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Blockchain Solutions to Supply Chain Problems
Trade, shipping, and supply chains are making the news a lot lately. A robust and quickly escalating tariff war between the U.S. and other countries is drawing attention to the often forgotten collection of couriers, shipping agents, and warehouses that bring goods to market and fill factories with raw materials. Each blustery Tweet from the U.S. President serves as a reminder that the global supply chain is the lifeblood of the digital age, the heart of the economy, and the facilitator of virtually every other industry and it's not in great shape. Unfortunately, supply chains aren't just vulnerable to a tepid Tweetstorm. The modern supply chain is facing incredible strain from increased demands from the digital ecosystem. For instance, Amazon alone shipped more than five billion items in 2017, and, during certain shopping periods, online sales actually surpass in-store purchase. All of this has an immense impact on the supply chain's overall capabilities. As McKinsey & Co. notes, Many of today's retail supply chains are simply not set up to handle this demand for speed and convenience in a cost-effective way, and are already creaking under the strain of the new multichannel world.

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