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Litecoin Price Prediction: LTC Price Rises By Over 200% In Q1 2019 ? Potential Surge Triggers
Crypto price predictions have been quite bullish this year and the ones about LTC's price are no exception. LTC has also been doing great so far this year. A recent Forbes article reported that Litecoin (LTC) reached a high of almost $99 and that happened on April 3. LTC has appreciated by about 230%. LTC has retreated by now, and it lost some of those gains its rate is still up more than 200% year to date, and the coin outperformed the top ten list rival this year so far. Forbes quoted a report revealed by SFOX where the are some key factors that are mentioned which impact LTC's rise. The approaching LTC halving is the first factor mentioned.

Justin Sun?s Tweets Pay Off for Tron; Data Suggests TRX Addresses Rise with Hype
Coverage of Tron (TRX) may as well be titled The Life of a CEO? given founder Justin Suns never-ending stream of announcements, tweets, brags, predictions and controversies. Yet the man who was once (and still is) mocked for his overzealous approach to self-promotion now appears to reaping the benefits of all the Twitter-storms he's triggered over the last year and a half. According to independent data from analytics group, DataLight, the number of new Tron accounts are on the rise, as are the number of the coin's mentions on Twitter. Furthermore, the two appear to be correlated as the hype train ramped up towards the end of 2018, so too did the number of new accounts.

Litecoin Price Analysis: A Change in Logo Has Got the Bulls Excited; LTC/USD on Consecutive Daily Run
The Litecoin price has been storming higher of late, as the bull set the course for another attempt at recovery. LTC/USD is currently running at four consecutive sessions of gains. At the time of writing, it has gained as much as 13% within the mentioned period. This is the longest run of gains so far seen since mid-December, when a decent trend higher was observed. There is a notable out performance from Litecoin versus most of its peers. Despite this current push north, LTC/USD remains stuck within a narrow daily range block. It has been confined within this since 11th January, going on 15 sessions. The upper resistance of this is observed at $34.10, the low down at the psychological $30.00 price mark. A breakout is being made difficult also by the fact that the price is moving within two strong acting supply and demand zones. Given the current run of momentum seen from the bulls, it does appear to be encouraging.

Cardano?s IOHK Hits New Milestone
The development team of Cardanos sidechain paper, IOHK has reached its next milestone by being accepted on the leading Oakland cybersecurity conference. The conference is called IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy and is to be held in May this year in San Francisco. The conference is well known for the presentation of upstanding quality academic research and developments in the computer security and electronic privacy spaces. As many of you will know, Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano and he has expressed his delight on Twitter last week by congratulating the authors of the paper.

Trade Recommendation: NEO
NEO (NEO/USD) looks like a market that wants to break out of accumulation. The market started the accumulation process on December 7, 2018 when it established support of $5.50. This crypto traded around that level for a couple of weeks until a surge in volume showed participants that the market was ready to move higher. The volume uptick ignited a rally that sent the market to as high as $9.36 on December 24, 2018. If the market was still bearish, NEO would have dumped back down to $5.50 support or even went below it. However, the market generated a higher low set up of $6.92 on December 28, 2018. That was enough for many to start placing long positions in the market.

Augur Jumps 38% Overnight as REP/BTC Explodes on Binance
Augur (REP) jumped 38% against the dollar late on Monday night, and sparked an influx of trading activity which saw daily trade volume spike 819% within a few hours. The bump seems to have originated on Binances REP/BTC market, where seven hours of straight gains sent the token to a two-month high against the dollar. Meanwhile, REP's satoshi value just reverted all the way back to August 2018 highs. Augur recently teased a host of new features being added to its prediction market platform, however, suspicious eyes may be drawn to this retweet from last night. The article linked in the tweet is titled Long Augur?, and urges readers to invest heavily in REP in anticipation of almost certain gains.

Why NEO Co-Founder Erik Zhang Says Ethereum Will Overtake Bitcoin
NEO appears to be losing ground in the popularity contest, at least lately. In the glory days of 2017, the Chinese Ethereum was a top 10 cryptocurrency with unstoppable potential. NEO was touted as being faster, better, and capable of handling way more transactions than other major networks. The hype surrounding the project was palpable. Since its heyday in January 2018 when its market cap was over $10 billion, NEO has slipped to 18th place with a market cap around half that amount. What's happened to see it fall out of favor The crypto community may be losing interest in NEO, but its co-founder, Erik Zhang, isn't losing any sleep.

