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Novogratz: Bitcoin is complete, the battle for payments and Web 3.0 has begun
This piece has been updated to reflect the fact that Novogratzs jacket was cream, and not taupe. We regret the error.  Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz took to the main stage at the Ethereal Summit in New York, clad in gaudy pink chinos and a cream Amazonian jacket (my wife said I looked like a Good n Plenty?), to break down the state of the industry into three constituent parts. The first major use for crypto Store of value. It's Bitcoin, and it's done, the legendary ex-hedge fund manager said, adding, Bitcoin is kind of finished. You don't need to do a lot more to it to fulfil its use case; it's not the technology. We could take the bitcoin code and reconstruct it tonight, we call it Novocoin and it'll be worth bupkis.

Blockstream, Bitfinex?s staunchest defender, partners with...Bitfinex
Why is Bitcoin development firm Blockstream on the warpath against The Block Earlier today, Blockstream CSO Samson Mow harassed Block hack Larry Cermak on Twitter for publishing a slightly damning (presumably damning'it's paywalled) piece on Liquid, the off-chain, inter-exchange payments network the firm is developing. I published a data-driven article that looked at the publicly available data about Liquid, Cermak told Decrypt. Unfortunately, someone who runs the Liquid twitter account didn't like what I posted so the account decided to block me. Then Samson called me a moron for starting conspiracy theories about Blockstream and Bitfinex.

Binance hacked for 7,000 Bitcoin in ?large scale security breach?
Binance suffered a large scale security breach late today, according to a statement. Hackers managed to obtain API keys, two-factor-authentication codes and other information. In addition, 7,000 Bitcoin ($40 million) were withdrawn in a single transaction. The hackers used multiple techniques, including phishing attacks and computer viruses to get at Binance and its hot wallets, where it keeps funds to manage the day-to-day operation of the exchange. The hackers were unable to access the Binance cold storagethe off-line wallets where the majority of funds are kept. Likewise, individual user wallets were not directly affected.

Gab is forking Brave's browser, removing BAT, and integrating Bitcoin instead
Gab, the free-speech absolutist social media network, continues to look for creative ways to resist being silenced. Having earned a reputation as a platform that is tolerant of even the most hateful (yet still technically legal) expressions of speech, Gab has been booted off virtually every Silicon Valley service imaginable'from payment processors to web host providers. Now, fresh off having its browser plug-in Dissenter, the comment section of the Internet, ejected from the Google and Mozilla extension libraries, Gab is taking the oft-used if you don't like it, go create your own criticism to heart. The company has built its own web browser'a forked version of the open-source Brave browserand will be releasing it within the next few weeks, Gab CEO Andrew Torba tells Decrypt .

Binance enlists CipherTrace to boost compliance, expand into new markets
From his throne atop Mt. Crypto, Changpeng Zhao surveys his empire, and whispers to himself, It isn't enough. To hear CoinDesk tell it, Binance, the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange, isn't just at the top of its game but the  game'its brilliance  unrivaled by any company in the history of cryptokind. A bit much It's not an unpopular take. Hell, some heavyweight crypto pundits say Binance is so damn big and rich, it only has to play nice with global regulators if it wants . And, well, it seems like Binance wants. But on its own terms, of course. On Thursday, the company announced it has hired CipherTrace the Silicon Valley-based cryptocurrency intelligence solutions company known for its anti-money laundering and blockchain forensics operations.

What happens to Bitcoin speed of Chinese authorities pull he plug on farms?
Chinese state planners want to phase out China?s vast Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining sector, in a move that will further push miners away from the country?which controls an estimated 74 percent of global Bitcoin mining power. On Monday, the National Development and Reform Commission listed the enormous cryptocurrency mining sector among various other industries slated to be ?eliminated,? saying the enormous wattage required to secure the Bitcoin network?and those of other cryptocurrencies?could be put to better use elsewhere, according to Reuters. The news comes several months after China enacted a nationwide ban on cryptocurrencies, crypto news sites and crypto startups, while simultaneously building out its blockchain capabilities for surveillance purposes. Miners?many of which are situated in the energy rich provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan?have also begun to flee amid the clampdown, with mining giant Bitmain relocating to Singapore in January.

Wikipedia cofounder is a big fan of Brave browser - says to ditch Google Chrome!
By Tim Copeland Cryptocurrencies3 min read'Mar 21, 2019Mar 21, 2019 Chances are you're reading this on Google Chrome, statistically speaking. But maybe you shouldn't. Wikipedia cofounder Larry Sanger certainly thinks so. In his latest blog post he expresses distaste for the current swathe of web browsers, including Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Instead, he advocates Brave browser. So what does he think gives Brave browser the edge Sanger believes it's mainly about the failings of its rivals. The problem with Chrome, he writes, is that it collects huge amounts of personal information from its users. In addition, Google stores profile information on its users'similar to the data hauls of Facebook and Twitter. Sanger added that Google search also extracts a lot of other information, and recommends that people stop using it'and Gmail too.

