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Lightning Network's stunning growth has been fueled by Plug & Play Nodes. Here is an overview of top devices.that make it easy to run your own Lightning Node, not technical skills needed!
Expansion of the bitcoin microtransaction network, Lightning Network (LN) is a reality. Just over a year after its official launch, this second layer solution for Bitcoin's scalability is becoming more and more established. Proof of this is the increase in nodes and pay channels of the network, as well as the routing capacity in BTC. An extremely significant aspect is the increase of the network nodes. According to 1ML, currently the network has a total of 6,335 public nodes, this figure includes active and deactivated nodes, a figure that has not stopped growing since its birth and has dramatically increased, coinciding with the new offer of plug & play nodes (connect and use), which make it much easier to operate a node than it has been until now.

Bitcoin is all about personal accountability: Did you know that one guy mistakenly paid 291 BTC in fees to send 0.0001 BTC?
Myths and legends entwine around the whereabouts of millions of to date lost Bitcoin. Unsurpassed, however, is the BTC fortune of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, presumably destroyed for all eternity. A short story about the curiosities of cryptography. Cryptography is all well and good. But what if you lose your private key due to carelessness Bad luck. Unfortunately, it's that simple. The SHA-256 hash function is a good thing for security in the Bitcoin network. It's not for nothing that SHA stands for Secure Hash Algorithm?. And Nakamoto has really taken security seriously. Because both the Bitcoin Mining and the mathematical connection between Public Key and the address is based on SHA-256. And that is really bomb-proof. Key collisions are mathematically extremely unlikely.

Lightning Network is an ocean of possibilities: Unlock WiFi access with a LN payment
One user has implemented a proof of concept to gain access to a protected WiFi network, using Lightning Network. The instructions and code for this tool were published yesterday. A development team created Nodogsplash (NDS), a captive portal that offers a restricted Internet connection, which can be unlocked using certain parameters. A Spanish developer known as @poperbu has seen the potential of this application and developed a plugin that allows, for the payment of 100 satoshis (0.000001 BTC) through Lightning Network (LN), the WiFi network to be available. This developer published a video with the necessary steps to cancel the fee requested by NDS with LN, with the help of a Telegram bot. Similarly, this user indicated on Twitter that the portal will allow users a limited connection, enough to make payment with LN and enjoy the Internet service.

Bitcoin and collapsing economies: Venezuela records higher trade volume on LocalBitcoins than US
Venezuela and Colombia traded 11,208 BTCs through the p2p exchange platform LocalBitcoins during the month of January 2019. According to Coin Dance figures, these two Latin American countries reached, for the second consecutive month, more than 80% of the exchange volume in the region. In total, Venezuela and Colombia account for 84.74% of BTC trade through LocalBitcoins in Latin America. The dominance of both nations increased by 2.95% over December 2018. Venezuela traded 8,319 bitcoins in recent weeks, 1.64% more than the previous month, when it reached the 8,182 BTC milestone. Thus, traders of bitcoins in bolivars continue to top the regional list for the third consecutive month.

Attack surface on bitcoin is shrinking: Taproot to increase privacy and fungibility of BTC
Taproot is designed to significantly increase Bitcoins privacy. This approach relies on multi-signatures, to be exact, on Schnorr multisigs. Worried about price trends, ETFs and the rift between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, people forget that Bitcoin is also evolving technically. Beyond these public debates, the developers have not only activated Segregated Witness or advanced the Lightning Network. They are working on things like Smart Contracts, Tokenized Assets or privacy on the Bitcoin blockchain. The latter is something very important. On the one hand, privacy is essentially one of the ideals of the cypher punks, on the other hand, it is only through this that the fungibility of Bitcoin can be increased. Even Bitcoin maximalists have to admit that crypto currencies like Monero that rely on anonymity are currently ahead of the game. It is understandable that the Bitcoin community wants to catch up here.

Latest Update in ?ADAMANT Messenger? for iOS: Transferring LSK tokens of Lisk directly in chats!
Watch the Latest Update in ADAMANT Messenger for iOS: Transferring LSK tokens of Lisk right in chats! After a long no-news period, users and fans of this blockchain messaging knight started to worry about the next step the developers will introduce, since the boldest ideas are always on the way of ADAMANT. Well, this time is no exception and it comes with a big surprise. A few hours ago, Apple device owners began to test the new feature of ADAMANT Messenger: Storing and transferring Lisk token (LSK) in chats. The team has added this option in iOS app update 1.3. LSK transfers are the major innovation in this release. These are platform tokens for open source Lisk decentralized applications written in NodeJS / JavaScript. Lisk is one of the first to use the Delegate Proof-of-Stake (dPoS) protocol which after some improvements formed the basis of the ADAMANT Fair dPoS consensus. Now large IT companies including Microsoft are interested in Lisk.

