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An Introductory Guide to Blockchain Technology Where Level01 Resides
Before the Internet, we used and stored information in physical formats like books, maps, paintings, galleries and libraries. In a few short years after its debut, an explosion of commerce occurred with the rise of online businesses that drove the digital economy. Information sells. Information is no longer limited in a physical form. Enter Blockchain, the second generation of the Internet, but unlike the Internet, which is the digital format for information, Blockchain is the digital format for value, i.e. money, gold or anything of value. It is an incorruptible digital ledger of accounts that records every transaction across several networks of computers making it impossible for fraud to occur, and creating a more efficient, transparent and secure environment than traditional financial markets. It can also replace the role of financial institutions thereby removing all that agonizing paper work and banking fees.

The Future Chooses LVX: Universal Asset Currency That Will Catapult Derivatives Trading Into a Profitable Reality.
A businessman needs an universal medium to build his empire worldwide. A medium of exchange that is so widely accepted and unanimously represented as a standard value accepted by all parties, to facilitate trade, sale or purchase of goods. In this day and age, this medium of exchange is currency. Now what if there was a new class of currency that extends beyond convention to include the value of investment assets, and what if this new and vastly larger representation of value is accepted universally We call this Universal Asset Currency, the LVX token, a medium of exchange on Level01, the world's first Brokerless Derivatives Exchange in partnership with Thomson Reuters. The LVX token is the very key that will unlock a $1 quadrillion global derivatives market to the general public.

Envisioning a Decentralized World for Financial Trading
LEVEL01 | For a long time, financial trading has been a proverbial minefield for investors. From multiple intermediaries to cumbersome fund withdrawals and wallet security concerns, investing in the financial markets can be a largely inefficient process. An inventor with a decade of experience in UI/UX technologies and hard/software product design, Jonathan Loi, knew that the user experience was severely lacking on conventional exchanges. He envisioned an investors world where he could remove these challenges present and allow investors to fully focus on trading activities. Jonathan Loi, CEO and Founder of Level01

Derivatives Trading is on the Edge of a New World With Artificial Intelligence on Level01
Could artificial intelligence in trading become the new normal Advances in technology and new standards surrounding automated trading are pushing us ever closer to transforming the industry. If this sounds very much like a science fiction movie, we can assure you it is not. In fact, artificial intelligence (AI) is already being utilized by banks, but its going to take a little longer for people to catch up to the idea that their investment is as safe, if not safer than it would be if their investments were handled by humans. An analysis by Accenture indicates that between 2018 and 2022, banks that invest in AI and human-machine collaboration at the same rate as top-performing businesses could boost their revenue by an average of 34 percent. AI's application is proven to improve efficiencies or customer outcomes and the software-development team at Level01 is working hard to achieve a human-machine collaborated future in derivatives trading to help people trade better, with ease and peace of mind.

BlockChain Enable a Quadrillion-Dollar Derivatives Market
By 2028, the world economy has exploded with exponential economic growth. BlockChain is now the heart of commerce and trade. Investopedia's valuation on the Derivatives Market now stands true at $1.2 quadrillion. And you are now very rich with your array of futures, derivatives and cryptocurrencies on hand. Isn't this a nice possibility Now, imagine travelling back to 2018. You are scrolling your news feed. The headlines show in 2017 alone, BlockChain startups have raised $1.2 billion worth initial coin offering (ICOs). ICOs enable startups, to raise money from the general public by allowing them to buy a stake in their business; which comes in a form of a token or digital currency. It looks like the public are beginning to understand the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

LVX Token is the Ultimate Game-Changer that will Completely Open the Derivatives Market!
The crash happened. Not once, not twice, but certainly more than thrice. It is as thrilling as it is uncertain. It is Bitcoin and Morgan Stanley said it is behaving a lot like how Nasdaq did in the dot-com bubble but 15 times faster. Investors with high-risk appetite love Bitcoin's speculative trading patterns because it comes with juicy high-yield returns. Having said that, there are not many high-risk investors in the global investment market because the bulk of the population consists of many other types of investors who do not find Bitcoin an attractive investment for their portfolios. They label Bitcoin as a volatile store of value and veer away for safety.

The Coin That Expands Financial Inclusion To OVER A BILLION NEW INVESTORS Worldwide
As millenials go, Tyler is a free spirit. He does cosplay in the day, builds websites at night and handles all his financial transactions via PayPal. I don't trust the banks and the financial jargons are confusing?, he says. He's not alone on this. In a study by Scratch, 71% millennials would rather visit their dentist than listen to the banks. This distrust rose over the years, contributing to a total unbanked population of 2 billion people worldwide.

Up the Ante: How Level01 is Disrupting Global Derivative Exchanges by Inventing a Hybrid Blockchain Platform
Most Derivative Exchanges favor brokerages over retail individuals. The brokerages demonstrate their credentials by using leverage and large volumes of trade in their investments, while retail investors who cannot trade at such a scale depend on brokerages to access these exchanges. But recent news unveil that many brokerages are fraudulent, and retail investors are on the losing end. So when Level01's system architects were designing their game-changing Derivatives Exchange on Blockchain, they decided to disrupt the status quo. We believe that when we bypass brokerage platforms that are disadvantageous to the traders, Level01 will affect the industry in a big way because we allow traders to receive the full benefits for their investments. says Jon Loi, who heads Level01. This is a serious declaration of war against fraud, but they have built a seriously intelligent game-changing solution too.

Level 01 Teams with Thomson Reuters, Launching Blockchain-based Derivatives Exchange
Level 01 Technologies is poised to launch the Level01 Derivatives Exchange, a platform envisioned to be the ultimate fair and transparent environment for the trading of derivative contracts. The platform is powered by blockchain technology, with a system of smart contracts that serve as an unbiased, automated and trusted intermediary for trade and transaction settlements. This bypasses the reliance on brokerage platforms with human fallibility that could possibly lead to irresponsibility, collusion and even fraud. The platform utilizes Thomson Reuters data feeds as a trusted source for its AI deep learning algorithms to provide real-time pricing analytics on derivative contracts; the data is also used to ensure transparent, timely and accurate settlement of derivative contracts upon contract maturity.

Level01 (LVX): The Next Evolution in Derivatives Trading
Trust certainly doesn't mean what it used to. These days, we trust more institutions and organizations than we realize. When we buy and sell goods on Amazon or Alibaba, we are putting a lot of faith into a third party to facilitate our daily trade and commerce. When we make financial transactions or use trading platforms, there are a number of firms and 3rd parties that we rely on to fully execute our decisions even if we don't know that they're involved. Regardless of whether or not we wanted it this way to begin with, massive corporations have monetized our trust in a very significant way. It's not something we think about on a day-to-day basis, but it's something that the cryptocurrency market is making society rethink completely.

Never seen such a unique derivatives exchange before. Blockchain + AI + Market Data. What do you guys think about
It is 04.00am and you are wide-awake so don't just lie under the blankets. Embrace your jet lag, spring out of bed and whip out your phone and view the latest derivatives deals matched to you on Level01. You find that there is a certain thrill in deciding on the movements of a market asset. So why not make the most of your irregular rhythms and make more money For people who don't know this robust Peer-to-Peer Derivatives Exchange platform, Level01 can feel overwhelmingly efficient when compared to traditional Derivatives Exchange. Contained in a global Blockchain infrastructure that spans from Seattle to Hong Kong, this brokerless platform hosts a vibrant digital eco-system flush with the movement of its native LVX token used to facilitate derivatives trade of trillions of investment assets across the globe. If you are a new user on Level01, you will be totally roused by the vast array of derivatives you can trade: Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Stocks and Indices.

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