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These 8 Countries are Adopting Blockchain Technology by Financial Institutions & Governments
You've probably heard that blockchain technology is going to revolutionize the Banking sector and also take the power away from Central Banks. In reality, Blockchain is being adopted by the very central banks it was meant to displace - in a future where ledger technology disrupts finance as we know it. Today, we are exploring some of the beneficial implications that the technology has to offer financial institutions. The idea & hype behind central bank issuing out a national back Cryptocurrency has led to pondering as to whether governments are keen on issuing out a digital version of a national currency or implement the technology to streamlines certain processes.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges engaging in High-Level Wash Trading to fake Trade volumes
To acquire Bitcoin, you'll need to learn how to trade Cryptocurrencies in order to obtain this Digital asset in the first place, this requires investors to search for active Marketplaces that connects buyers & sellers As of 2018, there are suspicions that centralized Exchanges manipulate trading activities through a process called wash trading?. Wash trading is a process whereby a trader buys and sells a Cryptocurrency for the express purpose of feeding misleading information to the market. A wash trade is a form of market manipulation in which an investor simultaneously sells and buys the same financial instruments with the intent to mislead and manipulate trade volume through artificial activity

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