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Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH/USD Sees Devasting Break and Close Below Pennant Pattern
The Bitcoin Cash price on Tuesday was seen nursing very minor losses in the session after taking somewhat of a beating on Monday. BCH/USD had been moving within a pennant pattern, which at one point did appear bulls would capitalize on. However, the general market's grinding lower was enough to prevent any sustained upside momentum. Over the past eight sessions, only one has managed to close ever so marginally in the green. This was on 28th October, where the price narrowed greatly, coming to the very end of the mentioned pattern. Bulls did not have enough momentum to take the price above the resistance.

Why Investors Should Pay Attention to Siacoin (SC)
Siacoin (SC) began development in 2013 as part of the earliest generation of blockchain projects which sought to create more than just a transactional currency. Under the guidance of computer science undergraduates David Vorick and Luke Champine, Siacoin aimed to provide a decentralized file storage network; hosted on the blockchain and paid for using SC coin. Following some aggressive funding for Vorick and Champine's Nebulous Labs Inc, the team went to work and reappeared in 2015 bearing the first beta-version of Siacoin. Now, five years on from the project's conception, Siacoin file storage costs the equivalent of $0.73 per TB per month, compared to the average market fee of $10 demanded by the likes of Dropbox, OneDrive and Box.

Bitcoin to Cause Global Warming All the Reasons Why That's Nothing but FUD
The mainstream media had a field day on Monday when a research paper was published on which purported to show how Bitcoins growth would ultimately lead to the planet's doom. While most mainstream news outlets continue to run with the story, claiming that widespread Bitcoin adoption would lead to a boiling of the oceans, the truth behind the headlines is a lot less sensational. The paper?, which was actually published under the comment section of the website, has zero citations and has already come under fire for making some irrelevant assumptions in its calculations. The first is in the way it measures the projected carbon output produced by Bitcoin mining. As pointed out by blockchain entrepreneur, Nic Carter on Twitter: They estimate bitcoin's energy usage by taking the total energy cost of bitcoin and dividing that by the number of transactions in 2017, and then extrapolating that figure to **314 billion transactions**?

Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC/USD Bears Breach a Pennant Pattern, Spelling Further Potential Trouble
Litecoins price came under renewed selling pressure on Monday, dropping as much as 5% in the session and being forced to give up that key psychological $50 mark. A mass cooling in prices was seen across the board within the crypto market today. It's worth noting that volumes substantially picked up, given the recent yearly low. They had been very much suppressed after the large volatility seen on 15th October. LTC/USD had been moving within a bearish pennant pattern formation since 13th August after quite a steep drop that was seen at the back end of July to early August. Litecoin had fallen a chunky 40% within three weeks, before then entering consolidation mode and gradually forming the mentioned pennant pattern. If going by the text book technical set up for a pennant pattern, after a downside move, typically it would suggest of further selling pressure vulnerabilities, as currently proving to be the case.

Privacy Coin Zcash Completes Sapling Network Upgrade
Privacy-focused Zcash, currently worth just over $110 per coin, has completed a network upgrade dubbed Sapling that it says will vastly improve transaction speed as well as reduce the actual size of transactions themselves. Zcash hopes that this will make mobile and other types of transactions more common and feasible on the network, saying it introduces significant efficiency improvements for shielded transactions that will pave the way for broad mobile, exchange and vendor adoption of Zcash shielded addresses. Zcash has two types of addresses. A standard t?-type (transparent) address works in the same way as most cryptocurrencies: sender and receiver information are publicly available on the network at time of transaction.

Waves Blockchain Hits Milestone with 6.1 Million Real-Time Transactions
The race to build the best public blockchain will be won by those that would scale in line with volume. On a Sunday, a blockchain project realistically did it, though for 24 hours. Waves Platform, comprising of a digital ledger project and decentralized exchange (DEX), processed 6.1 million real-time transactions in a stress test. As it found, the network faced no disruptions or delays as the test intensified. None of the transactions on its system undertaken by users for DEX orders, transfers, token creation, etc. experienced any slowdown, either. The Waves blockchain, according to data provided by PYWAVES, recorded a total of 108,741 transactions. Among them, 60,933 were Mass Transfers which, per Waves blog post, are specialized transactions that can hold 100 transfer at once. A total of 6,141,108 transfers was processed by the network, with the blockchain supporting hundreds of transactions per second at peak times, the post claimed.

