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niTROn Summit - 5 Tickets Giveaway to Our Readers - Crypto & Games
TRON is one of the fastest growing blockchain ecosystems in the industry, with the recent BitTorrent acquisition, the popular coin is now available to more than 105 Million users worldwide! We are giving away 5 tickets for the two days, niTROn Summit in San Francisco. 5 random winners will be chosen on the 10th of January. To participate you must follow the instruction on the tweet below. 5 Tickets GIVEAWAY to Attend #niTROn2019, The First @Tronfoundation Summit! How To Join The Giveaway: 1) Follow @egamersio & @TRONArcade 2) Like & Retweet. 3) Comment Why You Are Excited About #niTROn Summit. Learn More: Tags:#TRON #TRX #niTROnSummit

Leaving ETH For TRON? Already Happening. EtherGoo is the next game to join TRON Arcade and utilize Tron's Blockchain Technology
Ethergoo was the first competitive idle game on the Ethereum blockchain and it was great! In fact, it was so good that it actually surpassed Cryptokitties in terms of daily users and transaction volume. Having your own laboratory of animals mining Goo for you sounds fun, but what is not fun, is the slow transaction speeds of the Ethereum network and a big change had to be made. The Goo experience is now getting better, faster and responsive! The game is well redesigned and just like that, TronGoo is born! Developed in partnership with Tron Shrimp Farm, the most explosive game on TRON Blockchain which inspired dozens of copycat games. TronGoo is made by developers with years of Ethereum development experience prior to moving to the TRON network.

Tron Arcade, the TRON game Fund with $100M for backing games, welcomes 0xWarriors - The First EOS Blockchain Game.
The RPG crypto game 0xWarriors has joined the TRON Arcade game fund, a TRON project for game developers with $100M allocated for the developers. 0xWarrios, is the first title to run on EOS blockchain, while the game is also available on Ethereum, by joining the TRON Arcade fund, it's only reasonable to assume that it will join the 3 blockchains club along with Blockchain Cuties and Everdragons. The game is already playable using any modern browser, smartphones users can download the Android version. By joining the Tron Arcade, 0xWarrios will expand its reach to over 5Million users and if we consider the BitTorrent users, add 100M more to that number. BitTorrent was acquired by TRON last summer for $140M.

Fortnite Store Goes Crypto! Monero (XMR) Accepted - Crypto & Games
Fortnite, the phenomenon game which made the whole world go crazy about it, is now officiall accepting Monero for its recently launched merchandise store. The Retail Row, (Fortnites official store) allows some of the 125 million players to purchase branded apparel with fiat deposits and Monero as the first cryptocurrency supported. The announcement was made through Monero's twitter and both cryptocurrency and Fortninte communities welcomed the news. The official Fortnite Merch Store is now exclusively accepting #Monero as a cryptocurrency payment option! Monero payments are processed by GloBee, a payment gateway for various major cryptocurrencies.

Everdragons Launces on TRON & Hosts Pre-Sale - Crypto & Games
The TRON pre-sale for Everdragons is running since yesterday and players can buy discounted newly spawned dragons in exchange for TRX. Discount will continue for 6 more days, currently you can get a unique Dragon for 15% off. Dragons in the pre-sale come in great stats and 3 new games will be added on January 2 on the TRON blockchain. Get yours from 1,200TRX per dragon. Use the code TRO-NED in all dragons sold by the Everdragons team. In the Tron marketplace of Everdragons, those with a pale blue background are sold by the team and those with a light grey background are owned by the players. Everdragons is already playable in Ethereum and POA blockchain, the TRON integration establishes the game, along with Blockchain Cuties in the multi-blockchain club.

Meet EnjinX - The Google of Blockchain - Crypto & Games
To celebrate the launch of EnjinX, Enjin is hosting an ERC-1155 token giveaway, which will give participants the chance to win 16,000 items backed by 200,000 ENJ. The leading gaming cryptocurrency Enjin Coin launched today the world's fastest blockchain explorer, EnjinX. EnjinX is a next-generation ad-free blockchain explorer designed to make Ethereum data more accessible to mainstream markets. EnjinX can be described as the Google of blockchain because of the intuitive way to search for transactions, tokens, in-game items and addresses. The interface is well-designed and optimized for daily users.

Chibi Fighters Announced TRON integration
The collectible blockchain game Chibi Fighters becomes the latest game to announce TRON Blockchain Integration. It's no secret that Ethereum network congestion is leaving no option to developers than exploring other solutions to provide a better user experience for their players.  The momentum clearly belongs to TRON as three of the most popular existing (and playable) blockchain games have already announced to support the Asian blockchain. After Blockchain Cuties and Everdragons, Chibi Fighters is next on the list. TRX Chibi Fighters is expected to join the TRON Network in March 2019 if the pre-sale is successful.

My Crypto Heroes Giveaway - Crypto & Games
We are giving away 30 Rare Hanzo Hattori Cards for My Crypto Heroes and 3 Founders Badge. The top 30 participants who will manage to gather the most points will win one Rare Hanzo Hattori each. The first 3 in terms of points will receive a Founders Badge in addition. Contest is valid from 3/12/2018 Until 12/12/2018 UTC. Prizes will be distributed within December. Hanzo Hattori is the leader of Iga Ninja clan in the Edo era. He was known as the most famous Ninja in the world because he saved Ieyasu Tokugawa's life. Later, Ieyasu became the ruler of the Japanese empire during the Edo era. This rare card comes with high AGI with well-balanced fight elements. This champion is able to compete in any difficult situation during My Crypto Heroes battles.  Hanzo Hattori comes with the passive skill "My Lord". It allows one time per game to greatly restore the HP of the whole team once they get in a crunch. This ability obtained through saving his lord, Ieyasu Tokugawa with the IGA "Ninja" Clan from a desperate situation.

