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ETC Labs Introduces Dedicated Team to Focus on Core Ethereum Classic Projects
Latest news About Crypto Currency Ethereum Classic Labs incubator has launched a new Ethereum Classic (ETC) development team ETC Labs Core. The company has unveiled this in a blog post published Jan. 14. According to the announcement, the new team will be working on core ETC projects, supporting the coin's blockchain and providing tools for decentralized application development, mining, and services. In the first quarter of 2019 the team will purportedly focus on reviewing Ethereum's (ETH) Constantinople hard fork, which is set to happen around Jan. 16. This will be done prior to finalizing the Ethereum Classic Improvement Proposal 1045, which will introduce support for some parts of Ethereum's Byzantium and Constantinople upgrades on the ETC network.

Thai Ministry of Finance Gives Digital Asset Business Licenses to Four Firms
Latest news About Crypto Currency The Thai Ministry of Finance has issued digital asset business licenses to four crypto-related firms, according to a notice published by the country's Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Jan. 8. According to the announcement, the licenses were issued by the finance ministry under the recommendation of the SEC Board. The four companies that received a license are digital asset exchanges Bitcoin Exchange Co., Ltd., Bitkub Online Co., Ltd., and Satang Corporation, and cryptocurrency brokerage firm Coins TH Co., Ltd. Another application to operate a digital assets exchange filed by Coin Asset Co., Ltd is reportedly under consideration, due to a change in the company's executives. The company is authorized to continue operations while the Ministry of Finance is considering the change.

TRON (TRX) Up Almost 50% This Week
Latest news About Crypto Currency The world's eighth-largest cryptocurrency, TRON (TRX), is making quite the bull-run this week. Throughout the entire crypto community, it is known that TRX, in the past, has been pumped up on announcements of potential partnerships. Justin Sun, TRON's founder, is notorious for these types of marketing schemes via Twitter. Is this the cause of TRX's most recent bull run Let's find out! The big bull run started on January 7th. On this day, Justin Sun released two tweets. #TRON weekly report 12.29-01.04 International Version #TRX $TRX https://t.co/xtlAG9XoRo

Decentralized Platform Qtum Introduces Bitcoin Atomic Swaps to Its Mainnet
Latest news About Crypto Currency Blockchain platform Qtum is introducing Bitcoin (BTC) atomic swaps to its mainnet infrastructure, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph Jan. 9. Atomic swaps are a technology that enables the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another without the need for a trusted third party or centralized exchange infrastructure. The implementation of Qtum-to-BTC atomic swaps has been achieved with the use of the Hash Time-Locked Contracts (HTLCs) technology and is based on the code of the open-source cryptocurrency Decred. HTLC according to Qtum's announcement are the most secure way of implementing the swaps.

Tron a Serious Contender, 35% Weekly Gains as Project Atlas Gathers Momentum
Latest news About Crypto Currency The days of fomo driven crypto pumps appear to be returning to markets and the current coin of the moment is Tron. The recent release of the BitTorrent Token whitepaper appears to have driven momentum over the past 48 hours for TRX. During Asian trading today TRX has posted another 12% gain as it climbed from $0.0236 (590 sats) to an intraday high of $0.0266 (662 sats). Daily volume has almost doubled to over $300 million with Binance taking around 23% of that. Since the same time last Wednesday TX has made an impressive 35% as volume has surged over 340%. Over the past three weeks TRX has over doubled in price as it climbed from its 2018 low of $0.0126 (395 sats) in mid-December. It has consistently outperformed many of the other crypto assets and is currently the top performing token in the top 15 at the time of writing.

Thailand Opens Doors to Crypto, First Four Exchanges Approved by SEC
Latest news About Crypto Currency Divisions are forming across Asia with regards to cryptocurrencies. Some nations such as China are constantly stomping on anything to do with crypto assets but others, Thailand being the latest, are opening their digital doors to the fledgling industry. Thailand started out with a heavy handed approach to cryptocurrencies proposing crippling taxes on trading and profiting from them. This would have no doubt spelled the end of the industry in the Kingdom before it even began. Backpedalling, Thailand's ruling junta, which has proved over its four years of control to have limited knowledge of business and economics, scrapped the 15% tax in favor of more regulation.

Crypto Market Wrap: NEO Jumps Two Places With 13% Gain
Latest news About Crypto Currency Another small bounce has taken crypto markets back to Monday's levels indicating that things are still sideways for the time being. Total market capitalization is back over $135 billion but has failed to go any higher over the past week. Bitcoin pushed back over $4,000 and is currently up a percent or so on the day trading at $4,050 at the time of writing. BTC jumped to an intraday high of $4,100 but the bears came rushing out preventing it from breaking that wall of resistance it faces at this level. On the week Bitcoin is showing a 6.5% gain but it seems to be consolidating here along with the entire market.

