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Exclusive Interview to Dave De Fijter - IOTA Hispano
Dave joined the IOTA Foundation by July 2018 as Online Communiy Liaison and has been contributing since then to keep things sharp at Slack and Discord, key places for IOTA community to discuss different topics and organize itself. At certain point Slack ended up not being able to handle the vast IOTA community and Dave contributed planning the Slack-Discord migration. Since he has a tech background (ICT Degree at Rotterdam University), he soon became developer advocate and started conducting Twitch sessions to guide users step by step on mounting a Full Node, Bootstraping IOTA's Data Marketplace or creating testnets. This videos can be viewed at IF Youtube Channel.

Circular Energy Management: meet the argentinian devs who got the third ?The perfect brainstorm? position - IOTA Hispano
Nicolas Schteinschraber and Federico Gonzalez are two developers from Argentina. They applied their project Circular Energy Management in the contest The Perfect Brainstorm launched by the IOTA Foundation and of the 210 participating projects, they managed to get the 3rd place. We are pleased to meet Nicolas within the IOTA Argentinian Community for being one of those who knows more about Flash Channels in Argentina and was participating as a speaker at the last IOTA Meetup Bs As, together with Serguei Popov and others. We were able to interview both of them and got to know a little more about this interesting project chosen by the IF as one of the winners.

IOTA Hispano: Meet Bas Van Sambeek, Communication Strategist and IOTA Untangle Founder
In today's interview I am going to introduce you to a very valuable member of the IOTA community, based in the Netherlands, active, sincere in his opinions. He has a creative mind and very innovative ideas, wich you can read about at IOTA Untangled, a project he is carrying out together with his wife Hanna Vas Sambeek. Last week I had the chance to have an extensive talk with him, we went through various topics during the communication and I must say that on that occasion he made me see things about these new technologies and how to present them to others from another perspective. This interview definitely deserves a good read, I introduce you to Bas Van Sambeek.

XDK2MAM vision, roadmap and announcements - IOTA Hispano
This has been a great year for XDK2MAM. We developed some open source code, enabling to decentralize Bosch XDK110 sensors data through the Tangle and traveled as much as we could to conduct workshops in Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela. We are really thankful with the way the IOTA Foundation and Bosch Connectivity got interested in our project and supported us in different ways. Now that XDK2MAM is funded by the IOTA Ecosystem, we will be dedicated in a much more compromised way to deliver the project milestones and, if possible, go even further. Yes, our roadmap is about the Bosch XDK110-Tangle integration, but there are too many devices out there and we are confident that we will be able to start working on solutions to integrate some of them as well. As we develop our XDK110 based roadmap, we aim to slowly build an open source Hub that will allow the community to start connecting devices to the Tangle.

IOTA HISPANO: IOTA latest partnerships: bridging the gap between technology and industries - Gabriela Jara
The last few months many news about partnerships between IOTA and different companies have been announced in order to optimize the standardization, development and implementation of IOTA in different areas. We are witnessing how IOTA walks and get's closer and closer to becoming the protocol for a decentralized Internet of Things, and that there are no doubts when we see that, in addition to the intentions to achieve goals, there are facts. Gabriela Jara Content Coordinator & Writer IOTA Hispano Many times we try to explain what IOTA is or what could be to people and to those who never heard of DLT. They look at us with a frown, as if we were speaking in another language. It's understandable: a few years ago, if someone had shown up wanting to explain what the Internet was, they would have looked at it the same way. But the years passed, the Internet came into our lives to facilitate millions of things, shortening distances, allowing access to instant information, remote work and much much more. However, most of us have no idea about how it works in depth. We only understand the part that is pleasant and easy to our common sense.

Roman Semko Interview - IOTA Hispano
Roman Semko is a senior developer in Python, Javascript and blockchain with an extensive experience in the field of other technologies (Angular, React, machine learning), which he has been dealing with since 2002. He is, in deed, one of the most active community developers around IOTA with solutions such as Romeo, Nelson, Carriota Fields and Hercules that tend to make easier to run or interact with Full Nodes. On behalf of the IOTA Hispano team we want to thank him the time dedicated to this interview as well as his effort delivering tools to improve the user experience of a yet not that friendly project.