Trade Recommendation: Litecoin
Our December 11, 2018 Litecoin (LTC/USD) trade recommendation hit both targets. The first target of $26.86 was achieved on December 17 and the second target of $31.25 was hit a few days later on December 20. Those who took on the trade recommendation grew their investments by over 35% in a little over a week. While Litecoin overshot our target, we were confident that we'll get another shot when the market pulls back. There was no reason to allow the fear of missing out take over even if Litecoin climbed as high as $41.27 on January 8, 2019. At that point, the market was showing signs of exhaustion. That's why we stayed patient and waited on the sidelines. Our patience seems to be paying off.

Tron Surges to Five-Month High as BitTorrent Token Enters Circulation
Tron (TRX) maintained its offensive posture on Wednesday, climbing in the crypto market rankings despite a broad cooldown among its peers. The coin that seeks to disrupt the media landscape is enjoying strong upside thanks to the introduction of the BitTorrent token (BTT), which went live earlier in the week. Tron's TRX token continued to climb midweek, adding 7.1% over the past 24 hours to reach $0.02806, according to CoinMarketCap. The cryptocurrency has gained a whopping 42% over the past seven days and is currently trading at its highest level since late July. TRX also strengthened against bitcoin, with the TRX/BTC trade jumping 8.4% to 0.00000697 BTC.

Litecoin Update: A Good Time to Buy on Dips
On our November 30, 2018 litecoin update, we told our readers that at that point, it would be a good time to accumulate Litecoins (LTC/BTC), especially if you have a long-term perspective. We made this call at a time when crypto was extremely bearish. Therefore, it would be understandable if some of you did not accumulate at that time. Nevertheless, congratulations to those who did! If you accumulated positions, your investments would be up by over 30% as of this writing. Even better is the fact that Litecoin is moving as expected. It is attempting to breach a key resistance to make us entertain the idea of a bull run.

NEO Price Update: Bulls Take Control as Anticipation for DevCon Builds
NEO's bullish breakout continued on Tuesday, as investors rallied behind a promising network upgrade that will allow developers to deploy smart contracts. The protocol for the smart economy is eyeing several major developments this year centered on crypto-economics and infrastructure. The value of NEO surged 10.2% to $9.37, the highest since mid-November. The cryptocurrency has gained a whopping 21% since Sunday, placing it among the market's top performers. NEO has recovered 56% over the past month after plunging 65% between Nov. 7 and Dec. 7. In terms of technical levels, the bulls are challenging a key resistance zone near $9.40. Demand is also threatened near $9.50 en route to the psychologically significant $10.00 level. Read more: NEO/USD Bulls Storm North Ahead as NEO Fundamentals Remain Sound.

Tron Attracts Higher Interest From Developers ? A New Game Joins Tron Arcade
In 2018, Justin Sun invited developers on Ethereum to move their apps to the Tron network, and it seems that Tron's founder's words have been heard. Tron is gathering more and more attention from developers who are working on the Ethereum network, and the latest event is here to prove it. EtherGoo used to be an Ethereum-based game, but now, it will be running on the Tron network, and it will also be changing its name to TronGoo. The announcement was made public via a blog post a couple of days ago. The game works by allowing players to get Goo. They can either produce it or steal it from other players in the game.

NEO Price Analysis: NEO/USD Bulls Storm North Ahead as NEO Fundamentals Remain Sound
The NEO/USD bulls enjoyed a fast explosive jump to the upside over the weekend, after managing to escape a very mundane period of trading. The price was able to gain a big 16% during trading on Sunday. Price action had been stuck within a very limited range-block, from 28th November up to 6th January.  This coming after a wild swing north between 16-24th December. The price had gained a whopping 66%, moving from $5 territory up into $9. NEO/USD 4-hour chart. Price action had an explosive move out from a range-block. This most recent explosive jump has however seen a slowdown on Monday, as NEO/USD ran into a supply area. The sellers can be seen camped in the early $9 price region, where the bulls were forced to give up a run on 24th December. In terms of the zone, it tracks from $9.10 to $9.40. Aside from the most recent drop within this frame, it has caused problems since November 2018. Upside has been very much limited, being faced with rejection upon each time it comes into contact.

