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Australian Tax Office launches major crypto crack-down
The Tax Office (ATO) will then check the information obtained from the exchange, matches  the income details reported by the taxpayer. The technique has traditionally been used in co-operation with major financial institutions, with more than 600 million transactions matched in the past financial year. This year is the first time small and large cryptocurrency exchanges will begin being targeted for data matching. The ATO uses third party data to improve the integrity of the tax system by identifying taxpayers who fail to disclose their income details correctly, said ATO Deputy Commissioner Will Day.

IOTA to become cryptocurrency of choice for car manufacturers following partnership with Jaguar Land Rover
The technology will allow drivers to earn cryptocurrency when they share data on things such as traffic congestion, road hazards, road closures and emergency incidents. The company says cryptocurrency could also be earned if the vehicle takes part in ride-sharing. Testing on the smart wallet software is currently underway in the UK. It's understood the Jaguar F-PACE and Range Rover Velar are the first vehicles to have been equiped with the smart wallet during the trial. The technology is being developed in partnership with IOTA the sole cryptocurrency that will be used to reward drivers. IOTA currently trades just above 25 US cents.

1,239 Flight Centre retail travel agencies across the globe could soon begin accepting Bitcoin
The subsidiary, UK-based Corporate Traveller, announced yesterday it would begin accepting Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash following increasing demand from clients. Corporate Traveller is the UK's largest provider of business travel services with offices in 20 locations across the nation. We identified an increasing demand from our clients for the option to pay in Bitcoin for business travel bookings made by our travel consultants, said Corporate Traveller UK General Manager, Andy Hegley. The company has partnered with BitPay to process the cryptocurrency payments which will be transferred to GBP and settled within two business days.

BITCOIN FUTURES RECORD: Trading rockets after $5000 break
Bitcoin is now holding steady at US$5200 after a lacklustre 2018 and there is now renewed enthusiasm in the digital currency particularly from experienced traders and investors. The Chicago Mercentile Exchange (CME) Bitcoin Futures Market has been booming, with many traders looking to get into the game as the price of Bitcoin spikes. The sharp upwards price movement on April 2nd seems to have the blood flowing yet again. Even as many experts state that US$5000 is just another resistance for Bitcoin, it represents strong upwards movement in the face of strong selling pressure. The hash war and consequent meltdown of Bitcoin in November led to a decline in market sentiment and saw the price tank to around $3500. Crypto-enthusiasts will recall that the LAMBO? chasing investors suddenly disappeared around this time, indicating that the market had shaken out a lot of the weaker hands.

Crypto mining ban in China could send prices prices soaring according to analyst
China's National Development and Reform Commission has just released a revised list of industries it proposes to encourage, restrict or eliminate. Cryptocurrency mining appears on the list among activities the commission believes should be phased out?. The list has been released for public consultation, which ends on May 7. While the news of Bitcoin crackdowns in the most populated country on earth is usually a catalyst for fear, uncertainty and doubt across crypto markets, many analysts believe a full-scale Bitcoin mining ban in China could actually be good news. RELATED: Money flowing into Bitcoin like start of 2017 bull run

Spotify competitor adopts Bitcoin for "perfect" payment system | Micky
The company, which was established six years ago, says musicians and listeners can earn Bitcoin just by using the site. Feedbands new platform is the first of its kind to pay artists a streaming royalty in Bitcoin, at a fixed rate over twice what Spotify pays per stream, the company told Micky. Feedbands also pays members in Bitcoin for streaming and sharing the music they love. In addition to the pay-per-stream feature, Feedbands says both artists and listeners can earn Bitcoin through a referral system. When someone signs up with a unique referral link, the user accrues Bitcoin on every qualified stream for the lifetime of the scouted account.

Horizon State's Voting System To Be Used By South Australian Government To Conduct Election
The State Government is using blockchain technology to elect 5 people to the state's Recreational Fishing Advisory Council. 45 candidates have nominated for the election, with blockchain voting opening today. The Marshall Liberal Government has been committed to an open, transparent process in establishing a new representative body for recreational fishers in South Australia, said Tim Whetstone, the Minister for Primary Industries. For the first time in South Australian Government history, the election will be conducted using Blockchain technology. Blockchain is an exciting emerging technology which is extremely secure and already used all over the world to perform valuable transactions.

