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Daedalus 0.11.1 with Cardano 1.3.1 Linux Beta Announcement
IOHK will launch Daedalus for Linux with the next major Daedalus release (0.12.0 with Cardano 2.0.0). We appreciate the community feedback following the previous Linux beta release, and have prepared an updated beta release based on the latest version, Daedalus 0.11.1 with Cardano 1.3.1. This beta test is aimed at Linux users who are comfortable running a script in a terminal. This is beta software we are releasing for public testing. If you test this build with Ada we would like to ask: In supported Windows and macOS builds there is a mechanism for fetching update versions from the blockchain . That feature is disabled in this Linux beta release. Consequently, when the production Linux release is available you won't be prompted to update to the next version. Instead you will have to install the initial production release manually.
Final Round - community vote for the winning logo for The Cardano Effect podcast!
Hi, With the large number of excellent submissions we were able to narrow the list down to 7, and would like to put these 7 logos up to the community to determine the winner. My apologies if your entry did not make this top 7 list, as every logo submitted was way better than I could ever do. Please vote at the bottom of this post for 1 image A, B, C, D, E, F, G. The voting will run until Wednesday, November 7, time 2359 GMT. Thank You! Here is a video of all the artwork along with some music. There were a total of 87 entries! Excellent entries. My pick is no 1: Simple, yet effective. Love it Classy entries. Lots of creativity and visual appeal. Nicely done
Cardano Coins Distribution | Clio.1
Hellooooo, peoples of the earth! Just joking! It's your favourite crypto /history nerd again You may remember me by my previous posts, like the: Clio.1 - Address Checker #Cardano80s are in full blossom! (Check out our twitter feed if you have zero idea what I'm talking about Mullet) And what a glorious time it truly is! And we decided to add something to the glory! And we present to you: On this page you can see how Cardano cash monies are distributed among all the addresses from richest to not-richest Check out the detailed explanation from one of my guys () in our newest blog post Today we present you a new feature of Cardano Coin Distribution Statistics?! SummaryNow, when you open the Latest Cardano Addresses page you can see a new small section at the top called Coin distribution?, like that:This is a very simple...
Logo contest for The Cardano Effect podcast with a 1000 Ada prize
Hi Everyone, The winning name for the podcast is The Cardano Effect and now we need a logo. We have some ideas, but @philpa Philippe and I would prefer to make this into a community contest and offer reward. The winner will get 2280 Ada. To submit a logo, contestants must agree to 2 rules: After the Saturday deadline Philippe and I will pick a winning logo. If we get many good submissions, we can select several of the submitted logos for a public vote on the forum next week. To me the Cardano logo has always looked like ripples spreading outwards from a central point of disruption. Perhaps someone with more graphical skills than me could make the logo look more fluid
Survey - Need ideas for the name of a Podcast - Education
Choose one of the three options: Thank you all for the inputs! We were able to narrow the choices down to 3 options for a poll I will run this poll until October 29, 9 a.m. Monday EST. Hi everyone, Philippe @philpa and I are looking at doing a podcast and we need to come up with a name for the channel. We will have to sift through which names are available. We are looking for ideas on a good name. Any suggestions Could be like: The Analytical Engine Cardano Cast Ada Talk Philippe and Rick's Excellent Adventure Crypto Chat The Future of Money Digital Future Digital World Digital Landscape The Cardano Experience The Cardano Effect
Cardano crossword number 3 (prize is 100 Ada)
Cipher - 18A 1D 4A 21A 17D 14A 17A 11D 15D 9D 8A 3D 19A 16D 22D 25A 12D 23D 6D 11A 2D 16A 13A 7A 10A 20A 5D Sorry I am late getting the puzzle up, it was a very busy week. The second piece of the puzzle - the cipher- will be posted on Sunday, October 21, at 1800 GMT. The prize money with a clue is posted here: Many thanks to whoever donated to the prize too! I solved crossword, what can i do now I fixed it. What I have to do now Please help me. You are kidding with people Ricky It's not funny.
IOHK is pleased to announce the recent audit conducted by Kudelski Security for Icarus, read the full report here
IOHK is pleased to announce the recent audit conducted by Kudelski Security for Icarus, IOHK's reference implementation for a lightweight wallet developed by the engineering team. Kudelski Security's audit is an independent and third party security audit, which was completed on numerous audits for various IOHK products. Independent audits, like this one, are critical for identifying security issues in the Icarus wallet that may not have been identified by internal audits. At the end of the audit, Kudelski responsibly discloses the identified defects so that our developers can correct them prior to the next release of the software. This ensures our customers and clients have the most secure wallet we can provide.
Clio.1 - Address Checker
It is I, your favourite history nerd again! You may remember my tiny website I was announcing here last time: Cardano Heartbeat and Birthday Cake! from Clio! (me) We have TWO great news since our last visit here We have worked on our main page And improved some tiny things and overall design And we even have some sound there now We are also very glad to present you a new tiny service on out website, where you can: On this page you can see top-down the latest addresses that were active on the Cardano chain And you can also see what were their movements and what was the balance after this movement You can also click on any address - and it will take you to the second part:
IOHK is pleased to announce the release of Daedalus 0.11.1 and Cardano 1.3.1. Read about the improvements and fixes here
IOHK is pleased to announce the release of Daedalus 0.11.1 and Cardano 1.3.1. Daedalus 0.11.1 has a couple of fixes to known issues, two of which are fixes for significant bugs that are affecting a substantial number of users. These two issues are causing users to be stuck on the loading screen with "Connecting to network" message. Up until this release, Windows users who had non-Latin characters in their Windows usernames were unable to use Daedalus. The first fix will ensure that these users will now be able to use Daedalus in Windows. The second fix detects when users launch Daedalus improperly using a Windows icon created by pinning Daedalus to Windows taskbar. The fix includes Daedalus detecting improperly launched software in this instance and providing users with a warning message and instructions to launch it properly.
Special Announcement on the investigation of the Cardano Foundation
In 3 days we will reveal the first batch of the results of our investigation regarding the concerns over the Cardano Foundation. Please go to ! Many thanks for starting this initiative and bringing all the findings & information to light. This has finally inspired us to engage in this sensitive matter for the protection of the Cardano Community and Ecosystem. Special thanks to the Lounge guys who have provided so much value in that particular research thread. Why do I get the feeling that the fan is about to be hit with shit fan is about to be hit with shit If thats how you call exposing the truth to light
Should the Cardano Community ask Joe Rogan to invite Charles Hoskinson on his show?
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