Mercury FX CEO: We are sending tens of thousands of dollars weekly through xRapid
By Tim Copeland Cryptocurrencies4 min read'Mar 20, 2019Mar 20, 2019 What do Mexico, the Philippines and Sub-Saharan Africa have in common They're all notoriously difficult and expensive to send money into and out of. This is the market that Ripple aims to crack with its suite of blockchain-based tools for cross-border payments. One of these services is called xRapid and it uses XRP'the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap'as means of exchange. With cryptocurrency, payment can happen much faster and much cheaper than using the traditional payment system. One company using the xRapid service is Mercury FX, and it's already in use.

SWIFT is not using XRP on Corda Settler, says R3 founder
By Tim Copeland Cryptocurrency2 min read'Feb 28, 2019Feb 28, 2019 When global payments organizer SWIFT partnered with blockchain consortium R3, many predicted Ripple, a company hoping to build a rival to SWIFT, would have taken a knock. Instead, the price of XRPwhich Ripple's products are centered around'jumped 10 percent. But why Well, it turns out R3 and Ripple are closer than many thought. In December 2018, R3 announced it was adding XRP as the first digital currency on its Corda settler platform as part of its deal with SWIFT. This led to speculation that SWIFT was going to be using XRP to carry out payment settlements. The rumor mill, going into a bit of a frenzy, then said that 50 banks would be using XRP. But is any of it true

XRP futures will be launched on Huobi DM which has $20 billion trading volume after just one month
By Tim Copeland Technology'2 min read'Jan 25, 2019Jan 25, 2019 Today traders on Huobi's Derivative Market will for the first time be able to buy Litecoin futures. The announcement allows traders to long or short the cryptocurrency which historically, was a fork of Bitcoin. As a result of the news, Litecoin's price is up up 3.36 percent to $32.70, at the time of writing. Historically, it was once ranked among the top coins by market cap but over time has fallen to seventh place. This news will likely help bring back some of its lustre. Huobi also announced that XRP'which it called Rippleis next on its list of growing currencies it allows traders to buy and sell. Coinbase, too has stated that it's also considering add XRP to its markets. The cryptocurrency is currently priced at $0.31, up 0.2 percent today. Ripple's XRP has recently moved into the number two spot by market cap, replacing Ethereum, suggesting that whoever adds XRP first is likely to make a tidy amount through the fees charged.

Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider creators bullish on blockchain gaming
By Guillermo Jimenez Blockchain'2 min read'Jan 16, 2019Jan 16, 2019 Epic Games might have recently poured cold water on our steamy blockchain-gaming dreams, but another major video game publishing company has stepped up to keep hope alive. Square Enix, the publisher of smash-hit, gaming franchises Tomb Raider, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy, is preparing its investors for a foray into the world of blockchain. Recently, the president of Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda, published a letter to his shareholders in which he laid out the company's vision for 2019. And topping the list for the company's potential for new services is Matsuda's growing crypto curiosity, citing'interestingly'the crypto crash of 2018 as the impetus:

How to learn about crypto (without getting scammed) - Decrypt Media
By Ben Munster Business'5 min read'Dec 6, 2018Dec 22, 2018 If you're trying to learn about crypto, you've likely already stumbled across zillions of examples of a very Internet, very crypto breed of hustlers influencers, shills, news outlets, morally compromised celebrities, you name it, all claiming to possess the lamp of knowledge, but really just trying to relieve you of your hard earned dollars, pesos and cryptos. But don't fret, little one. We at Decrypt are here to guide you, lovingly, through these murky waters and help you filter out the few grains of truth from the sedimentary bedrock of questionable advertising.

XRP Classic: A botched attempt at ripping off Ripple
By Tim Copeland Technology'3 min read'Jan 15, 2019Jan 15, 2019 The scammers are out in force. This week, two miscreants have tried to capitalize on the upcoming Ethereum hard fork and were not just creative, but surprisingly well-informed in doing so. By playing on the common misconception that hard forks result in new coins'and offering new coins on the date the hard fork is set to take place'they managed to appear much more convincing And now the same ruse is being tried on Ripples putative cryptocurrency, XRP. The new fraudulent coin is called XRP Classic, which the fraudsters have branded as a more original version of XRP'which you probably know, is the popular coin aimed at cross-border payments. The scammers claim that XRP Classic is a fork of XRP (or at least a better version) but they clearly failed to do their homework.

Lawsuit claims WAX token ICO is a security, investors want their money back
By Guillermo Jimenez News'4 min read'Jan 15, 2019Jan 15, 2019 Another day in cryptoland, another allegation of securities laws violations committed by an ICO. Last week, three investors filed a lawsuit against the California-based Opskins Group'the creators of the Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX), a blockchain ecommerce platform for digital assets primarily geared at the gaming industry. The civil complaint alleges that the WAX ICO, which raised north of $40 million in November 2017, was, in fact, an unregistered securities offering, and these investors want their money back. WAX is one of the most recognizable brands in the blockchain gaming space and lays claim to being the first blockchain built exclusively for the trading of gaming assets, crypto collectibles, and other virtual items represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Three months ago, WAX earned the top spot as the world's most used blockchain based on activity, according to and Blocktivityand has since dropped to second only to EOS.

