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Aurox is an advanced trading platform made by/for crypto traders
The crypto winter of 2018 was a decisive time in the growth and maturity of the crypto space, and it came with many lessons some painful, and many useful. Painful lessons were for those who had to exit the market including numerous exchanges due to a lack of user traction and any real value proposition. Useful lessons were for those who have been able to stay the course and build on new developments and insights gained over the past 6'12 months or so. Aurox was designed with exactly these types of long-term risks in mind and is a new platform that provides professional traders with the tools and information they need to turbocharge their trading game. Here we take a brief look at three ways it can help you do that.

The Most Expensive Lesson Of My Life: Details of SIM port hack
I lost north of $100,000 last Wednesday. It evaporated over a 24-hour time span in a SIM port attack that drained my Coinbase account. It has been four days since the incident and I'm gutted. I have zero appetite; my sleep is restless; I am awash in feelings of anxiety, remorse, and embarrassment. This was the single most expensive lesson of my life and I want to share my experience + lessons learned with as many people as possible. My goal is to increase awareness about these types of attacks and to motivate you to increase the security of your online identity. This is still very raw (I haven't even told my family yet); please reserve judgement with regards to the naive security practices laid out in this post.

Axie Infinity is becoming a LOOM PlasmaChain validator - Stake LOOM to earn game rewards
TL;DR: Axie Infinity will be running a validator on PlasmaChain, providing in-game rewards to those who stake with them, and migrating to PlasmaChain mainnet. To find out what this all means, keep reading. If you're anything like me, you look back on the glory days of Neopets fondly. You probably forgot to feed your Tamagotchi, but that's okay; you still hold it close to your heart. You collected, battled, and raised Pok'mon with the vigor of an accomplished trainer. And though your cards are now in box in the basement somewhere, your favorite Pok'mon Vulpix (obviously) is still cherished. These kinds of collectible pet games resonated with you as a kid because there was more to them than just pretty pictures; they were complex. And even though most of these nostalgic masterpieces are now in the technological archives of the 21st century, your emotional attachment doesn't dwindle.

How Tradezy Will Reinvent The E-Commerce Industry
In today's world, people mostly use online shopping platforms to buy products and services which ultimately promote the growth of the e-commerce sector. Although the industry is growing with higher pace still small scale retailers and shop owners are unable to reap the numerous benefits of the e-commerce industry. There are different reasons like they don't have enough idea about the benefits of this industry or they may not able to understand the process of shifting their business to an online platform which is little time consuming and expensive. At Aussie Digital, they understand the key issues of e-commerce industry that restricts small scale retailers and producers to introduce their business in an online platform. Therefore, they are coming up with ecommerce platform Tradezy which will help small scale business to set up their offline store to the online world in a very simple and efficient way.

Zeux Partners with Fusion to Expand Access to Digital Asset Investment Opportunities for All
New York, May 16, 2019 Fusion Foundation, the non-profit organization building the next generation infrastructure for decentralized global finance, today announced that it is now partnering with Zeux, the world's first crypto mobile payment and investment application, to expand access to digital asset investment opportunities through Zeux's simple, safe and user-friendly mobile payment and investment app. Founded in 2017, UK-based Zeux is a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated entity now approved to operate in the EU with plans to roll out to the rest of the world in 2020. Zeux aims to transform global payment and investment services by making complex and expensive financial management processes easy and accessible to everyone. Zeux's blockchain-based all-in-one financial app connects fiat, crypto, and investment opportunities within a single integrated mobile app.

May 15th Network Halt
At 1:14pm Pacific time, May 15th, the Stellar network halted for 67 minutes due to an inability to reach consensus. During that time no ledgers were closed and no transactions were processed basically, Stellar stopped. However, the ledger state remained safe and consistent across the network. Stellar has roughly 150,000 users every day and over 3 million total accounts. No one lost their money; no one's balances were confused by a fork. At 2:21, ledgers began closing where they left off, and the network is healthy this morning. Needless to say, an outage like this is highly undesirable, and it uncovered a few improvements we need to make. Here are the main takeaways, which we expand upon below.