Upping Your Bitcoin Privacy
Right now we are definitely in a down period in the cryptocurrency realm, but that doesn't mean you should let your guard down in terms of privacy. Recently, we saw a bunch of dark web arms and drug dealers get arrested. This isn't the sort of thing I have a problem with, but just because there are a few bad apples, doesn't mean we don't have the fundamental human right to privacy. You don't have to think of government as the foe, but it is always better to be safe and figure out how to preserve your privacy. Even if this isn't your top priority, it is good to be considerate of those you are doing business with as well, since you can deanonymize them by having bad crypto hygiene?.

Cardano ADA Jumps 5% as Mainstream Attention Grows
Cardanos recent run of good fortune continued on Friday, as the multi-asset chain protocol emerged as one of the market's top performers. The public blockchain project has been riding a wave of positive momentum thanks to an active developer community and optimism concerning the evolution of Internet 3.0. The value of ADA rose 5.3% on Sunday to reach $0.0473, its highest since Christmas Eve. The coin that powers the decentralized platform has returned 9.3% over the past seven days, placing it among the top performers for the week. by comparison, bitcoin traded flat for the week while XRP lost nearly 3%.

Litecoin Continues New Year Surge Despite Grim Forecast from Weiss Ratings
Litecoin sustained the momentum it gained over the weekend as trade volume continues to flood in to LTC markets. Daily trades doubled in the last twenty-four hours, from $400 million up to $800 million, and LTC's daily 17% growth compounds a 25% leap since January 1st. Meanwhile, Litecoin has once again been dismissed as a mere Bitcoin imitator in the latest edition of the Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings. While Bitcoin and XRP appear to be favoured by the (somewhat arbitrary) assessment, it appears that Litecoin's obituary is apparently already written. No, that doesn't mean that Charlie Lee was sexually harassed by Satoshi, but is the Weiss folks way of saying that Litecoin brings nothing original to the table. According to Forecast #6? of the latest ratings?:

Bitcoin Targets $3,900 as Momentum Builds
Bitcoins price pushed higher on Saturday, as the bulls eyed a re-test of an important near-term resistance. The upswing in BTC was accompanied by solid gains across the market, as altcoins and tokens demonstrated renewed strength following a week of mostly lateral moves. The bitcoin price swung back into positive territory at the start of the weekend, reaching a high of $3,932.71. Aggregate data courtesy of CoinMarketCap show an average price of $3,878.72 at the time of writing, a gain of 2% on the day. Trade volumes have picked up sharply in the last 24 hours, rising from $3.8 billion to $5.2 billion. This suggests further upside is possible heading into next week.

Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC/USD Moves to New 2019 Highs, as Bulls Pick up Momentum
The Litecoin price on Saturday saw some renewed life come back into play, and this was out-performance for LTC specifically. In terms of its peers across the board, they are generally seen trading broadly flat or in minor negative territory. At the time of writing, LTC/USD was trading up as much as 7% in the early part of the day. Price action prior to this was initially cooling, following the bull run from 16th  24thDecember. After this period of easing south, LTC/USD began to move within consolidation mode. There was a lack of direction seen for the price. The price behavior began to form a horizontal wedge pattern, which can also be perceived as a bullish pennant structure.

Why Investors Should be Paying Attention to Cardano in 2019
As we are now in 2019, many (myself included) are hoping we've reached the end of the crypto winter that was 2018. With the hope that we've found a bottom in the current market, the goal is to choose a few projects with the potential to experience significant upside over the next year. One such project is Cardano (ticker: ADA), which is currently ranked as #11 in terms of market capitalization. This is much larger than the coins we normally talk about, but size doesn't dictate how much upside is available. At its very core, Cardano is a competitor to Ethereum. It's a smart contract platform that has used a different, more flexible approach to building the layering architecture. As a result, there is a strong balance between meeting regulations and also applying the privacy and decentralization principles that are so key to blockchain technology.

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