Forget Bakkt, Russia, ETFs, China and the rest. Is Generational Change the only irrefutable Bitcoin price catalyst?
Alexander, who Co-Founded Wall Street's Bitcoin Centre in 2013, revealed his moment of realisation while speaking to Australian crypto trader and educator Craig Cobb on the Trader Cobb Crypto Show. Four years ago now, I was working with some young kids in New York City They needed to buy some kind of chips or something from China, said Alexander. I was giving them some advice and looking at some plans and stuff and I said ok, you're going to need to send this big wire over to China to pay for these goods and neither of these kids had a bank account. I explained to them what they're going to need to do and they thought it was a joke, they couldn't believe how contrived and difficult this process was when all they had known in their short financial experience All they had known is Bitcoin and Bitcoin works, they trust it and it works and its normal to them.

Twitter CEO/Co-Founder asked how much Bitcoin he owns... His response: "Enough"
The Twitter CEO and Co-Founder has been a long-time supporter of Bitcoin and blockchain technology and today he revealed the only cryptocurrency he owns is Bitcoin. During a twitter conversation about the Lighting Torch experiment, Twitter user Thomson (@ThomsonCrypto) asked; Jack, which all coins/tokons (sic) you holding I only have bitcoin, replied Dorsey. I only have bitcoin jack (@jack) February 5, 2019 Soon after the exchange above, this question was put to Dorsey by Bloomberg News Reporter Salina Wang (@Selina_y_wang): Enough, Dorsey promptly responded. jack (@jack) February 5, 2019

How Blockchain can change energy markets forever
By Dr Jemma Green, Chairman, Power Ledger But for all the change, we still have a system where, increasingly, consumers are frustrated about paying so much for electricity and not getting a fair return on their solar investments. A system where strong winds can black out 20,000 homes. Where renewable infrastructure investment is limited to sophisticated investors and carbon initiatives are restricted by clunky registries. These problems are asking questions of today's energy markets. And if we let go of preconceived views on what the solution should look like, blockchain can answer several of them.

Documents obtained & verified show massive surge in Russians buying Bitcoin from OTC broker
Micky can reveal the stunning figures following a world exclusive report, in which high-profile Moscow-based Economist, Vladislav Ginko, told the website he believes the Kremlin is about to start transferring billions of USD reserves into Bitcoin in order to soften the impact of new US sanctions. Australian-based cryptocurrency OTC (over-the-counter) brokerage service, Lupo Toro, has clients based in all corners of the globe. Historically, the number of orders placed from Russia has been relatively low. That changed dramatically last month. has obtained copies of Lupo Toro's most recent Eurozone OTC trading reports.

Bank in India sends 'desperate' Bitcoin letter
Mati Greenspan, a Senior Market Analyst with eToro, made the observation while posting a photograph of the letter on Twitter. (This is) a letter from Kotak Bank in India closing a customer's account on suspicion of buying cryptocurrencies, Mr Greenspan wrote. You don't get any more desperate than that. The letter, which is dated December 29, 2018, announced that the person's account would be closed because (the regulator) has mandated banks to close the accounts of customers who had undertaken transactions in virtual currency / Bit coins (sic) any time during the tenure of the account. On review of the transactions done in your above mentioned account we have noticed that you have undertaken online transaction(s) involving dealings in Bitcoin or a virtual currency.

The experts are out making Bitcoin predictions again...
Very few people predicted the plunge to near US$3,000. In fact, most expert predictions were a long way off. However, if you're a Bitcoin trader or investor, it pays to at least listen to what the experts are thinking. And you never know, this year they might just get it right! Expert Bitcoin Price Predictions in December 2018 Before we get to the predictions for the end of 2019, let's look at who was closest for the month of December 2018. In a panel of experts surveyed by comparison website, Australian blockchain pioneer? Craig Cobb (Trader Cobb) was among the most accurate. Along with crypto exchange founder Miko Matsumara, he predicted Bitcoin would be valued at US$4,000 by January 1, 2019.