Second IOTA Venezuela Meetup review - IOTA Hispano
Last Saturday, December 1th, the second IOTA Latino Meetup was held in Valencia (Venezuela) hosted by Saul Ameliach and the precenses of Daniel De Michele and Alejandro Elustondo, founders of XDK2MAM. The event took place in the Hesperia WTC Hotel and had an amazing production, being the first one that had a live stream in spanish and english with a live translator. This second Meetup represents one piece of a larger vision being held by IOTA Latino: to spread the word about IOTA over Venezuela and the Caribbean and start contributing to the ecosystem by developing proofs of concept and providing what will be the first IOTA nodes balanced cluster physically located in LATAM.

November IOTA Buenos Aires Meetup summary
This Thursday 22th of November, IOTA had its last 2018 Ecosystem sponsored Buenos Aires Meetup at Espacio Bitcoin with the presences of Serguei Popov (IOTA Co-Founder), a remote link with Eric Hop (Qubic Product Owner), Claudio Martin (H2h), Daniel De Michele and Alejandro Elustondo (XDK2MAM) and Nicolas Schteinschraber (R/GA). Because 2018 was a pretty intense year for IOTA in Argentina, before we summarize this Meetup talks, we want to quickly review the year community main events. May and June IOTA Buenos Aires Meetups and community activity July IOTA Buenos Aires Meetup with Serguei Popov  August IOTA and XDK2MAM presentation at Espacio Bitcoin August IOTA Bariloche Meetup at FabLab September XDK2MAM Workshop at Instituto Baikal September Tangle Patagonia at Expo Emprender September XDK2MAM Blockcrypto San Pablo Workshop October IOTA and XDK2MAM talk at International Congress of Open Software November Tangle Patagonia Meetup November IOTA Buenos Aires Meetup November No Soy Satoshi podcast invitation to talk about IOTA December IOTA Talk + XDK2MAM Workshop at Valencia (Venezuela)

Get to know TWO ? IoT waste management - IOTA Hispano
We all know that IOTA is much more than a token, it is a revolutionary DLT that aims to be protocol for the Internet of Things. Based on this, it is reasonable to say that the importance of this project has little relation with what its token price reflect by this days. True value relays on its architecture and the many features available as Open Source technology, to allow the community of developers and entrepreneurs to develope PoCs that can be used to improve some problems that we are facing in our daly lives. We invite you to know one of the most interesting developements that Hamoun Karami and Michael Carmody are working on in their company TWO: IOT Waste Management.

Interview with Antonio Nardella, Digital Business Architect and Italy RCL - IOTA Hispano
On 2018 many people from the IOTA Ecosystem have been shaking the waters with interesting IOTA developments, Proofs of concept and Meetups all over the globe. Antonio Nardella has been working on this three areas as a member of the IEN, Developer and Regional Community Leader in Italy. We think it is very important to highlight the work done by the different characters involved in making IOTA grow, therefore we invite ur reader to meet him and his work on this interview. Gabriela Jara Content Coordinator & Writer IOTA Hispano Sure! Born in 1982 in Bolzano, married to my beautiful and patient wife Sabrina and proud father of my son Alexander.

Interview with Alejandro Elustondo and Daniel De Michele from XDK2MAM - IOTA Hispano
The XDK2MAM team + Serguei Popov at the Blockcrypto workshop (San Pablo) Some months ago I found about XDK2MAM and did some review of the project. As Founder of IOTA Latino, I was interested on what this project could enable in Venezuela and the Caribbean, where we are working hard to adopt Tangle and designing some proofs of concept as we study the IOTA protocol in depth. So I contacted Daniel De Michele and Alejandro Elustondo, from Argentina to start discussing how we could work together in the region and ended up inviting them to our next IOTA Latino Meetup in December. This interview, the first one I am doing for IOTA Hispano, aims to get a better understanding of what this project is about and why I believe it will be important for IOTA as it will allow others to prototype IoT. Let's get to know the founders and their vision.

Interview to Olivia Saa from IOTA research team - IOTA Hispano
Some weeks ago we were at Blockcrypto, San Pablo and had the opportunity to meet Olivia Saa, part of the IOTA research team working with Serguei Popov. On that Congress, she gave a very nice talk about scalability, analizing the ways in which the Tangle overcomes Blockchains limitations. After the Congress we kept in touch (Olivia speaks spanish very well) and I promissed myself that I would try to get her to give IOTA Hispano an interview. Even though the work being done by Olivia Saa and Serguei Popov is not the kind of stuff you read on your weekly news IOTA resume, it is fundamental for the project development and has a big impact in aspects everyone cares about, such as the Network status and the Coordicide.

