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PayFair (PFR) - ICO rating and details
A decentralized escrow platform for making cryptocurrency transactions between two parties. It is ensured with PAYFAIR tokens (PFR) based on Ethereum blockchain Low fees for making a transaction, its safety and privacy Saving time when making a transaction, no third parties or bureaucracy. Key features Escrow service possesses all advantages of decentralization and blockchain technology and supports all major cryptocurrencies Bad LinkedIn profile ... Bad marketing strategies .... lack of experience...... Bad ICO for investors.... raised only 182,912 which is not sufficient for any project to development their products or anything .... very bad ICO

Connect (CNN) - ICO rating and details
Connect is peer-to- peer decentralised blockchain based cryptocurrency that integrates popular feature of e-commerce marketplacefor B2B and B2C connections across the world. The platform is designed to minimize the friction between shopper, retailer and customer, while allowing any type of market experience to flourish. Through connect purchases (transactions of funds) are instant and guaranteed, using inbuilt escrow functionality to protect all parties from theft through scamming, phishing and other common hacks experienced in traditional eCommerce platforms. Connect is a project which develop people inspired by the prospects of development of blockchain technologies and understand real business problems in e-commerce.

Rento ratings and reviews
Rento is proposing a global sharing platform for businesses and individuals that allow renting of underutilised assets. Unlike competitors in the market, Rento provides rental of any item to any individual, rather than focusing simply on one market (cars, apartment share). Furthermore, Rento leverages blockchain technology to implement a trusted economy through smart contracts that ensure rental conditions are met and that the parties can count on one another to deliver and return the product or service. Rento aims to introduce the sharing economy in the daily lives of people everywhere, reducing waste in the economy and allowing more people to enjoy a variety of services and products without having to shoulder the cost of owning every type of item they use Blockchain technology provides opportunities in the sharing economy due to its immutable records, transparency, and smart contracts.

Athero ratings and reviews
Athero is a powerful infrastructure for decentralized apps powered by smart contracts. Blockchain project that aims to revolutionize the way how modern internet operates. Experts are independently and voluntarily contributing to the community. If no expert has rated the ICO, only ICO analyzer's results are used. Always research before investing as these ratings should not be taken as an investing guide of any kind. Ratings and ICO analyzer results are being updated (re-calculated) every few hours. Javvy is the full integration of a universal wallet connected to numerous exchanges pre... TEMCO is developing a supply chain data platform based on Bitcoin Smart Contract (RSK).

Poseidon Foundation (OCEAN) - ICO rating and details
The Poseidon Foundation builds climate change solutions with widespread and immediate impact. Its current ICO and token sales support its 'reduce' platform, which uses blockchain to let anyone rebalance the climate impact of any product or service in real time at the checkout. The Poseidon Foundation is dedicated to stopping climate change. Step 1 in our global effort to save the planet is the 'reduce' platform. This solution draws its power from conserving rainforests'and has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from carbon dioxide an amazing 20%. 'reduce' is the first solution in the world that links day-to-day consumer routines to carbon credits, the asset used around the world to balance co2 emissions.

iAM (IAM) - ICO rating and details
iAM's personal care record platform solves global problems in the healthcare industry using Blockchain technology. iAM's platform is a unique solution for both consumers and healthcare professionals. All parties in health and social care can benefit from iAM solutions, including patients, doctors, nurses, care providers, funders, insurers, pharmaceutical companies, and researchers. Features developed specially for the iAM platform enable improved clinical outcomes while reducing global medical costs. iAM automates the clinical processes through evidence-based personal care pathways and minimises manual data entry. (IDAP) - ICO rating and details is an International Digital Asset Platform, which aims to provide a complete Derivatives Ecosystem for Crypto Assets, offering Futures, calendar & butterfly spreads, options, and swaps among major trading products. exchange also supports spot trading, P2P lending and ETFs. Additionally, it is providing an ICO venture fund with a focus on retail investors. platform provides a Point-and-Click Ladder based Trading Interface through its Desktop Application. Its simulator tool aids beginners in learning futures trading. IDAP token holders will get 50% discount in trading and management fees if paid in IDAP tokens. There will be zero trading fees for ICO contributors who buy 20,000 or more IDAP tokens. IDAP aims to tap the potential billion dollars crypto derivatives market by creating the much needed crypto derivatives trading instruments and a legacy styled advanced and easy to use trading interface.

Tierion (TNT) - ICO rating and details | ICObench
Tierion is launching a universal platform for data verification that operates at massive scale. Businesses safeguard and notarize important documents such as property titles and contracts to ensure anyone can prove their veracity. Surprisingly, there isn't a universal equivalent for safeguarding digital data. Companies in healthcare, insurance, and financial services are trusted with safeguarding huge volumes of critical data. Proving the authenticity of information within these industries is currently cumbersome, expensive, and in many cases impossible. Tierion is launching a universal platform for data verification that operates at massive scale.