Cardano (ADA) Has Big Security Boost as Trezor Ready to Support ADA
IOHK were very much pleased to announce, that Trezor are currently undergoing preparation to support Cardano (ADA). Trezor are a globally known hardware wallet, which facilitates cryptocurrencies to be stored. They are renowned for the security and being able to store the key to the wallet safely. The company is a large manufacturer of hardware wallets. A huge boost in security for the foundation's native token, something token holders should be pleased about. The update came from the Cardano founder, Charles Hotkinson, via his Twitter account, indicating this could be the case before the month of November. Separately, Trezor themselves tweeted, have you ever wondered what we are working on Have a look at our newly created roadmap, where you can see all the new stuff that is coming up! It lists other tokens which will be receiving support in addition to Cardano's ADA that day. This includes the likes of Monero (XMR), Stellar (XLM), Ripple (XRP), Zencash (ZEN) and Zcash (ZEC).

Tron CEO Justin Sun on Dr. Doom, Bitcoin and Our Inevitable Blockchain Future
Tron (TRX) founder and CEO, Justin Sun, delved deeper into his views on the future of blockchain in a recent media interview, refuting Dr. Doom Nouriel Roubinis recent gloomy prognostication in the process. Roubini, an economist at New York's Stern School of Business, recently labelled the entire cryptocurrency space the mother of all scams. While Roubini's comments at the Senate Banking Committee made news headlines, they also made most crypto enthusiasts cringe. One of the crypto community's most enthusiastic advocates, Justin Sun's one million Facebook followers and near half-million Twitter followers since last year suggest there's plenty of people who share his optimism. Sun stated in relation to Roubini: Everyone is entitled to their opinion. In the case of Nouriel Roubini, I would have to say I do not agree. New things are almost always met with doubt and rejection by some. Very soon, reality will speak louder than words, and blockchain will be the new normal. It's inevitable.

Steller Lumens (XLM) Unveils Starlight Instant Payments Channel via Interstellar
This new payment channel will work in a different fashion, in comparison to the traditional transactions, operating on the Stellar network. Currently the details are published and await consensus confirmation, prior to the funds being transferred. In terms of Starlight, it will facilitate locking in transaction funds within a secure channel. Payments will not require the network, revealing only the settled balances upon completion. Stellar's Interstellar have unveiled a demo of Starlight, a new bidirectional payment channel operating on the Stellar network. It is said to be similar to Bitcoins own Lightning Network in terms of the purposes in which it serves. The channel will facilitate users of the network to send transactions that are of zero-fees. They will be able to do this in a private manner and in real-time. This will only be the case with the use of Lumens Stellar's native token in the transactions. The large boasting benefit of Starlight is that no longer will the days of time-consuming processes be a burden.

Litecoin: Price Analysis, October 26
Litecoin (LTC) has formed a bearish descending triangle pattern that will complete on a breakdown and close (UTC time frame) below $49.466. Both moving averages are sloping down and the RSI is in negative territory, which shows that the bears have an upper hand. Though the pattern target following a breakdown of the triangle is $29, we anticipate strong support at $40. The bearish pattern will be negated if the LTC/USD pair breaks out of $60. Failure of a bearish pattern is a bullish sign. Therefore, on a close (UTC time frame) above $60, we expect the bulls to scale $69.279 and rally to the next overhead resistance at $94. Traders can wait for a confirmed breakout before turning bullish.

Crypto Update: XRP Conceals Strong Bullish Signals
Ripple (XRP/USD) was the toast of the cryptocurrency world last month as it climbed to as high as $0.80 on September 21, 2018. At that price level, the market was up by almost 225% from its 2018 low of $0.24646 on August 14. All over the internet, you could hear the chatter that Ripple is ready to dislodge Ethereum in the number two spot of market capitalization. Before these whispers became actual calls, Ripple dumped. XRP/USD plummeted to as low as $0.2843 on October 11, 2018. The hype that surrounded the market just a few weeks ago was gone. Almost no one is talking about the market on social media. A closer look, however, shows that it deserves your attention.

Trade Recommendation: Golem
The Golem/Bitcoin (GNT/BTC) pair came off lows of 0.00001832 on September 12, 2018. At that price, the market was down by over 82% from the 2018 peak of 0.000104. While such heavy losses would have deterred any retail investor from entering the market, bottom pickers and bargain hunters started to place buy orders. Their buying activities helped the market establish a bottom at around 0.00002. The bottom attracted more participants. Then on October 15, GNT/BTC generated a bullish higher low setup. Bulls used this to stage a breakout rally. Technical analysis shows that GNT/BTC has taken out resistance of 0.000026 on October 23. This triggered the breakout from the inverse head and shoulders pattern on the daily chart. The price action has technically reversed the market's trend.