BITWISE: Bitcoin ETF 'should launch in 2019'
Cryptocurrency asset manager Bitwise announced on January 10 that it's filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a new Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), which would be different from other proposals. Bitwise says the proposed ETF differs because it will rely on regulated third party custodians to hold its physical Bitcoin, and the index draws prices from a large number of cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitwise says the ETF's shares would list on the NYSE Arca, which will file a so-called Rule 19b-4? request with the SEC in the coming days. The request is for necessary rule changes to allow its application to be approved and the ETF to list once the registration statement is declared effective by the SEC.

Russian economist says Russia will begin transferring billion of USD in Bitcoin next month
Vladislav Ginko, a lecturer at Moscow's Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, anticipates new US sanctions will force the Kremlin into diversifying its cash reserves into Bitcoin. US sanctions may be mitigated only through Bitcoin use, Said Mr. Ginko, speaking to Micky from Moscow. Because of US sanctions Russia's elite is forced to dump US assets and US dollars and invest hugely into Bitcoins. Central bank of Russia sits on $466 billion of reserves and has to diversify in case there is limited opportunities to do it (in the future). Micky has verified Mr Ginko's identity and position at Russian Presidential Academy.

Digital marriage certificates being secured by the Ethereum blockchain
In April last year, the Washoe County in Northern Nevada announced it was partnering with blockchain startup, Titan Seal, to offer digital marriage certificates. Since then, around 950 digital certificates have been secured using the Ethereum blockchain, according to a report by the Reno Gazette Journal. April 10th was the first time a person got (a digital marriage certificate from Washoe County) The person had no idea that it was part of a pilot program, Titan Seal Co-founder Phil Dhingra told the Reno Gazette Journal. Before Washoe County's marriage certificates are emailed, Titan Seal generates a secure cryptographic hash representing the certificate on the Ethereum blockchain.

Blockchain project responds to intense scrutiny
The pieces in the Australian Financial Review were written by Aaron Patrick, a prominent journalist with decades of experience. The (Power Ledger) system doesn't operate outside a few pre-established trials that cover a tiny number of people, Mr Patrick wrote. (The) trading system has a tiny take-up, was rejected by the one big electricity retailer that tested it, and a government-funded trial hasn't met the expectations of some involved. Mr Patrick went on to observe how the Power Ledger utility token (POWR) spectacularly peaked in January, but crashed with the rest of the Bitcoin market to now be trading at around 20 per cent below their issue price.

Kraken exchange goes public about large number of ?law enforcement requests?
San Fransisco-based, Kraken, which operates in Canada, the EU, Japan, and the US, received 475 subpoenas from authorities in 2018. The 2018 figure is up almost 100% compared to the number of subpoenas it received in 2017. Of those 475 law enforcement requests, 315 were from US authorities. The largest number of request made by the FBI, followed by Homeland Security Investigations and the Drug Enforcement Authority. The details have been revealed in an infographic released by Kraken today. Peek at our compliance team's 2018 Transparency Report, wrote Kraken on Twitter. You can see why many businesses choose to block US users.

Why the only independent ratings agency in the US believes bitcoin will hit all-time highs in 2019:
Weiss Ratings is predicting the Bitcoin price will surpass its previous all-time high of just below US$20,000, within the next twelve months. It's a huge call by the agency, which unlike most other major ratings agencies, relies on income from individual investors not the companies it covers. If Bitcoin was to set a new record high in 2019 it would need to climb around $US16,000 from today's prices, but Weiss Ratings Mathematician Juan Villaverde says history shows it can happen. Through 2015, Bitcoin had suffered four bear markets with declines of 70% or more, says Mr Villaverde. Each time, the so-called experts wrote its obituary. But each time, Bitcoin recovered and embarked on a new bull market that delivered average gains of 6,300% from bottom to peak.

Coinbase CEO says Bitcoin 'still at the beginning'
Brian Armstrong, the CEO Coinbase, made the comments in a series of tweets to mark the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin. I believe we're still at the beginning, he said. The white paper signalled the start of a movement and the full promise of Bitcoin is still yet to be realised. 13/ I believe we're still at the beginning. The white paper signaled the start of a movement and the full promise of Bitcoin is still yet to be realized. Brian Armstrong (@brian_armstrong) January 3, 2019 Mr Armstrong began the series of tweets by explaining how he became interested in Bitcoin and ultimately built a multi billion dollar company.

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