20,000 ETH reportedly stolen from Cryptopia exchange by Etherdelta hacker
By Tim Copeland Technology'3 min read'Jan 15, 2019Jan 15, 2019 New year, new hack. We're just fifteen days into 2019 and already a crypto exchange has been hacked. New Zealand exchange Cryptopia lost significant funds in a security breach on January 13 (UTC), according to a statement. By examining blockchain records (Cryptopia didn't disclose how much was stolen), it appears that 20,000 ETH ($2.5 million) has been stolen by none other than the hacker or hackers behind the 2017 Etherdelta attack. (We've reached out to Cryptopia for comment, but the company has not responded to our questions at the time we went to press.)

What happens if more miners drop off the network after the block rewards go down to 2 ETH?
By Tim Copeland Opinion'4 min read'Jan 14, 2019Jan 14, 2019 If the 51% attack on Ethereum Classic taught us anything, it was that miners are essential to keeping proof-of-work blockchains safe. Last week a miner attained control of its network, making several double spends to steal at least $500,000 in ETC. If there aren't enough honest miners protecting the network by making the hashrate too financially difficult to overcome, nobody's digital cash is safe. What keeps Bitcoin and Ethereum secure is the huge amount of computational power expended by honest miners'something that is at risk if the proposed changes of Constantinople go ahead this week.

Moloch: Ethereum's confounding new DAO is pay to play, but the rules aren't clear
By Ben Munster Ethereum3 min read'Jan 14, 2019Jan 14, 2019 Imagine if life came with a set of instructions. Wouldn't it be handy Wake up when the alarm sounds. If you miss it you'll be late for work. Players that are late for work forfeit work_day tokens, which translate to dollar_tokens. Dollar_tokens increase a player's prestige. The player with the highest prestige wins. Of course, you can't win life. You just die at the end, like everybody else. But on Ethereum, one man thinks turning crowdfunding into a rules-based game could help Ethereum developers win a little more often. Moloch (distinct from Moloch Coin) is Ethereum's new, experimental crowdfunding service named after the Canaanite God of child sacrifice. A sequel to the hacked, dead and defunct DAO, Moloch was built by SpankChain CEO Ameen Soleimani to raise funds for down-on-their-luck Ethereum devs. But in practice it's a collection of complicated, codified instructions'a rulebook for real-world fundraising as written by the Monopoly Man.

Barbarians at the altcoin gates - Decrypt Media
The 51% attack on Ethereum Classic illustrated what a lot of bad guys know: Many small cryptocurrencies are simply not safe enough. Here's how to fix the problem. By Tim Copeland Cryptocurrency4 min read'Jan 8, 2019Jan 8, 2019 Yesterday's 51% attack on Ethereum Classic was the most recent high-profile exploit of a well known problem with smaller coins. The problem is, you can't just stop the possibility of such an attack'the system is designed to respect whoever has the majority of control'but you can make it harder for a single attacker to take control. And, though some smaller coins, such as Horizen and Komodo, have already strengthened their defences, it's time for everyone to learn from and implement their open-source secrets.

Ethereum's big-leap forward -- Crypto without keys by Adriana Hamacher (part of Constantinople upgrade)
Ethereums upcoming upgrade, the Constantinople hard fork includes a feature that may prove to be a usability game-changer. And that's not all. By Adriana Hamacher News'6 min read'Jan 10, 2019Jan 10, 2019 The award-winning designer and writer, Frank Chimero, once observed that People ignore design that ignores people. He wasn't talking about Web3'but he may as well have been. Too often, usability is being sacrificed on the altar of decentralization, resulting in a raft of dapps and decentralized services that no one uses. But take heart: with the release on Wednesday of Ethereums testnet of upgrades, developers are getting excited about a new feature that will make the decentralized network way easier for mere mortals to use.

Will the Bitcoin ETFs happen by accident?
ETFs set for accidental approval Joe Lubin v Princeton guy Crypto people bullish on autocracy ShapeShift laying off a third of its staff ConsenSys Yes. By Ben Munster Daily Debrief'3 min read'Jan 9, 2019Jan 9, 2019 Did you hear the one about the SEC approving a bitcoin ETF'by doing nothing It's actually not a joke. Our inestimable Guillermo Jimenez has a great piece today about how the U.S. Government shutdown means that some of rulings on SEC's desk face deadlines'and could be approved by default, if the regulatory body fails to act. A proposal to permit bitcoin ETFs is facing a February deadline'and with no end in sight to the standoff over the Trump Wall, could well win approval through inaction. Jimenez's story has wide-ranging implications for other projects too and you're crazy is you don't read it.

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