Putting things in perspective: Where is bitcoin right now and where can it go?
In the second half of 2017, the word Bitcoin became one of the most searched on the web. In the news, forums and other media it was the topic to follow. Most perhaps out of curiosity to know what was causing the price to go up in price more and more. This wave of euphoria brought many enthusiasts and many detractors. There were those who sold their properties or used their savings to buy Bitcoins when it was already worth $10,000. From the detractors came the arguments like it was a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme, a mania like tulip bulbs or an economic bubble. We could say that they are all valid or not until proven otherwise. Of course neither enthusiasts nor detractors can have the absolute truth. It is simply the opinion of some against others.

Bitcoin had a fair initial distribution unlike most of other coins in the market
Dan Held, co-founder of Interchange and ZeroBlock, published an article in Medium on 4 October in which he explains why the initial distribution of bitcoins is so far the fairest within the entire ecosystem. According to Held Satoshi set out to design the fairest possible system?. Unlike the projects where the pre-mining of crypto coins is carried out, Held explains the tests that confirm that Satoshi did not pre-mine and that, in addition, he placed Bitcoins open source so that anyone could easily mine at its inception, without the need for high processing power. He also points out that the day after the release of Bitcoin's code, Hal Finney, the pioneer of this technology, had already begun mining bitcoins.

StellarX is a clear attempt to finally break free from Ripple and Bitcoin
StellarX is a new GUI for trading in crypto currencies. The use is apparently free for all participants. The question is: What is the motivation behind bringing something to the market free of charge As it looks, Stellar wants to break free of Bitcoin and differentiate itself from its competitor Ripple. The problems that arise with centralised exchanges are currently buzzing through the news columns. Manipulation of the Bitcoin price and attacks on the infrastructure are welcome news for FUD criers, the confidence of the community could be greater. In all this chaos, a new trading platform is now emerging that wants to clean up a bit: StellarX.

Iran unveiled its "national cryptocurrency" and it is a textbook example of a shitcoin
The National Cyber Space Center of Iran has unveiled the outlines of its national cryptocurrency. By the way, the National Cyber Space is responsible for media censorship in the country by blocking some Western content. We won't blame them because facebook, google do the same thing and in France we now have a law on fake news?. Long live freedom of expression In short, Iran has just revealed a majestic SHITCOIN as little is done since it had to respect the wishes of President Hassan Rouhani, an authoritarian leader under the orders of an Islamic clergy. We do better at the decentralization level

Yale Professor: Bitcoin should be an indispensable part of an investor's portfolio
In a recent study, Yale professor Aleh Tsyvinski examined the properties of different crypto currencies and finally came to the conclusion that each portfolio should contain bitcoin whether crypto-investor or crypto-sceptic. Aleh Tsyvinski, Professor of Economics at Yale University, concluded in a new research paper that bitcoin is an indispensable ingredient in any portfolio regardless of whether one is convinced of or rather sceptical about the crypto currency. Investors who believed that Bitcoin would continue to develop positively and increase in value should invest at least six percent in the digital currency. Those who are generally rather averse to cryptocoin should have at least four percent of their portfolio stocked with bitcoin.

Lying to IRS very popular among crypto investors: Almost everyone is underreporting
Earning crazy money with bitcoin is fun. But paying taxes on those bucks is a little less fun for majority of investors. According to reports from Credit Karma tax platform, revealed by CNBC, fewer than 100 people out of 250,000 who claimed to have holdings in crypto reported capital gains on their crypto investments to IRS. That is a staggering 0,0004 percent! There's a good chance that the perceived complexities of reporting cryptocurrency gains are pushing filers to wait until the very last minute, Jagjit Chawla, general manager of Credit Karma Tax, said in an emailed statement. I want to reassure people that it's not as complex as it may seem at first glance and that Credit Karma Tax has a number of resources about how to approach bitcoin and taxes.

Moon Banking releases world's first Lightning Network-funded API
Raleigh, NC, USA  Moon Banking, where users rank banks on crypto-friendliness, released the world's first production API funded by the Lightning Network on Friday. The Moon Banking API utilizes the LND implementation of the Lightning Network to accept payments for API quota. The API allows users to put data about the crypto-friendliness of banks around the world in their products and services. The Lightning Network is amazing, and I think it's quite a special thing to be one of the first to use Lightning in commerce, Moon Banking developer and Ealdorman, Inc. CEO John Wall said. I plan to implement Lightning in all of our products and services.

Bitcoin has come to stay - ignore the price swings and relish the tech
The last weeks and months have been anything but rosy for the crypto market. Falling prices and bad news have strongly affected the mood in the crypto-ecosystem the buzzword FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) made big waves. Some reports quickly gave the impression that the crypto-economy was at an end. The Bitcoin price may not have reached an all-time high for some time. But there are other aspects around Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology that describe the triumphant advance of the cryptoecosystem. Because cooling is good, even if you first have to learn from the mistakes of the past. This is what it takes to grow out of its infancy, to found an international blockchain state and to make a career as Prof. Dr. Blockchain. After that you will notice that the crypto winter is in principle not a bad thing. Once the Blockchain followers have bravely mastered all these steps, they can apply for the many jobs the ecosystem offers.