BitTorrent's Master Plan to Bring a Tron-Powered Crypto Token to the Masses
Latest news About Crypto Currency This weekend, Binance founder Changpeng Zhao lauded Tron on Twitter for bringing a crypto-powered business model to the storied file-sharing software it bought last summer, BitTorrent. Zhao, who topped CoinDesks Most Influential list for 2018, wrote: The grandfather of Dapp[s] finally finds its decentralized currency and business model. Should be a very interesting case study. Zhao's tweet yielded over 100 retweets and over 500 likes, and a decent thread of comments following what he had to say. Many responders seemed to jump to the conclusion that Tron would make BitTorrent a paid service. Instead, it's giving users an option to spend some crypto  the new BitTorrent Token (BTT), to be precise to improve their user experience.

Ethereum Classic Double Spending Involved More Than $1
Latest news About Crypto Currency A deep reorganization of the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain, which reportedly included double spending, has involved more than $1.1 million worth of crypto, United States crypto exchange Coinbase revealed Monday, Jan. 7. According to the Coinbase blog, the team first detected eight reorganizations that included double spends, totaling 88,500 ETC (approximately $460,000). Later, the exchange informed the public in an update that there were 12 additional reorganizations, totaling 219,500 ETC (around $1.1 million). It was not immediately clear whether Coinbase has increased the number of previously detected attacks to 12, or whether there were 20 attacks in total. If they meant the latter, the amount of ETC that has been double spent could equal up to $1.5 million.

Justin Sun Delivers on his Commitment TRON Finally Surpasses BSV
Latest news About Crypto Currency Tron cryptocurrency finally hit ninth position as per the coinmarketcap data in fact, in the process it surpassed BSV?. This is exciting because Tron's co-founder Justin Sun is continuously betting and battling with Bitcoin SV's creator Craig Steven Wright. Quite often he challenges Bitcoin SV with TRON cryptocurrency. #TRON will surpass #BSV very soon. My bad.@ProfFaustus #TRX $TRX pic.twitter.com/kysffRcWgD Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) January 7, 2019 At press time, Tron rests at ninth spot with a market cap of $1,720,075,417, trading at $0.025810 with an upward surge of 11.51 percent during last 24 hours. In contrast, Bitcoin SV is down with a meagre rise of  0.97 percent valuing the market cap of $1,538,134,580, as per the data from coinmarketcap. Moreover, Bit-Z, Binance, Upbit, Huobi, BitForex, Bithumb, OKEx, and DigiFinex are the top ten cryptocurrency exchanges contributing major volume to Tron's recent upsurge.

Winklevoss Twins Believe Bitcoin Will Surpass Gold, Remain Leading Crypto
Latest news About Crypto Currency Save for Trace Mayer, Roger Ver, Jed McCaleb, Andreas Antonopoulos, and a mere handful of other early-stage Bitcoin (BTC) entrepreneurs, the Winklevoss Twins, Tyler and Cameron, are some of the most dedicated crypto believers out there. Following a successful lawsuit against Facebook's very own Mark Zuckerberg, the two pocketed dozens of millions. And eventually, after the two competed at Beijing's Summer Olympics in 2008 and attended Oxford University for MBAs, they went on to allocate much of their settlement to the flagship crypto asset. The Twins claimed that they purchased 1% of all BTC in 2013, a rumored 100,000 BTC. And, even while the two had ample time to liquidate their holdings well above their cost-basis, Tyler and Cameron have only doubled-down on this industry, time and time again. Their recent candid appearance on Reddit, the web's most popular forum, only accentuated the duo's unbridled optimism.

Tron Climbs The Market Cap Chart as Stellar Retakes Sixth
Latest news About Crypto Currency Another day sees more flippenings in the crypto market cap charts as the top ten digital currencies jockey for position. Today it is Tron's turn as it climbs the chart and makes gains while those around it are in the red again. According to Coinmarketcap TRX has just surpassed Bitcoin SV and taken ninth spot on the charts. At the time of writing there was only $6 million difference between the two which is nothing when market caps run into the billions. However since Tron has generally performed quite well recently and BSV has done the opposite the likelihood of it holding on to ninth spot, and even climbing further, is high.

Winklevoss Twins Confirm Commitment to Bitcoin ETF During Reddit AMA
Latest news About Crypto Currency Cameron Winklevoss stated that Bitcoin [BTC] is most likely the winner in the long term during an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit today, Jan. 7. Answering a question about whether or not Bitcoin will keep its number one position among cryptocurrencies, Cameron expressed his optimistic view of the coin, saying that Bitcoin is certainly the OG crypto! It's hard to defeat network effects so in terms of hard money (i.e., store of value) Bitcoin is most likely the winner in the long term. The Winklevoss brothers also said in today's AMA that they are committed as ever to making an ETF [exchange-traded fund] a reality!

