2019 to be the year of Dapps and mass adoption. When you add in all the direct fiat-to-crypto options that could be in the pipelines, it's plain to see that the time to get on the altcoin train is now. For many new crypto buyers, the journey begins with buying Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most recognized name in the space; but, Ethereums growth has also made ETH a viable option to use to buy a variety of altcoins. A lot of exchanges out there do not exactly have the most user-friendly qualities. Coinmama for example, is a site that accepts USD for Bitcoin and several other coins but they do not provide users with wallets so this could get tricky for unprepared newbies resulting in the loss of time, or even worse, funds. Other exchanges may be more accommodating for those who are new to crypto, but the fees are will most likely be much higher.

Upfiring Doubles Market Cap Overnight After Launch of Developer App
Earlier this week, the Upfiring team released source code and documentation sufficient for the creation of a developer version of the long-anticipated dApp. The newly released dApp allows for the earning of cryptocurrency by sharing files. By incentivizing file uploads, Upfiring is building a robust network of seeders that makes downloading of large files near instantaneous. At the moment of writing this Scribble, the price of UFR is hovering around 10.7 cents, more than doubling the 4.5 cent price 24 hours prior. In this period, the trading volume for the coin increased more than 5X. Upfiring 1 Month Chart Courtesy of CoinMarketCap

The Upfiring dapp's unofficial developer version is live, bringing incentivized torrenting to the Ethereum mainnet. Here's a short walkthrough on how to navigate it.
While Upfiring, the heavily anticipated file-sharing dApp has yet to officially launch, the release of its source code and supporting documentation has made it possible for developers to recreate the app. This soft launch is being lauded as one of the greatest crypto releases this year. However, because of the Upfiring team's quiet persona, little information is available on actually using the application to earn crypto from file sharing. This guide aims to walk through the use of the application. The first step in installing the app is finding the correct file. Upfiring's github contains installation files for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Find the correct file for your computer and download it.

Iranians Turn to Bitcoin Mining to Combat the Effects of U.S. Sanctions
According to a report by the Atlantic Council, Iran is experiencing an economic crisis due to sanctions imposed by the US administration a while ago. However, the Iranian government has had its hands full with simply keeping its economy floating. Because of this, the Iranians are now handling matters on their own and they have turned to Bitcoin mining to overcome the effects of US sanctions. As per the report, the Iranian economy has been affected by the US sanctions in many more ways than one. And the biggest negative impact among the other effects was that the Iran-based commercial banking institutions were removed out of the society for SWIFT (Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) network.

A walkthrough of how to close your Coinbase account
Coinbase is a fantastic tool for beginners to invest in cryptocurrencies. However, high fees and lack of coin options makes the platform less than ideal for users who are already familiar with the market. Furthermore, Coinbase was once one of the few exchanges that allowed for fiat to crypto conversions. That is no longer the case. When the time comes that you've outgrown the service you may be asking yourself how to close your Coinbase account. Following the steps listed below will make the process easy and painless. Some tips to consider before closing your account: Fortunately, the process for closing a Coinbase account is quite easy.

Crypto Scams and Hacks have increased by 400% in 2018
While many crypto enthusiasts debate that wild fluctuations are the main industrial concerns, Kaspersky brings another case altogether. The lab is based in Moscow and has been a rich source of information regarding crypto crimes. According to Kaspersky Lab, crypto jacking cases have risen by 400%. There have been a total of 13 million crypto jacking incidents in 2018. The term Cryptojacking is used to describe malicious activities Continue reading the entire news article here. This post was created by a member of the CoinScribble Community, where anyone can post crypto news, updates, and more! Learn more or post your own Scribble!

Switzerland to open arms to Blockchain and Crypto startups
Switzerland has decided to loosen the strings for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency startups after announcing a new legislative approach to blockchain regulation. The report shows that the main focus of the Swiss Federal Council is to ensure the integrity and reputations of Switzerland in the FinTech and blockchain sectors by exploiting the opportunities offered by digitalization. The report also gives light to the negatives aspects Continue reading the entire news article here. This post was created by a member of the CoinScribble Community, where anyone can post crypto news, updates, and more! Learn more or post your own Scribble!

AT&T files a patent for creating a 'Blockchain Map' on Social Media
As per a patent filed on December 13, AT&T describes a system of monitoring a blockchain social history maps and titled it Blockchain-Based Social Media History Maps?. The purpose of the patent is that the owners of the content would keep ownership of the information in the blockchain social media mapping service. Another benefit to the originators may be that the tweets and the posts they make will remain in the blockchain map even if they are deleted by the platform at large. Continue reading the entire news article here. This post was created by a member of the CoinScribble Community, where anyone can post crypto news, updates, and more! Learn more or post your own Scribble!

Upfiring Just Released Their v1.0.0 Dapp Demo
Upfiring, the P2P file-sharing platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, has just lauched an application demo for its first release Upfiring v1.0.0. The decentralized application plans to provide seeders with an incentive to seed files  something the current BitTorrent protocol lacks. Individuals who choose to share files on the network will be able to earn UFR each time their file is downloaded. Since launching 3 years ago, Ethereum still has very few dapps that are usable and appeal to the average consumer. After launch, Upfiring aims to change this by becoming one of the most widely used dapps in cryptocurrency space.

You can now do a Blockchain Engineering Course in UCLA
As per LinkedIn's 2018 Emerging Jobs Report, Blockchain Developers tops the list for emerging jobs with a 33% growth. This signals a high demand by commercial industries to develop DLT-based solutions thus urging universities to feature blockchain courses to their curriculum. It's a challenging role to teach and equip the next generation of crypto engineers to meet the ever-increasing demand for the technology.  One of the leading colleges in the United States, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is gearing up to offer its first blockchain engineering course. The course will be led by Professor John D. Villasenor, a professor of management, electrical and electronics engineering, and public policy. The initiative is supported by MouseBelt, a turnkey blockchain & ICO accelerator.

Swych: Digital Gifting can now be accomplished using Blockchain
Digital gifting platform Swych has launched a blockchain-based platform that it believes will significantly reduce the fees and other friction points associated with cross-border gifting. The infrastructure is built on the Stellar Network, and users will be able to use the service without needing additional technical knowledge. The blockchain aspects will operate in the background while purchases can be made redeemable for participating in international stores as well. This blockchain integration has set benchmarks for cross-border gifting, as well as several exciting new use cases such as loyalty redemption, employee incentives, frictionless travel shopping, and easy access to merchant offers.

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