Fantom's proposed scalable asynchronous BFT system
Fantom is pleased to announce the release of our third technical paper, ONLAY: Online Layering for scalable asynchronous BFT system?. Now available on Cornell's arXiv, this is the third technical paper from Fantom. This paper describes a modified version of Lachesis that allows consensus to be achieved in a fast, deterministic, secure manner across any number of nodes in a DAG. We are now working on incorporating this research into the go-lachesis codebase. If testing goes as planned, then Fantom will have developed a permissionless, dynamic, open source, and fast DAG-based platform with smart contract support, secured by Proof of Stake.

Lightning powered trades available on TESTNET of P2P exchange Hodl Hodl
Today we're officially announcing Lightning Network testing at In this blog post we want to give instructions and explain how everything works, and also thank everyone who helped us along the way. We recently announced support of the Lightning Network on Hodl Hodl, and now we're ready to present our implementation to the public, on our testnet version of the exchange. Our implementation of the Lightning Network allows every user to buy bitcoins and receive them directly into their Lightning wallet & to sell bitcoins directly from their Lightning wallet. We remind everyone, that Lightning Network will be available on our mainnet version at the end of May.

The Evolution of the Decentralized Exchange: A Brief History (Through May 2019)
When Bitcoin first exploded into the world back in 2009, it was revolutionary. The first ever decentralized P2P currency with no single entity controlling it. The vision and ideals of Satoshi Nakamoto inspired millions of people across the globe and multiple cryptocurrencies were created. This quick evolution of the crypto-ecosystem dictated a desperate need for people to exchange their cryptocurrencies with one another and so, in 2010 the very first cryptocurrency exchange opened, It would be the first of many. While the growing list of new exchanges enabled massive growth for crypto markets, this growth came at a cost. These exchanges were all centralized and were operated and under the control of the people and entities that built them. Many saw this as a huge problem and some even viewed it as a betrayal of the original ideology of Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin. However, the problem went beyond ideology and was actually far worse. First, users had to relinquish control of their crypto to a third party to actually use a centralized exchange (CEX), and second, hackers also found centralized exchanges an easy target. Many users lost their funds because they entrusted them to centralized exchanges and when those exchanges were hacked, it was already too late. It quickly became obvious to everyone that the ideology of Bitcoin and decentralized money needed to be applied to exchanges. How do you trade without giving up control of your funds to a third party How do you remove the need for trust The answer was decentralized exchange (DX). The race had begun!

Blockchain-business integration project Unibright holds webinar for Institute for Supply Management! (50,000+ members)
Unibright's CTO Stefan Schmidt was recently invited by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) to deliver a webinar on blockchain applications for supply chain management. ISM is the largest not-for-profit professional supply management organization worldwide. Founded in 1915, it has over 50,000 members located in 100 countries. ISM's members are increasingly examining the capabilities of blockchain technology in supply chain, what the benefits are and how to achieve them. Following a year-long project, ISM's research arm, the Center for Advanced Procurement Strategy [1], underscored the vital importance for supply management executives to better understand the frameworks, tools and ongoing developments of blockchain for supply management [2].

Nuo to become one of the first lending platforms to implement faster Plasma Exits on Matic sidechains
Why Faster Plasma Exits are needed in the first place:  Brief answer To provide a better experience for users. In order to ensure security and sanctity of off chain computations, the Plasma framework recommends a wait time of 7 days before an exit is finalized on mainchain. This long waiting period results in subpar user experience. No other Plasma based solution or L2 solution, in general, has been able to solve it yet. Matic will be the first L2 solution to enable faster exits (< 10 minutes to credit funds back on mainchain) in a sustainable manner while leveraging Ethereum based infrastructure.

BANKEX, Fusion Foundation to Provide Digital Funding Platform for Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
May 7 New York Fusion Foundation, the non-profit open source organization building the next generation infrastructure for decentralized global finance, and BANKEX, a fintech company developing a tokenization ecosystem, have entered into an agreement to bring a new set of collateralized digital assets to market, initially targeting small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) and commercial lenders. New York-based BANKEX operates a blockchain platform that supports the digitization of assets, their tokenization, securitization and custody. BANKEX selected Fusion to ease the creation and control of digital assets between public and private blockchains and off-chain financial systems. Furthermore, Fusion's groundbreaking Distributed Control Rights Management (DCRM) system enables users to create, configure and control assets across blockchains without surrendering private keys, making multi-token digital asset management simple and secure.

