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"Where Dash (DASH) is the most active coin. More than 58% of Bithumb activity is centered around DASH!" #dash_force
Despite the lower share of Korean Won trading, researchers reveal that in fact, crypto investment has increased for Korean retail buyers. South Korean retail cryptocurrency investors are still extremely active and increased their holdings in 2018, shows a survey of the Korean Investors Protection Foundation, cited by Arirang News. On average, respondents in the survey held about $6,000 in cryptocurrency, although some age groups were more active. Investors in the 50-year-old group had more than $11,000 in crypto holdings, and most investors increased their holdings in 2018. There are still skeptics, who are avoiding any investment in digital assets, the survey shows.

Rakuten Gets Closer to Opening Cryptocurrency Exchange
The Japanese internet giant moved a stage closer to the launch of its digital asset exchange, by inviting registrations. Rakuten Wallet, the upcoming Japanese digital asset exchange, is a step closer to launching, as potential traders are invited to create accounts. We are pleased to announce that we have started accepting applications for opening new accounts for the asset (virtual currency) trading service "Rakuten Wallet, the company stated in its official announcement. The new exchange will work under the brand Rakuten Wallet, changing from the initial registration as Everybody's Bitcoin. The market operator is fully approved by the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA).

Chinese Blockchain-Based Media Projects to Collect User Data, Censor Information under Proposed New Rules - Cryptovest
China's internet regulator, the Cyberspace Administration, has published new rules for blockchain-based information service providers, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported on Monday. The proposals envision the same regulations for social media projects and online forums using distributed ledger technology (DLT) as for other online services of this type. The Cyberspace Administration wants to force blockchain-based service providers to require that users register with their real name and national ID card number. Moreover, the agency will make it mandatory to store client data and give the regulator access to that information as part of on-site inspections.

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Ethereum (ETH): Price Weakness Comes with Sliding Hashrate - Cryptovest
ETH market prices still threaten to go even lower under the $200 range, while miners are moving away from the network. The Ethereum (ETH) global supercomputer is losing its power, as miners have been gradually abandoning the network in the past few weeks. The Ethereum hashrate has gone down to the lowest level for the past three months, sliding to 257 TH/s. Since March 2018, the Ethereum hashrate has been relatively flat, moving between roughly 250 and 290 TH/s, signifying uncertainty after growing much faster in the first three months of 2018. This coincided with the accelerating slide in ETH market prices.

EOS Classic Is the Fastest: Launch of Mining Mainnet Set for June 9 - Cryptovest
The mining variation of EOS, EOS Classic, will grant a new asset to those with ERC-20 token balances, based on a recent snapshot. The EOS Classic project is moving fast, planning the official launch of the proof-of-work mainnet for June 9, opening up to GPU miners initially. The Ethash-based digital asset boasts of being a classic integration of EOS & ETH?. At the moment, a block explorer shows activity on the EOS Classic network, but apparently, this is not the expected network coming in three days. A day ago, EOS Classic announced it was live on mainnet, although there is no announcement on who would actually become a block producer. The Reddit community also remained highly skeptical of EOS Classic.

North Korea Uses Cryptocurrencies to Escape US Sanctions - Cryptovest
While other countries are skeptical, North Korea makes use of them to dodge US sanctions. Pyongyang has been successfully escaping stiff sanctions imposed against the banking system of the country by using cryptocurrency assets to trade, Asia Time reports, citing the recent findings of two Washington-based financial intelligence analysts.  The experts believe that North Korea has quite a collection of handy tools devised by criminals to exploit international financial institutions for money-laundering purposes without anyone even knowing what's going on. The country allegedly uses popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and is also working on its own digital asset, apparently, following in footsteps of crisis-stricken Venezuela.

Kin Foundation to Spend $3m on KIN Token Marketplaces - Cryptovest
Developers can get nearly $3 million to develop new platforms that integrate the KIN token. The Kin Ecosystem Foundation, overseeing the Kin (KIN) cryptocurrency, announced on Wednesday that it would spend nearly $3 million worth of the token or fiat money on the development of up to 25 marketplaces that will use only KIN. The initiative, dubbed Kin Developer Program, will hire developers to create consumer applications utilizing KIN, currently the 75-largest crypto coin by market cap, as part of the customer experience. To be eligible for the funding (worth up to $60,000 plus 400,000 KIN per project), each platform will be vetted by the foundation and will need to pass concrete milestones at regular intervals.

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MyEtherWallet Moves to Mobile with MEW Connect Version - Cryptovest
The wallet, holding numerous ERC-20 tokens, is central to the Ethereum ecosystem. One of the most popular wallets for Ethereum and Ethereum-based tokens, MyEtherWallet, is releasing a mobile version allowing a secure connection. The popular wallet is still the most-used for airdrops and ICOs, and mobile access may increase the adoption of crypto coins. Until now, MEW was a relatively difficult wallet to use, requiring a computer for a secure login. This web-based wallet has also been the most common victim of phishing attacks through fake links and altered URLs.