TRX up 18
Latest news About Crypto Currency At spot prices, Tron (TRX) is up 18.5 percent in the last week and poised for more gains thanks to favorable fundamentals and technical candlestick formations. Any surge above 2.5 cents would trigger bulls aiming at 4 cents or higher. It may appear so near, yet it is technically too far. TRX prices, despite the Tron Foundation partnering and welcoming defecting dApps from Ethereum, is struggling to break above 2.5 cents. From previous TRX/USD trade plan, this is the main resistance level and round number meaning should traders muster enough momentum'spurred by technical or fundamental factors, then the resultant wave of higher high could propel TRX prices towards 4 cents as bulls begin recouping 2018 losses. In the meantime, TRX is up 3.1 percent in the last day and a massive 18.5 percent in the previous week at the time of press.

Litecoin Founder Stokes Debate Over Bitcoin Extremists Tweet
Latest news About Crypto Currency Litecoin (LTC) founder Charlie Lee has fired community debate with a tweet alleging that some self-proclaimed Bitcoin Maximalists are actually Bitcoin Extremists. Lee's Jan. 6 post argued that: Some self-proclaimed Bitcoin Maximalists are actually Bitcoin Extremists. They think all other coins are scams and will go to zero. Maximalists think Bitcoin is and will remain the dominant cryptocurrency but there is room for altcoins to exist and even do well. Lee also opened a Twitter survey, which has drawn over 24,300 votes as of press time and is due to expire in 6 hours, inviting users to identify as either a Bitcoin Extremist, Bitcoin Maximalist,? Altcoin Maximalist, or Nocoiner. At press time, 9 percent have identified as Bitcoin extremists, 48 percent as Bitcoin maximalists, 32 percent as altcoin maximalists, and 11 percent as nocoiners.

Epic Games Fortnite Store Starting to Accept Monero Was Accidental, CEO Confirms
Latest news About Crypto Currency Temporary volatility hit Monero (XMR) over the weekend after a gaming company chief said it accidentally began accepting the privacy-focused altcoin for payments Jan. 5. Epic Games, which developed the popular video game Fortnite, had opened an official merchandise store, Retail Row, in December. According to Epic's CEO Tim Sweeney, Monero had entered the store's suite of payment options somewhere along the way but was unintentional, with staff subsequently removing it over the weekend. We worked with a partner to open a merchandise store, and somewhere along the way Monero payment was enabled, he wrote on Twitter Saturday.

ETC under 51% attack
Latest news About Crypto Currency The news or the unconfirmed rumors that Ethereum Classic is undergoing chain reorganization and was under double spend attack seems to be coming true. This was first reported by the security firm SlowMist and, over the last couple of hours, the blockchain has undergone several block reorganizations as reported by Ethereum Classic explorer BlockScout. Earlier today, a certain section of the media send out news that according to Chinese security firm SlowMist, the Ethereum Classic (ETC) network is prone to a possible 51% attack and crypto exchanges with ETC listings are advised to strengthen guards. This news even led to a sudden drop in Ethereum Classic prices.

Following Fortnite's Acceptance of Monero, Investors Optimistic on Crypto
Latest news About Crypto Currency A popular cryptocurrency recently made its way into the checkout payment option of a top-rated video game. And yes, it was not Bitcoin. Monero, a privacy-enabled offspring of the same technology that powers the Bitcoin payment protocol, can now be used to purchase gaming merchandise on Fortnite. The online video game, first released in 2017, is a cooperative shooter-survival competition which has drawn in more than 125 million users across the world. According to Holiday 2018 consumer reports, youngsters were keen on using a cryptocurrency as a payment option instead of cash on Fortnite merchandise store.

Ethereum Studio ConsenSys Teams Up With Chip Manufacturer AMD
Latest news About Crypto Currency Ethereum development studio ConsenSys is partnering with computer chip maker AMD to develop a new cloud computing infrastructure based on blockchain technology. The startup announced Friday that it was working with AMD and Abu Dhabi-based investment firm Halo Holdings on W3BCLOUD, a cloud computing architecture supported by the manufacturer's computing hardware designed specifically for supporting decentralized applications. ConsenSys will provide expertise on how blockchain transactions may need to be processed, as well as use cases, through this partnership. In a statement, AMD's director of product management for blockchain technology, Jerog Roskowetz, explained that the tech giant would provide ConsenSys with access to high-performance hardware technologies capable of better scaling and proliferating decentralized networks and services.

Multi-Blockchain Crypto Collectible Game Integrates TRON and Promises Unique Updates
Latest news About Crypto Currency Blockchain Cuties, a decentralized crypto collectible game already available on two blockchain platforms Ethereum (ETH) and EOS has recently added a third platform based on the decentralized protocol TRON. Blockchain Cuties has announced that the TRON version of the game will have unique content, including Cuties, items and probably locations. We have been seeking an opportunity to work with TRON since June 2018 and now, we're finally here, Vladimir Tomko, CEO of Blockchain Cuties says. The game developer believes that adding the TRON community will give the users more opportunity in representing their Cuties in the battlefield. Also, the team hopes that integration Blockchain Cuties to the TRON platform will also help achieve the higher transaction speed which brings more options to the gameplay. The TRON team believes that an extension through the sidechain will help achieve its goal of 1,000 transactions per second (TPS). In comparison, Ethereum enables 15 TPS and Bitcoin 7 TPS.

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