What's next for wallet addresses
We're rethinking every aspect of cryptocurrency wallets, including wallet addresses. In a first for crypto, you can now use your wallet address (e.g. as a web page, accessible in any browser. Argent usernames are built on Ethereum Name Service (ENS), which creates a simple, readable alias for your full Ethereum address. It's similar to how the Domain Name System (DNS) routes a web address to files on a server. To go from zero to one in crypto you need to exchange fiat for crypto. You now can with Argent. We've partnered with Moonpay to let you pay by card. It's currently Europe only but we're flat out working on fiat to crypto in other regions.

Introducing RealT: Tokenizing Real Estate on Ethereum
In order to tokenize U.S. real estate properties, RealToken LLC, or RealT? was established. RealT? is a series LLC, a unique form of an LLC in which allows for unlimited segregation of membership interests, assets, and operations into independent series. Each series of the series LLC is treated as a separate entity. Ownership of the various Series is tokenized to unique ERC20 tokens, or RealTokens, on the Ethereum blockchain, each of which represents one share in the Series, and thus in the real estate property owned by the Series. Because the sole purpose of the LLC Series is to own one single property, the LLC can be abstracted away; ownership of the RealTokens is effectively ownership of the property.

Introducing the New Official VeChain Website
After months of preparation, we're more than excited to unveil the upgraded Official Website of VeChain! The new website comes with a brand new look and enhanced features. We have completely upgraded the website for overall improved user experience, optimal service efficiency, and quality. With a cleaner layout, our partners, customers, and the interested parties can learn about who we are and what we do straight away. The new official website is composed of six sections, namely Home, Solutions, Products and Services, About Us, Join Us, and the VeChainThor Blockchain. In the above-mentioned sections, you find detailed introductions and demonstrations for the products, services, structure, and vision of VeChain while being able to locate the information that you're interested in easily.

Bitfinex integrates Liquid by Blockstream
As of today, we are excited to present the integration of the Liquid Network to Bitfinex. The Liquid Network is a digital asset settlement network which links together cryptocurrency exchanges and institutions around the world, enabling fast and private Bitcoin transactions throughout the network. The Network has been designed to address the particular demands of digital asset traders, providing rapid, confidential and secure transfers of Bitcoin amongst network participants. The Liquid Network consists of some of the most advanced exchanges, trading desks, brokers, and financial institutions in the digital asset space. Learn more about Liquid, and get started with L-BTC on Bitfinex today.

Nvelop Holding Selects Fusion to Develop Cross-Border Digital Assets
New York, May 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Fusion Foundation, the non-profit open source developer building the next generation infrastructure for decentralized global finance, today announced that it will begin working with United Arab Emirates-based (UAE) blockchain developer, Nvelop Holding, to digitize cross-border assets such as real estate, commodity mining revenues and other alternative investment opportunities. Through this partnership, the two parties are democratizing wealth creation by giving people new ways to access the economy. Nvelop is a blockchain-focused investment and development firm, founded in partnership with funds from Asia and the Middle East. Nvelop supports and invests in technology focused start-ups that are aiming to solve some of the toughest challenges in the conventional financial ecosystem by leveraging the new efficiencies of blockchain.

Aussie Digital Set to Launch AUD Token
?Aussie Digital is a blockchain based e-commerce ecosystem. Aussie Digital boasts an easy-to-use store builder like that of Amazon, which will showcase a powerful set of digital marketing tools. Also, Aussie Digital will feature a B2B trading platform that enables the integration of social media using innovative ways, along with other services powered by the blockchain technology. AUD is Aussie Digital's native token. AUD is an Ethereum based ERC20 token. 60% of the total token supply will be offered for sale via the ICO. AUD can be used to buy products on Tradezy e-commerce websites. Also, shoppers will receive AUD rewards for shopping at Tradezy's websites. Users can also stake their coins for a 7.5% annual profit.

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