Canadian Banks ban cryptocurrency buys - Canadians have the answer - p2p buying. Localbitcoins volume rockets 6x since the imposed bans
The future of cryptocurrency is bright and cryptocurrencies are trending all over the world as the internet payments have been accepted by many companies. Cryptocurrency is trending payment and investment asset just like how people invest in mutual funds, real estate, market shares, silver, and gold nowadays. More investors are interested in investing their money on these cryptocurrencies, and the increased demand of cryptocurrency has increased its prices a lot. It is important to note that it is not late to invest in cryptocurrencies. However, the fact is that we can't invest more in Bitcoin because its price has already touched the sky. That's why we have to choose the coins whose price is low and will increase in next couple of years.

Some of the LN apps are really interesting and will surely help adoption of BTC in general. Number of LApps keeps growing by day
Although Lightning Netwok is still in beta, number of wallets and apps built for it (named conveniently LApps) grows like mushrooms after rain. Here are some of the most interesting ones listed in the LN apps and wallets directory. LNCast is a podcatcher that allows creators to monetize their podcasts using micropayments on the Lightning Network: a second layer on top of Bitcoin that enables instant, trustless micropayments. While being focused on podcasts, LNCast is a proof of concept for a broader idea: mircropayments in exchange for data. Y'alls Read and write articles, with Lightning Network micropayments. It is basically content behind a paywall. You get to see an excerpt and introduction of the article but to read the full article, you need to pay a small amount of 0.01$ to content creator's LN wallet.

MAST: BIP to reduce transaction size, improve privacy, enable smart contracts on Bitcoin blockchain
MAST, short for Merkelized Abstract Syntax Trees, proposes to improve Bitcoin by changing how smart contracts are written to the blockchain. In effect, it allows smart contracts to be split into their individual parts. This has several benefits in terms of privacy, transaction size and allowing for larger smart contracts. The idea behind MAST comes from two pre-existing concepts, abstract syntax trees and merkle trees. In short, the technique behind ASTs allows us to split a program into its individual parts, and merkle trees allow us to verify the individual parts belong to a complete program without the entire program being present. This is the basis of MAST, which allows spenders to replace the unused parts of encumbrances with a merkle proof reducing transaction size, increasing privacy, and making larger smart contracts possible.

Status in Lightning Network Land: Steady Growth in Channel and Node Numbers. Capacity more than 10 BTC - still small but growing
The LN node count has progressed impressively from 29 nodes in January 2018 to over 1,500 active nodes currently. Lightning has achieved significant growth, both on its testnet and mainnet implementations, since these launched in December 2017. This accomplishment is particularly impressive given that Lightning boasted a measly 29 nodes back in mid-January. Among other things, node count data is important as it could be a good measure of a network's user base and its decentralization factor. This level of mainnet adoption is remarkable for a technology that, officially, is still in testing. For reference, there are currently just below 11,000 active nodes on the Bitcoin network, according to according to CoinDance data. Bitcoin Cash, whose forking from the main Bitcoin blockchain was largely in response to its embrace of Lightning and off-chain scaling solutions, currently has below 1,500 active nodes.

Why Every Bitcoin Fan Should be Excited About Schnorr Signatures
If you're keeping a finger on the pulse of Bitcoin development, you've probably already heard about Schnorr signatures. The technology looks to replace bitcoin's existing signature scheme with one that mashes signature data together. The concept is so attractive partly because it clears up space in the blockchain, which should help resolve both the transaction backlog and high fees bitcoin users sometimes need to deal with. Schnorr, named after its inventor Claus-Peter Schnorr, is a signature scheme: the series of mathematical rules that link the private key, public key and signature together. Many cryptographers consider Schnorr signatures the best in the field, as they offer a strong level of correctness, do not suffer from malleability, are relatively fast to verify, and importantly support multisignature: several signatures can be aggregated into a single, new signature.

Bitcoin's popularity in Africa continues to soar. This was the whole idea behind bitcoin and crypto - economic freedom. Not get rich quick scheme.
In Africa, Bitcoins popularity continues to soar. The crypto-currency market offers Africans the means to take control of their financial destiny. The buying and selling of Bitcoin in Africa continues to grow at a remarkable rate. The majority of digital currency activity may take place in Asia, but this is mainly due to speculation and investment. While Africa is proving to be an active center for the trading of crypto-money, especially Bitcoin. There are very compelling reasons why people in Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe and other African countries have been eager to accept crypto currencies. One of these reasons is that Bitcoin offers financial stability in a region known for its volatile and inflationary national currencies.

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