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Taking a Look at This Crypto: Bitcoin-Cash (BCH.CR) - Martin Business Telegraph
Taking a look at some recent cryptocurrency market activity, we can see that Bitcoin-Cash (BCH.CR) has made a move to $10 on volume of 11. Crypto investors will be tracking the coin to see which way the price trends over the next few weeks. Investors may be wondering to what extent, if at all, they should be focusing on cryptocurrencies. The crypto phenomenon has picked up steam over the past six months, and even those who thought the craze would pass, are now most likely paying closer attention. Because the space is still relatively new, seasoned professionals may be putting in overtime to try and decipher the crypto market. As the bigger players start to become more involved in the space, it should be highly interesting to see what shape the market takes as a result.

What's Happening With Bitcoin-Cash (BCH)? Crypto Reaches $159.851 - Martin Business Telegraph
Taking a quick look at the latest trading data for Bitcoin-Cash (BCH), we note that the crypto has moved to $159.851. The market capitalization is currently 2809184091. Today's traded volume clocks in at 327336394. There are many different cryptocurrencies to keep track of these days. Many investors are tracking the success of Bitcoin as it has led the way thus far. At its core, the Bitcoin protocol is mainly tasked with synchronizing a ledger of transactions between various participants in the network. Bitcoin combines the currency's security with an incentive system that supports participants. The goal of a decentralized peer-to-peer system is to promote a higher level of security and stability as more resources are dedicated to the operation.

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