IOTA Latino had its first IOTA Meetup in Venezuela - IOTA Hispano
Saul Ameliach, first IOTA Lartino Meetup host (Venezuela) This Saturday, October 20, the first IOTA Meetup took place in Venezuela. This event was organized by IOTA Latino and is the first of a series of meetings that are being prepared for Latin America and the Caribbean. Because Venezuela is one of the countries in Latin America with greater acceptance of DLT technology and cryptocurrencies, IOTA Latino decided to start its cycle of meetups in there, specifically in the city of Valencia. The event exceeded the expectations of the organizers as there was a large number of requests from interested parties to attend. More than 400 people signed up to participate in the event which caused the organizers to decide to hold a second meetup before finishing this year.

Nothing to Prove ? Terry Shane, bIOTAsphere Founder talks to Iota Hispano about the Insure My Car POC
A few weeks ago, Terry Shane, Founder of the Toronto bIOTAsphere (and better known to some as IOTerry), together with Brian Wong, Director of Strategic Initiatives at the bIOTAsphere, revealed a Proof of Concept using IOTA that seems to have grabbed the attention and imagination of many in the DLT and automotive space. The Insure-My-Car demonstration was live-streamed but was provocatively described as Putting the Proof back in Proof of Concept?. We were intrigued and caught up with Terry on his way to Barcelona and the IoT World Conference to ask him a few questions about the project.

IOTA Latino will have its first Meetup in Venezuela - IOTA Hispano
IOTA Latino announced that its first IOTA Meetup for Latin America and the Caribbean will be held in the city of Valencia (Venezuela) on October 20, 2018. This first meeting will start a series of events that IOTA Latino will be organizing in those regions, explained Saúl Ameliach, who will be hosting. Venezuela is one of the countries with greater acceptance of blockchain technology in Latin America and a vast cryptocurrencies knowledge, as well as great potential for development. Therefore, IOTA Latino decided to start its cycle of meetups scheduled for Latin America and the Caribbean in Venezuela, and has chosen the city of Valencia as the appropriate place to start with this stage of events, says Ameliach.

Housing-as-a-service: a new concept in the (smart) town - IOTA Hispano
by Rafael Presa IOTA Evangelist Network Member Blockchain Solution Architect It is not news that our behavior concerning consumption has changed dramatically in the past few years where, in the beginning, the normative and social context dictated that the more you had, the happier and successful you were. Despite the fact we are not 100% in common sense about this yet, it is notable the number of individuals making the Minimalism their way of life, due to a wide spectrum of reasons. Most popular reasons for that pivot, includes environmental concerns, financial concerns, and the desire to have more time and freedom enjoying life.

Interview with Eric Hop, Qubic?s Project Owner - IOTA Hispano
I met Eric Hop by June or July of 2017. I was doing my first steps in IOTA as it got listed in Bitfinex and I started seeking for the existent communities. It didn't take a lot to understand that Eric was covering several fronts: administrating IOTA's Facebook group, moderating Slack and Forums at Hello IOTA, writing posts on Medium to bring light on dark aspects or propose solutions to unfixed scenarios such as the donations one. Eric was also helping with a new wallet and had a lot of projects. Despite all this, this guy always had time to come back to me with help when I was lost in the Tangle.

IOTA Hispano interviews with Roman Semko, one of the most prolific IOTA community developers
Roman Semko is a senior developer in Python, Javascript and blockchain with an extensive experience in the field of other technologies (Angular, React, machine learning), which he has been dealing with since 2002. He is, in deed, one of the most active community developers around IOTA with solutions such as Romeo, Nelson, Carriota Fields and Hercules that tend to make easier to run or interact with Full Nodes. On behalf of the IOTA Hispano team we want to thank him the time dedicated to this interview as well as his effort delivering tools to improve the user experience of a yet not that friendly project.

Interview to Serguei Popov, mathematician & IOTA cofounder
Serguei Popov has a Ph.D. in math (1997, Moscow State University) and is one of IOTA cofounders, together with Sergey Ivancheglo, David Sønstebø and Dominik Schiener. He is in charge of the theoretic/conceptual side of IOTA and has been kind enough to give IOTA Hispano a little interview. We thought it would be a good idea to go crazy on Discord and prompt some devs with the you have the chance to ask Popov one question, what would that be challenge. Follow up questions are a selection of what we got, plus some of our own. We hope you enjoy it and we want to thank Popov for its time and his humble way of approaching us while we were puting this together.

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