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Never bring a knife to a gun fight: bring popcorn and a hug. My official FFS statement regarding Kovri, Monero, and Sekreta.
anonimal posted this 2 years ago Completion Date: Thursday 01 December 2016 Funds awarded: 6.25% (~XMR452.91) Completion Date: Saturday 28 January 2017 Funds awarded: 6.25% (~XMR452.91) Completion Date: Sunday 26 March 2017 Funds awarded: 6.25% (~XMR452.91) Completion Date: Friday 05 May 2017 Funds awarded: 6.25% (~XMR452.91) Completion Date: Saturday 24 June 2017 Funds awarded: 6.25% (~XMR452.91) Completion Date: Monday 31 July 2017 Funds awarded: 6.25% (~XMR452.91) Completion Date: Friday 15 September 2017 Funds awarded: 6.25% (~XMR452.91) Completion Date: Tuesday 07 November 2017 Funds awarded: 6.25% (~XMR452.91)

rehrar to 35C3? The best idea? The worst idea?
Hi, I'm rehrar and I wanna go to 35C3 and help run the stage, give a couple speeches, and be an ambassador to Monero. I was the floor manager of the Monero village at 2018 Defcon, and I'm willing to help in many capacities at C3 to make it just as successful if not more so. Price for me to go would be roughly $3000 which includes flights, transportation, food, incidentals, and hotel. That's like 72 Moronos at $42/XMR. I think you should go, because it's awesome and you'll like it and because you will do a good job helping Monero onsite.

[Funding required] ErCiccione: Coordinator of the Localization Workgroup for another quarter
erciccione posted this 3 weeks ago Another quarter, another FFS request. First of all, thanks to the Monero community, who funded my precedent proposals. I'm extremely grateful for your continuous support and appreciation of my work. Really, thank you all. I am ErCiccione, i've been taking care of everything about Monero internationalization for over a year now. This is my 5th FFS request to keep working part-time as coordinator of the Localization Workgroup for another quarter (3 months). A recap of what The Localization Workgroup has achieved during its first year of existence can be found on this reddit post. See my last FFS  

There are some absolutely amazing funding proposals up, and they'll be filled in good time. For the sake of decentralization though, I won't ask you all to unload thousands. But for the experience, donate literally 1 cent. Post your txid below, and I'...
Author: rehrar, Wednesday 12 December 2018 Author: moneromooo, Saturday 01 December 2018 Author: SarangNoether, Tuesday 04 December 2018 Author: erciccione, Friday 07 December 2018 Author: xmrhaelan, Thursday 08 November 2018 Author: suraeNoether, Wednesday 10 October 2018 Author: suraeNoether, Wednesday 05 December 2018 Author: m2049r, Wednesday 21 November 2018 Author: anonimal, Wednesday 15 March 2017

New FFS in Monero | Ideas » el00ruobuob: January to March (part time for a new Quarter)
el_ruobuob posted this 2 weeks ago El00ruobuob again, asking if you want to support my work for the next quarter. I have been missing a bunch of report lately, and i've not done as much as i expected (but still respecting my minimum devoted time), but here's what i did: Actually i am working (since a few weeks now) to a new hangout page. It had been discuss in community meeting a while ago, and an issue is opened since here I made a few tests and think about "what should be the best", and come with a solution: Other things are still on my todo list, like the user-guide page refresh to incorporate more guides, like all the Monero Integration Guides.

It's time the libraries got the attention they need..
Ricardo posted this 3 weeks ago Many improvements to make to the PHP library. My focus will give it the attention it needs. Once this library is up to date I'll focus on other integrations with Monero libraries that need some attention. Me, a software developer with 9 years experience in C++, C#, PHP, Javascript and Ruby. Possibly other developers who express a commitment to work on the project. Please move to funding! Will donate to see this happen!

Is your wallet filled and ready to spend? Test it out while donating just a few dollars to Moneromoo - One of Monero's best full time contributors!
moneromooo posted this 3 weeks ago It's me again, asking for donations to continue working on monero. For reference, I just posted this month's highlights: I'm planning to continue working full time on monero. My main goals will be pruning (almost ready now, a branch is available for sync testing) and getting the next release ready and stable (planning early for january this time). Donations are very much appreciated. Using the current price of 59.09, at the notional $30+0.2 rate, the next three months' target is 368 monero. Thank you again. Thanks again everyone, for supporting my work on monero.

Monero Outreach Round 2 moved to Funding Required [FFS]
xmrhaelan posted this 1 month ago A big thanks again to everyone who supported our initial FFS!(final report) We learned a lot during the first round, have created a solid foundation, and are ready to jump back in for a new round of Outreach related awesomeness. We hope the Monero community is as enthusiastic as us about what's ahead! Below is a breakdown of what we intend to work on. Please note the Ongoing Project Tasks that we are working on now, during, and in between our FFS proposals. We have continued to volunteer on this important endeavour in between proposals. Monero Outreach. We are a team of creators, writers, technicians, translators, and visionaries. This is our Mandate:

FFS: Zero to Monero 2nd Edition now 'Funding'
Zero to Monero went live on July 4, 2018, 3 months ago. It will soon be obsolete, with bulletproofs replacing Borromean ring signatures, and various minor tweaks to the code base. Based on feedback here, and via email, it seems at least a few people would like a second edition. Please note Zero to Monero is by far the most in-depth resource on Monero currently existing (aside from this academic treatment), and is accessible and useful to laymen, developers, researchers, etc. Proposed changes for second edition: 1) Add multisig chapter (a draft is ready and needs rewriting; Surae Noether published his multisig paper, so now I can add the subject to ZtM). 2) Edit blockchain chapter (too bland, longwinded, etc). 3) Update with bulletproof chapter (includes researching bulletproofs) and deprecate borromean ring sigs. Peruse ~500-600 pull requests on Monero git repository for all changes made since my last researches. 4) various minor edits/improvements

Want the GUI to get better? Fund this full time developer!
Many improvements to make. My full-time focus will give it the attention it needs. My Qt workflow (using qml-xmr) is efficient and can more quickly iterate on changes. I expect I'll probably be working on things like new QML components, decoupling existing javascript from QML, some C++, making sure buildbot compiles, managing issue tracker, writing documentation etc etc. This is a limited set of to-do's straight from the issue tracker. There is, most definitely, more. The above list serves as an indication of things I want to look into. 3 months lines up with the amount of work I plan on doing. 40 hours a week. 45$ a hour. With the Monero exchange rate at ~ $102, and a target rate of $45 a hour, three months end up giving a donations target of 180 XMR.

My FFS is still open!
el_ruobuob posted this 3 months ago Funds awarded: 33.33% (~XMR7.00) Funds awarded: 33.33% (~XMR7.00) Funds awarded: 33.33% (~XMR7.00) I'm el00ruobuob, if i still have to introduce myself, i've done the French translation of Monero Website with the help of erciccione, the monerujo French translation for m2049r, a full refresh of developer daemon RPC guide, the relocalization of Moneropedia, and much more. If you do not know me yet, look at the latest merged PR on monero-site, the Open-Hub stats, the reports on my previous FFS, or ask erciccione, rehrar & luigi1111 how annoying i am ;) I would like to continue doing the French localization for almost anything that came up. I also would like to help in any possible ways, like creating/updating guides or generally improving the website.

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