Everdragons Blockchain Game Integrates Into TRON Network - Crypto & Games
The popular blockchain based game Everdragons announced plans to expand into Tron network. Everdragons moved to POA network last August as a way to avoid  Ethereum network congestions. Until today it is available in both POA and Ethereum network where players can roam freely between those two blockchains. The real-life events powered collectible gaming platform is not the only one looking forward to join the TRON Blockchain, days ago, Blockchain Cuties, another popular breeding collectible game announced plans to integrate TRON blockchain also. Jacqueline, Co-Founder of Everdragons stated that the developers have been looking into TRON network for some time and now the integration is about to become a reality.

After EOS, the popular blockchain game "Blockchain Cuties" Joins forces with TRON
Exciting things are happening in the Blockchain Cuties camp, after the EOS integration, developers announced that TRON blockchain is coming to the popular collectible blockchain game. Once the new integration is completed, Blockchain Cuties players will be able to play on Ethereum, EOS and TRON Blockchain. It's clear that Blockchain Cuties is becoming a multi-blockchain game and we can't wait to see what more integrations they are up to. TRON is one of the fastest growing blockchain platforms with a huge community and an international team of skilled developers. Tron is well-known for solving major scalability and speed issues.

Blockchain Gaming & Online Casinos - Crypto & Games
The fusion between blockchain technology and online gaming was probably inevitable from the moment the blockchain was first introduced to society. Yet it's an area in which it's still hard to predict exactly what's coming, or how any given game could be affected. On some level, blockchain technology is all about creativity, and that extends to the world of gaming. Whether through eSports or more casual video game experiences, blockchain-based communications and exchanges have the potential to drive all kinds of fun activity. One area that does seem somewhat obvious as an eventual inclusion in the expanding world of blockchain gaming, however, is the casino space. Now, while this site did highlight a slot-style mini game from Aftermath Islands fairly recently, we have yet to see major examples of independent casino games operating in the blockchain. That is, there is not a leading blockchain gaming casino, let alone a specific game such as some form of blockchain poker or blackjack or, to my knowledge, even a less casino-oriented card game. As stated however, the emergence of such games, either as independent titles or parts of a larger digital casino, does feel inevitable, for a couple of reasons. One is that while we have yet to see a fully functional blockchain casino, online casino sites are already dabbling with cryptocurrency. Some smaller casino platforms have been designed for the stated purpose of accepting deposits in digital money. And at least one leading casino gaming resource based in the UK posted its own guide to buying bitcoins, presumably as an aid for any gamers looking to use it at a casino platform now or in the future. So, in short, gamers in this space are already being exposed to cryptocurrency, perhaps more regularly and deeply than your average member of modern society. Another reason however is that the purest fundamental purpose for blockchain gaming seems tailor-made for casinos. While most reading here will understand the basics, Blockonomi put it in good terms for this specific discussion, explaining that the benefits of blockchain gaming include decentralized asset exchanges, as well as the verifiable scarcity of virtual objects and collectibles and a few other perks. The broader set of benefits are helpful for things like game skins or even virtual cards, as the same article mentions, but decentralized asset exchange is more or less the name of the game in online casinos. It's what a lot of players are already looking for, or at least what they'd appreciate. Given all of this, it seems a brief matter of time before games in this category start emerging in full form on blockchains. We can't point to exciting examples just yet, but it's certainly something to look forward to.

CropBytes TRON Blockchain Game Is Now Available To Play - Read The Details!
CropBytes blockchain game launched today and it's available to play through the Google Store. CropBytes, the popular TRON blockchain game launched today and it's available in Google Store for download. The CropBytes community welcomed the game release with excitement and now the fun begins! CropBytes is a farming game in which you can raise animals, grow crops, breed, own land and trade with other players in the decentralized marketplace of the game. CropBytes team has on board some ex-Zynga developers and other professionals who are capable of delivering a top-shelf farming game.  The iOS version of CropBytes Blockchain game will be available soon for download.

Mintshop by the EnjinCoin team - World's First On-Demand Minting Service For Blockchain Assets
The folks at Enjin Coin need to take a day off, once again, the Blockchain Gaming frontier makes it into headlines with the MintShop, a groundbreaking token issuing service which brings us one step closer to mass adoption. Enjin Coin, released today an out-of-the-box minting service where users are able to create their own custom blockchain assets backed by ENJ. Mintshop is the first made-to-order blockchain asset creation service enabling customers to create up to 10,000 custom branded ERC-1155 tokens for as low as $0.003 per token. Until today, there was not an easy way to create fungible and non-fungible tokens, users had to hire a blockchain developer or write and deploy smart contracts on the blockchain them selfs. This complex procedure, thanks to the Mintshop, is now fully automated and easier than anyone could wish!

5 TRON Based Blockchain Games To Play - Crypto & Games
Today we are happy to present you 4 Blockchain Games to play based on the TRON Blockchain. Tronix platform is gaining more and more attention every day, developers are migrating from Ethereum network using the TVM Switch due to speed, fees, and congestion reasons. As a result, a number of games have chosen TRON Blockchain instead of others and as the time goes by, more and more games are joining the Tron network. Games are not joining TRON just because they want to, Tron platform has made a lot of partnerships including earlier this years. Think of like a blockchain miniclip which aims to expand Tron in the blockchain gaming industry.

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