Why Investors Should Pay Attention to Blocknet
Even in the crypto winter we are currently living in, the blockchain industry is still growing. This is a good thing for the industry in many ways, but all of these various networks have developed in a siloed and separated way. Some companies have emerged that seek to help the various networks work together and harvest synergies. If blockchain was meant to be a new manifestation of the internet, these networks could be considered a new manifestation of blockchains. One such company is Blocknet. Blocknet is often referred to in the colloquial as Block and functions as a decentralized platform-as-a-service service. The basic goal is to connect the nodes of different blockchains to create a network of networks. The endgame here is to make it possible for applications to be developed on one blockchain but be used on another.

Dash Coin Price Jumps 5% as DashPay Mobile App Gets Uphold Integration
Dash (DASH) recorded 5% gains in the twenty-four hour period leading up to Wednesday evening, boosted by news that the DashPay mobile wallet has received Uphold integration. Uphold is a digital financial services provider which boasts a range of features, including instant and free transactions among other members of the platform. According to today's press release by Dash Force News: cryptocurrency brokerage service Uphold has been directly added to the official Dash mobile wallet. This allows users to sign up for an Uphold account, login on the Dash wallet, and easily buy or sell Dash with bank transfer or credit card right within the wallet.

Bitcoin Cash: Price Analysis, October 24
Though Bitcoin Cash is trading inside a symmetrical triangle, the price has been hugging the support line for the past few days, which is a negative sign. The moving averages are gradually sloping down and the RSI is in the negative territory. This shows that the bears have an upper hand. A breakdown of the triangle will resume the downtrend and can plunge the BCH/USD pair to the next support at $300. Therefore, the traders can keep a stop loss of $400, just below the Sept. 11 intraday lows. The pair will turn bullish if the price breaks out of the triangle and sustains above it. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Monero: Price Analysis, October 24
Monero has reached the 50-day SMA, which might act as a resistance. If the bulls break out of $112.5, the probability of a rise to $128.65 increases. If the XMR/USD pair turns down from the 50-day SMA, it can slide to $100. The moving averages are flat and the RSI is close to the neutral territory. This shows equilibrium between the buyers and sellers. If the bulls break out of the current range of $100.453?$128.65, the rally can extend to $150, which might act as a stiff resistance. A break down of $100 can plunge the pair to $81. We don't find any buy setups, and are thus not recommending any trades on the pair.

This Loan Provider Takes Ripple (XRP) as Collateral
Crypto loans provider Nexo has announced that XRP is now accepted as a collateral option for users to access instant loans. Announcing the move on its official blog last week, Nexo revealed that the decision was taken following the outcome of a community poll which indicated that users wanted XRP added as an option. The move potentially adds another significant use case to XRP, which is already the third most capitalised cryptocurrency, just behind ether. The news comes at a time when XRP is increasingly asserting its importance in the crypto space, having recently risen to become the third largest cryptocurrency, recently even getting into second place ahead of ether, albeit briefly. Earlier today, That XRP gained a further 3 percent as its market valuation hit $210 billion. Driven largely by its use case as a disruptor of global cross-border payments system and with a reputation as one of the fastest and most scalable blockchain asset solutions, XRP is gaining popularity with investors who see long term growth potential.

Bitcoin: Price Analysis October 22, BTC/USD More Bearish than Ever
The bitcoin price continues to trade sideways on Monday after a stable showing during the weekend on the daily charts. The bitcoin-to-dollar exchange rate is trading at 6398-fiat at the time of writing, 0.85 percent lower than its Sunday high. The pair has found a decent support area in 6350-6400-fiat zone. But, it does not signal enough buying sentiment to break above the giant descending trendline. BTC/USD also formed another Doji on Sunday, confirming an equilibrium between bulls and bears. Frankly, the market is in a long-term bearish bias, so any of these overlong bias conflicts in near-term could intensify its previous selling sentiment.

Kin Will Be the Most Used Cryptocurrency in the World by the End of the Year
Kin is a very misunderstood cryptocurrency. In light of this, I have chosen to highlight it once again and expand on my previous claim that Kin will be the most used cryptocurrency in the world by more carefully walking through what it takes to achieve this, explaining what Kin is, bringing you up to speed on what Kin has accomplished since my first article, and adding a deadline, as the confidence around the claim has increased with what we now know.

Trade Recommendation: NEO
Though NEO/BTC broke out from the falling wedge as expected on August 31, the volume it printed was way below our requirements. As a result, the breakout rally was short-lived since bottom fishers saw the low volume breakout as an opportunity to take profits. The selling drove the market down. Nevertheless, this gives us a chance to buy the bottom before NEO/BTC takes off. Technical analysis shows that NEO/BTC is respecting the historical support of 0.00245. This view comes after the pair successfully completed the retest when it dropped to as low as 0.00239 on October 15 but bulls came to the rescue and lifted the market above the support. We watched NEO/BTC from that point to see if the support will hold. The confirmation came on October 18 when volume suddenly surged. This was a signal that participants are comfortable accumulating at this level.

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