TaTaTu (TTU) - ICO rating and details | ICObench
The TaTaTu Platform will be a fair and transparent social media and entertainment blockchain-powered platform. Users will be rewarded for both creating or providing content, and for watching it. All users of the TaTaTu Platform will be able to watch content for free. Premium content such as movies, sports footage, and music videos will be provided by entertainment networks. There will also be approved content from celebrities, YouTubers, and other influencers. In time, anyone on the TaTaTu Platform will be able to create their own video content and share it with their friends. TaTaTu will be a fair and transparent social media entertainment blockchain-powered platform. Users will be rewarded for viewing, creating, and providing content.

Inspeer (INSP) - ICO rating and details | ICObench
Inspeer combines years of business experience and scoring expertise with ample opportunities of blockchain technology. We are building a modern financial platform, designed to meet a demand of blockchain projects, offline and online companies, and individuals. Inspeer provides high-quality scoring based on AI and machine learning, ensures getting data from Credit Bureau, and controls AML/CFT. Therefore our clients get favourable terms while taking out a loan, and make a profit on investing in P2P lending. We know how to handle risks, and are excited to build a reliable financial platform for everyone. Inspeer is one of the first p2p lending services on the market that allows lending and borrowing in cryptocurrency alongside with fiat.

Noscam (NSC) - ICO rating and details | ICObench
NOSCAM-Scam projects searching platform A work of NOSCAM platform on searching SCAM projects is based on so called Crowd wisdom?. Our followers will be investigating each project and estimating in the end whether it's SCAM or NOSCAM. After that, taking into account that data, our team will be making an analysis of an ICO project in accordance with such criteria as the project necessity, team's competency and etc. If points of view of the team and the crowd are identical, there will be published a verdict in our social groups. There is going to be launched a mobile application in Q3, 2018 for more convenient voting process. Why will the crowd vote Everybody will get NSC token for his voice. That's why both parties are pleased: as one which votes for the projects on NOSCAM platform as another one which is going to invest money to the projects.

Reginald Ringgold III | ICObench
Reginald Ringgold is one of the world's innovators shaping the future of Blockchain technology and finance as a banking revolution advocate. Ringgold is an internationally recognized financial industry strategist. He is named one of the most influential people in banking and a Top Fintech Influencer. A widely published author of books, articles, and blog posts on cryptocurrencies, Ringgold continues to contribute his technical knowledge and commentary in the crypto industry. He is a frequent speaker at conferences on the topic of trading illiquid assets and has appeared in many leading publications, including Nasdaq, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, New York Times, USA Today, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Fortune, and many others. He is the Founder of Blockvest Decentralized Exchange & Index Fund, Founding Member of The Blockchain Exchange Commission as well as Founding Partner of Blockchain Investment Group an investment bank that focuses on Blockchain Asset Based companies. Ringgold's entrepreneurial experience and passion for Blockchain technology led him to found the Blockchain Investment Group in 2017. Ringgold brings a wide range of international, multi-sector experience into building Block Chain Investment Group's global network. His strategy is to focus on building and supporting Cryptocurrency and Blockchain companies by leveraging its insights, network, and access to capital. Professor Ringgold is a finance expert with a professional background across diverse matters in the finance industry. His expertise includes in-depth knowledge of financial markets, currencies, and fundamental data as well as technical analysis, Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies. He has over 17 years of experience in the financial markets and has been a full-time financial trader for several years trading the European, US and Asian markets. He has an extensive background in global economic analysis and alternative investments. Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Rosegold Investments, a CFTC registered Commodity Trading Advisor firm. Founding Partner of Master Investment Group, Senior Partner at Block Trader's Corner and Reginald Ringgold Investment Coach, Inc. In 2006, Chief Investment Officer for Epicenter Investment Group, a northern California hedge fund. He has sat on the board for several successful corporations in Delaware, Wyoming, Nevada and the British Virgin Islands. This experience inspired him to teach others on the importance of financial discipline. He is a Blockchain entrepreneur, educator and true finance practitioner who understands the importance of encouraging entrepreneurial interests among youth and adults young and old. In addition to investing in the financial markets, Mr. Ringgold's passion is teaching. He has been teaching and mentoring traders to navigate the financial markets effectively since 2010. As a trading instructor, he provides a wealth of knowledge and resources to help other traders improve their trading.

