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Enjin Minecraft plugin announced [Media]
Blockchain gaming giant Enjin is set to bring blockchain technology to the hugely popular sandbox video game Minecraft following the launch of its new Minecraft plugin. Coin Rivet recently interviewed co-founder and CTO of Enjin Witek Radomski. During the interview, Witek revealed the exciting news for Enjin and Minecraft enthusiasts alike. He noted: One thing we're working on now is actually the Minecraft launch. The Minecraft anniversary is coming up here in just a few days, and we are going to be launching a public server that uses our Enjin Coin platform. Anybody who owns a copy of Minecraft will be able to join the public server. Players will be able to roam around the world and complete quests

What Are Asset-Backed Tokens and Why Do They Matter
Bitcoin, which came out more than ten years ago, is the first use case of blockchain. However, as of today, blockchain's list of use cases is not capped at cryptocurrencies, as many features have been elaborated to address the various needs across different industries. Currently, the number of utility tokens prevails, though the greatest share of market capitalization value is still in the hands of cryptocurrencies. A lot of traditional traders consider crypto assets to be high-risk investments and prefer to invest in more traditional assets like the highest volume stocks in the market, Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA), Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) or different commodities like Gold, Silver, Oil etc. Diamonds and other precious gems are also considered to be a rather safer investment that is not very high risk and can make sense if you're a risk-hating trader.

These old guys will never get it, deny technology, avoid the 'B' word. Berkshire's Buffett praises Amex despite competition.
Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett discusses his investment in American Express at the 2019 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting in Omaha, Nebraska. Buffett says, in this day in age, everyone's a competitor, but he's still optimistic on American Express and he's glad he owns 18% of it.

Crescent Cash Becomes First Mobile Wallet to Add Pay-To-Phone-Numbers Feature By CoinText
This week Crescent Cash, an open-source Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet for Android, became the first mobile cryptocurrency wallet to enable paying to phone numbers through CoinText's new open API. NASHUA, N.H., May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ --This week Crescent Cash, an open-source Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet for Android, became the first mobile cryptocurrency wallet to enable paying to phone numbers through CoinText's new open API. Crescent Cash users can now send to phone contacts even if the recipient doesn't already have a wallet. They receive the funds instantly via SMS text message and they're immediately available to be re-spent using CoinText.

Pieter Wuille Unveils Two Proposals for Upcoming Bitcoin Privacy Soft Fork
Prolific bitcoin developer Pieter Wuille unveiled two Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIP) today that offer plans that could prove foundational to a possible upgrade to the cryptocurrency. The two proposals, announced on the bitcoin developer email list, describe Taproot, a code change designed to increase bitcoin's privacy. Taproot is expected to be bundled together with an upgrade called Schnorr in a soft fork that developers have been looking into for some time, paving the way for privacy and scalability improvements to bitcoin. Developers have long been thinking about how to arrange this particular upgrade. There have been a number of proposed changes to bitcoin over the years and, as they are all related, it makes sense to implement them together. That includes Merkelized Abstract Syntax Trees (MAST), adding, improved bitcoin smart contracts, Schnorr signatures, which adds another way to sign bitcoin transactions, and Taproot, which adds even better privacy.

Fusion Foundation chosen by Alprockz to accelerate adoption of its Swiss Franc-backed Stablecoin
New York, May 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fusion Foundation, the non-profit open source organization building the next generation infrastructure for decentralized global finance, today announced that Switzerland-based Alprockz has selected Fusion's protocol to accelerate adoption of Alprockz's Swiss franc-backed stablecoin, RKZ, and to facilitate financial system interoperability. Alprockz is a consortium of information technology developers and investors that have created the ROCKZ blockchain platform and RKZ stablecoin. By virtue of Fusion's protocol, individuals who transact with RKZ can exchange value for any tokenized asset on and off the Fusion and ROCKZ blockchains, thus bridging the gap between traditional and digital economies. reports on How to buy Bitcoin Cash
If you disagree with Bitcoins (BTC) scaling solution then there is an alternative option. Buying Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a fork of Bitcoin that has increased the block size to 8 megabytes and doesn't incorporate Segwit on to the technology. The differences can be confusing and frustrating for some, but the battle between the two different versions of Bitcoin is likely to rumble on. BCH aims to make themselves the payment solution for the world. By increasing the block size, they believe that the fees will be reduced and the cost of sending BCH will be cheaper. If you prefer the vision of Roger Ver, Bitcoin Unlimited and Bitcoin ABC, then there are a variety of ways to

[Yahoo.Finance] VeChain Launches Revolutionary One-stop BaaS Platform--VeChain ToolChain
Now Anyone Around the World Can Implement Blockchain Technology SHANGHAI, April 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- With the advancement of 5G, IoT (The Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and the Internet of Value, data is set to play a more significant role in the future business world. For enterprises to realize the value of data, blockchain technology will be vital. The disruption of existing business models is on the horizon, which will compel businesses to embrace new technologies like blockchain, enabling them to stay ahead of the market. However, there are obstacles in feasibly employing blockchain technology into business models, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This failure is typically caused by one of three things (or all):

Bank of England, a known Ripple partner vows to reinvent Bank of England for fourth industrial revolution
Tips on how companies could benefit from promoting work-life balance and focusing on wellbeing in the workplace Bank of England governor Mark Carney promised on Monday to reinvent the central bank to make it fit for the new economy of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The governor said the central bank was opening up its payments infrastructure to fintech startups, making climate change a key priority, and embracing artificial intelligence to help the Bank adapt to changes in technology and the global economy. The second great wave of globalisation is cresting, Carney said during a speech at the Innovate Finance Global Summit. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is just beginning. And a new economy is emerging.

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