Ex-Trump Economic Advisor Joins Blockchain Startup's Board of Advisors - Cryptovest
Gary Cohn, who was the chief economic advisor to the President of the United States, joined the Board of Advisors of the blockchain-oriented firm Spring Labs. Spring Labs, a company leveraging blockchain technology to create a credit data sharing platform called Spring Network, announced on Friday that Gary Cohn, former White House economic advisor and former president and chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs, has joined the startup's Board of Advisors. The news comes several months after Spring Labs raised about $15 million in a seed round to fund its blockchain project. Also, the startup recently completed founding its advisory board, which includes Coinbases chief legal officer Brian Brooks and Bobby Mehta, former head of Transunion.

Ethereum Hard Fork Explained - Cryptovest
A hard fork is one of the most unnerving events in the blockchain world. It is a case in which chain nodes lack consensus on which blocks are valid, and the chain splits its support, creating two separate blockchains. For further information on blockchain technology, refer to our guide (link What is Blockchain). The DAO hacking of 2016 revealed potential vulnerabilities in the creation of new blockchain projects. While the fault in the software had nothing to do with the Ethereum network, the price of the cryptocoin and its credibility suffered for a while. The Ethereum network went through one of the most prominent hard forks in the history of cryptocurrencies. The splitting of the blockchain happened after the hacking of the DAO project, a transaction system built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Someone Just Copied Bitcoin's Wiki Verbatim for Bitcoin Cash - Cryptovest
A prominent user on Twitter alleged that Bitcoin Cash ripped Bitcoin's wiki to pass it as its own, but there is some evidence to the contrary. For most cryptocurrency enthusiasts, there's rarely a middle ground when asked about Bitcoin Cash. They either hate it, or they love it. Those who hate it will find as many reasons as they can to do so, and those who love it will find any reason to defend it against any reasonable argument. On Monday, we came across a tweet that added fuel to the fire. User WhalePanda alleges that the Bitcoin Cash team created a new website for its wiki that rips off of the Bitcoin wiki. A quick look at the two shows that they are indeed identical, save for the fact that some words were changed with Bitcoin Cash.

VeChain Drops 13% After Binance Announces Support for Swap - Cryptovest
Binance and have announced they will support the VeChain swap. The price of VEN, the token version being replaced, has declined by 13%. VeChain (VEN) touched on Friday its lowest point since December 27, 2017, losing over 13% in the last 24 hours. The slide seems to be the result of investors worrying about the ongoing drastic changes. On Thursday, Binance announced it was supporting VeChain's token swap as the cryptocurrency rebrands by leaving the Ethereum blockchain and shirting to a new distributed ledger system called VeChain Thor. Also, the ticker will change from VEN to VET. VeChain holders are invited to exchange the old tokens for the new ones within three months.

EOS vs ETH: Is EOS Really the Ethereum Killer It's Hyped Up to Be - Cryptovest
EOS had the biggest ICO to date without even having a product, in this post we present an overview of the debates surrounding EOS and its comparison to Ethereum. EOS has been fuelled by the hype built up over its year-long ICO. Expectations are high but will it rise to meet them Questions have been raised over its mainnet launch struggles and subsequent hesitations. In this article, we'll look at whether or not it will meet its potential and how it stands as a viable competitor to Ethereum. EOS promises to be a next-gen cryptocurrency offering sub-second latency, meaning it can match and beat the transaction capacity of networks like Visa. By offering block times of 500ms, transactions are made at outstanding speeds comparable with high-speed cryptocurrencies such as NANO (NANO) and Ripple (XRP). 

KIN Crypto Project to Test 40 Developers for App Ecosystem - Cryptovest
KIN, the cryptocurrency project of the Kik chat app, aims to expand its portfolio of products through a developer incubator program and is about to test 40 apps. The KIN cryptocurrency project will test 40 shortlisted apps to expand its ecosystem and find applications for its cryptocurrency as part of its KIN Developer Program. KIN, which raised almost $100 million through an initial coin offering (ICO) in August 2017, has had a curious development path. It was one of the few ICOs launched by a large, established company Kik. However, the KIN token has not exactly thrived as exchange listings and speculation were discouraged by the team. Later, it turned out the ERC-20 token would not be suitable for transactions within a chat app, and a solution was suggested through the technology of the Stellar platform.

Groestlcoin (GRS) Technical Analysis: The One To Watch, Recovers 100% in 24hrs - Cryptovest
Nothing in this article is to be construed as investment advice. Neither the author nor the publication assumes any responsibility or liability for any investments, profits or losses you may incur as a result of this information. Groestlcoin is a seriously hot cryptocurrency today, surging over 100% this morning and holding on to its gains well without much correction. Right now the #108 asset is currently up 71.08% against BTC trading pair, with an impressive trading volume of $41M, which is significantly higher than a number of top 20 coins including Binance Coin (BNB), Monero (XMR) and IOTA (MIOTA).

NovaExchange Says Farewell in April - Cryptovest
Exchanges seem to be one of the weakest links in the cryptocurrency industry, revealing the most technological troubles, regulatory problems and unexplained failures. According to the Twitter account of Dash, NovaExchange is in for an overhaul and invites withdrawals before April 2018. Nova Exchange is a marketplace for less popular coins. "Novaexchange" will have new owners and management effective April 2018, with major upgrades to the exchange to better handle scaling, stability and security," stated a company press release.  As of October 30, the exchange does not register new users, will not add new coins or accept Bitcoin or Ethereum deposits. The trading engine would stop at the end of February 2018. All assets must be withdrawn prior to April 1, 2018, or the exchange will keep the balances and consider them donations.

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