Promether (PYRO) - ICO rating and details | ICObench
Promether is a new type of network called an Adaptive Symbiotic Network (ASN). Based on the principles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Ubiquitous Computing, Promether allows anybody to create secure and anonymous networks simply by deploying and configuring a series of reusable software components. It is an open-source and component-based, reusable system that abstracts the details of the secure network from the applications that use it. The rapid evolution and enabling features of science and technology has made us entirely dependent on connectivity. The limitless possibilities, offered by an always-on Internet, has ushered in a new era of human collaboration and creativity. We are now at the precipice of true global interoperability, with the power to change the future of humanity. And thus begins a third era of technological evolution we refer to as the Internet of Things (IoT). The world has become a living interconnected organism, enabling us, and all our surroundings, to connect freely with access to more information, services, and means of communication. But this does not come without sacrifces. While the Internet introduced a borderless system, companies did what they do best they took advantage of an opportunity and created their own borders with the goal of gaining control, making money, and self-preservation. Due to lack of awareness, people willingly handed over their data to companies, websites, and application providers, choosing convenience over security. It did not help that we combined this centralization of control and data with unreliable systems of user passwords, logins, security questions, and other means of authentication. Unfortunately, that turned people into products and drew the attention of malicious parties looking to exploit the system, leading our governments to start treating all citizens like criminals. With all of its innovation, the Internet has served to unite the world, but also created means for the powerful to grasp more control and oversight it became both our savior and executioner. Unless we begin to hold the tech industry accountable by building and using new secure and private solutions, there is no incentive for the them to change, as they make too much money hosting our data and controlling our identities. This is why we believe there is a need for a new platform that puts privacy frst, irrespective of the network topology or architecture. We have chosen to give power back to the users by building the frst truly free, secure, and open decentralized network powered by the blockchain Promether. Promether is a new type of network called an Adaptive Symbiotic Network (ASN). Based on the principles of Artifcial Intelligence (AI) and Ubiquitous Computing, Promether allows anybody to create secure and anonymous networks simply by deploying a series of reusable software components. Whether you're an individual trying to build your frst app, a company who needs to develop a global service, or even a government that wishes to establish secure communications - Promether is fexible enough to adapt to everyone's specifc networking needs. The vision for Promether is to become a global secure networking infrastructure for developers, miners, users, corporations, and governments. By merging blockchain based incentivization with secure decentralized networks and providing benefts for every participant, we will bring about the end of surveillance. To build this sort of incentive-based decentralized network, Promether will develop an application building block, modular network, decentralized VPN, secure communications framework, decentralized data sharing and storage solutions, distributed computing platform, and fully self-sustainable ecosystem. These functionalities will allow Promether to become the decentralized network of the future. Additionally, unlike other decentralized and persistent networks, basic use of the Promether Network is completely free, irrespective of coin ownership. To accomplish this, a small percentage of total network capacity will be reserved up front. The remaining network capacity will be divided up equally according to the ownership of coins. With an 18 month roadmap, Promether aims to create a network that draws inspiration from the Internet as a security driven decentralized social space. Now is the time to regain our individual control and safeguard our privacy, freedoms, and personal liberties from extinction. We will redefne the rules that govern the masses, and build a new paradigm of security on the Internet without authority, trust, centralization, giving up control, or the ever-watchful eye of Big Brother.

eco-NAN (eco-NAN) - ICO rating and details | ICObench
eco-NAN supports Green Business with Circular Economy projects that combine environmental solutions to the production of high added value commodities. eco-NAN is the first Token on Blockchain for eco-alloy derived from toxic waste, steel dust, using innovative technology of proven reliability and effectiveness. eco-NAN is your Token if you are looking for a short, medium, and long term investment form that provides a guarantee of performance, security and complete transparency. NAN, "Nunc Aut Nunquam" (now or never) is our motto, eco stands for ecology, it`s our field and main objective; the sum of this two words is the name chosen for our tokens: eco-NAN. It refers to our business philosophy engaged in economic activities aimed at resolving environmental issues. We are conscious that in order to save our environment and prevent planet stress, it is necessary to implement profitable production systems based on waste recycling. Humanity has to realize that the salvation of life on the planet depends on its behavior and its sense of urgency. Now or never. Synergie Group is made up of professionals and entrepreneurs involved in the implementation of industrial projects for the transformation and recycling of stainless steel EAF Dusts and other fine metal wastes. We rely on the use of the innovative Clean Tech technology applied to electric arc furnaces that ensures the total recovery of the metals contained therein in the form of ecoalloys reusable in the steel production process, without releasing toxic emissions into the atmosphere. Our goal is to implement and manage recycling facilities in steel mills and other metal industries, to become a global reference company for this kind of business involved in a process of green industrial metabolism. Synergie Group plans to crowdfund the first project of its kind in Europe by issuing digital tokens, and becoming part of the ecosystem built from the ground up by the Waves platform. The issuance of eco-NAN Tokens to crowdfund the first project will make Synergie Group stronger and more independent from multinationals in the metallurgical sector and traditional financial institutions. Thanks to the blockchain and the crowdfunding we will create a public consensus towards our eco-project, supporting a resilient economy for a resilient Planet.

SUPERIUM (SUM) - ICO rating and details | ICObench
SUPERIUM is a digital coin based on Ethereum that allows you to earn money playing and winning videogames. All you have to do is register on the official site or download the smartphone APP, create your own Wallet and start playing any video game that supports SUPERIUM CONNECT, a technology that allows users, registered in SUPERIUM to login to video games. With every win, you get other SUPERIUMS. Thanks to SUPERIUM, it will be possible to access premium features such as additional challenges, official tournaments and offers for special content purchases such as DLC or additional items.

Tradershub (THT) - ICO rating and details | ICObench
We are creating a platform that will provide a powerful single point of interaction with the cryptocurrency markets. By blending sophisticated engineering with an elegant user experience and crowdsourced intelligence, we empower traders with everything they need to trade effectively within a trustworthy and safe trading environment. The platform will allow us to aggregate people and trading services together in dynamic ways in order to deliver a next-generation trading platform that will hopefully become the go-to solution for diversified portfolio management and all trading-related activities.

Michael E. Bryant, MA, MBA, CPA, CBE | ICObench
Michael is the CEO of Blockchain Ventures International, CEO of ICO Management Ltd, CEO & Publisher of Blockchain Daily News (, Executive Member of The Blockchain Council, and President of Bryant Trust Ltd. He additionally serves as the Chairman of the Advisory Boards for the DIGITAL CURRENSY (DCC) ICO, the GREEK FOOD CORRIDORS (GFC) ICO, the CARGO COIN (CRGO) ICO, and the Decibels (DCBL) ICO, as well as an Advisory Board member for the VAULTITUDE (formerly IPCHAIN Database) ICO, The DOUBLE LAND GAME ICO, the LIGHTCASH ICO, and the BBILLER ICO. Michael serves as an Adjunct Professor of International Accounting and International Corporate Finance in the Masters in International Business program at Moscow's Higher School of Economics, and as a guest lecturer on Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies at the Moscow University of Finance & Law (MFUA). In addition to acquiring eleven late stage companies during his career, with revenues ranging from $2 million to $120 million, Michael was the founder of six startup companies, with activities ranging from 4-D Printing and online mining supply, to Education & Training and Musician Promotion. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and a Certified Blockchain Expert (CBE). Michael began his career in 1982 with a BSc. in Finance & Accounting from the University of South Carolina, after serving as a White House Intern in the Ronald Reagan administration. During his career he furthered his education by earning a MBA in International Business from Georgia State University, and a MA in International Relations from The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy at Harvard University and Tufts University.

Rialto.AI (XRL) - ICO rating and details | ICObench
RIALTO.AI is a team of data scientists designing proprietary algorithms for arbitrage and market making. By providing liquidity and matching orders, they are increasing market efficiency and connecting crypto markets, while earning a fraction on every transaction. RIALTO.AI is a team of data scientists, trading economists and signal processing experts, designing proprietary algorithms for arbitrage and market making. By providing liquidity and matching orders, we are increasing market efficiency and connecting crypto markets, while earning a fraction on every transaction. We are on a mission to become the largest market maker in the growing multi-billion landscape of cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and blockchain transactions.

BCDiploma (BCDT) - ICO rating and details | ICObench
We aim BCDiploma to become the global standard of degree certification. Our solution is a cost effective, easy-to-implement, tamper-proof turnkey service. BCDiploma aims to be the standard on Linkedin and all major job boards. BCDiploma shakes up the access to certified diploma. With our service, a single clic grants direct access to ethereum-based, smart-contract-validated data. BCDiploma develops a specific DApp for schools, enabling them to issue their degrees on Ethereum. First of all, BCDiploma brings a solution to a concrete and relevant problem that schools IT departments struggle with. The number of higher education institutions keeps increasing and competition is fierce amongst them. Each one of these schools is yearning for a stronger reputation and for better quality services for their students. The diploma's certification issue is in every Director of IT System's mind.

INLOCK (ILK) - ICO rating and details | ICObench
INLOCK is a lending platform that enables cryptocurrency holders to manage short-term liquidity problems by taking a loan, using their existing cryptocurrencies as collateral. The credit transactions are established between the two parties directly. INLOCK merely acts as intermediary to record the terms of the agreement. These terms are established in a smart contract, making every credit contract between parties immutable and impossible to manipulate. Inlock (ILK) is an ethereum-based token that will be used when creating a lending contract. Our goal is to connect people who already own cryptocurrencies, but have been unable to effectively utilize them, to those who want to benefit from the profit generated by cryptocurrencies, while avoiding the high risk that often characterizes crypto markets. Over the past year we have received numerous requests from both camps, and we are pleased to announce that we will soon release a platform that provides mutually beneficial solutions forboth parties.

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