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Earn Tokens and Cryptos with 'Proof of Sweat' Blockchain
Ever wondered about monetizing workouts at the gym? The fitness-tracking app industry has an answer for it! Several apps have made their way into mainstream health and fitness market space with the all new and exciting technology-moonwalk called Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) or what is commonly called as Blockchain. Here are two apps which are interesting and endorsed by the user community. ActiFit, a fitness app has just bundled out such a feature. Proof of Sweat or the calories you burn will let you earn precious tokens on Actifit's platform. While fitness tracking apps are already available in overwhelming numbers for any number of operating systems, Actifit is different.

Russian Parliament to Deliberate on Crypto Bill in Coming Weeks
The much-anticipated second version of the law to regulate cryptocurrency space in Russia will be discussed soon in the Parliament, according to the latest reports. Previously, the lower chamber passed the Crypto Industry Bill at the first reading in May 2018. Interestingly enough, the law characterized cryptocurrencies and tokens as ?property?. Although the law was supported by the vast majority of the elected representatives, it had to be revised after attracting criticism from crypto enthusiasts and influencers. Ultimately, it had been sent back to the first reading. Now the local news agency ?Tass? reports on the latest developments concerning the crypto bill. Accordingly, the lower house of Russian Parliament ? Duma, is most likely going to deliberate on the crypto regulation law in January or February, as noted by Anatoly Aksakov, the head of Duma?s Committee on Financial Markets.

This is How the Bitcoin Core Team Secures the Integrity of the Bitcoin Protocol Source
The juice of blockchain in one conference It may be a see-saw, but sometimes information isn't power. Power is power. Power in its purest form. Uncontaminated. Therefore, it's no secret that the talk around who has the authority to merge code changes in Bitcoin core protocol tend to pop up from time to time. Who didn't expect that I mean, Bitcoin legacy is worth $63.622 billion with each coin exchanging hands at a global average of $3,633.48'at least at the time of press. At ten years old, this is valuable and unexpected; but as a fluctuating asset, the total coin valuation can spike from billions to trillions'wait until the coin retails upwards of $50,000. Control of this ability to downgrade, upgrade or effect changes at Bitcoin's GitHub Repository has and will be a source of debate going forward. We reckon that the discussion will be more intense in days to come and as questions pop up on who has the control of the network. Attempts to apply authoritarian perspective on a decentralized system won't come to pass.

The Winklevoss Twins: Bitcoin Can Overtake Gold
The juice of blockchain in one conference Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss appeared on Balancing the Ledger show on Fortune yesterday. Throughout the interview, the Winklevoss twins tackled such topics as the future of crypto, stablecoins, ETF, Gemini etc. Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange owned by the twins, launched the New York-side campaign called The Revolution Needs Rules?. The aim of the campaign is to promote regulation of crypto industry without hampering the innovative part. A full-page New York Times ads, bus advertising, and Wall Street billboards were covered with messages promoting crypto industry and Gemini.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Teaching Crypto Adoption in Venezuela
The juice of blockchain in one conference In one of the largest and most watched experiments in the cryptocurrency space, Venezuela is battling the inflation of its fiat currency bolivar, to adopt and use Bitcoin cash (BCH).  Members of the community of BCH are engaging regularly in information dissemination sessions for the public and encouraging them to support the advantages of the use of permissionless cryptocurrencies in the country. The efforts of the community are in addition to the government on the backing of a nationalized cryptocurrency, backed by oil resources, and called the Petro.

Arnoldas Nauseda: Creating a Stellar Future
English and Russian speaking Arnold Nauseda, currently based in Lithuania, has an enviable and eclectic business background, spanning 17 years. Starting out as a personal banker at TCF Bank (Chicago, United States) Nauseda went on to become sales Manager at Baltic Master before a 2-year position as V. Paulius & Associates as a Finance Manager (March 2005- June 2007). Several 2-year posts and corporate positions later and Arnoldas secured the prestigious position of CEO at Max Invest (November 2014 November 2017); a corporate and business advisory firm, specializing in corporate finance, business development, project management, strategic and operational business improvement.

What Can You Buy with Bitcoin? The list is more extensive than you think
Amidst all this market speculation and commentary, we can often lose sight of the currency part of cryptocurrency. Today we're going to take a look at what exactly (and where) you can buy with cryptocurrency. The list is more extensive than you think! Unsurprisingly purveyors of luxury goods have already found a niche and way to spend their digital currencies. And startups have been more than happy to cater to their needs. Both De Louvois and The White Company offer their elite clientele the option of purchasing anything from rare works of art (Paloma by Pablo Picasso, anyone Yours for only 1,935.84 BTC!).

TRON Game Hits 2 Million Transactions as TRX Discovers New Style
Tron (TRX) appears to be starting the New Year on a positive mode. Outperforming other coins in the market in the first weeks of January is a clear indication of its ambition to dominate the gaming industry. The ecosystem has been in the positive news and this explains why TRX has maintained its position among the top ten valuable coins by MCAP. Things have been looking sharp for Tron since the launch of the project's MainNet. Gaming goers appear to have discovered the hidden gem behind the platform and 2019 could be the best year for the gaming inclined network. Dominance in the gaming dApp could be in the offing and the community has all the reasons to smile.

Bitcoin (BTC) Could Be Throwing its Last Kicks; Investor Insight
It is no doubt the cryptocurrency hype has come to a standstill save for sporadic news about the market. The current market decline has seen crypto critics get their voice back. This raises the questions as to whether the market leader, Bitcoin (BTC) is throwing its last kicks. Ten years ago Bitcoin was just but an invisible coin and has since grown to a household name and a global brand. The hype was so high that it almost touched the $20,000 mark. The price surge opened the floodgates for altcoins with most of them having no market agenda. The crypto sphere has become so much saturated that Bitcoin adoption has taken a backstage. The new platforms are coming with different propositions from vehicles of payment or investment assets. This has trimmed Bitcoin down to just another virtual currency?.

VeriBlock Now Accounts For 20% Of All Daily Bitcoin Transactions
The juice of blockchain in one conference Veriblock, a blockchain-based project that tends to improve Bitcoins security, has apparently grown so much that it accounts for around 20% of all daily bitcoin transactions, according to the latest report. Jameson Lopp, the CTO of Casa, published this information on his Twitter account. Source of the now-highest volume of OP_RETURN outputs has been identified as @VeriBlock "proof of proof" miners. They are creating around 20% of all BTC transactions now. Seems inefficient to me; will be interesting to see if the incentives work long term.

Japan Bitcoin ETF Approval Might Affect US Securities and Exchange
Japan appears to be complicating everything for the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) after the country's Financial Services Agency (FSA) approved the first Bitcoin ETF. Not many expected the FSA to pull the move as market observers feel the approval will influence the SEC final decision. READ: Will Japan Be One The First Markets To Play With ETFs The US SEC is still undecided on whether to approve the Bitcoin ETF in February this year and this continues to create uncertainty in the market especially for the US-based enthusiasts. There is no guarantee that the approval. This comes after Hester Peirce, a pro-crypto and SEC commissioner, cautioned investors against waiting for the Bitcoin ETF to be affected since it may take years.

Russia Attract Major Crypto Platforms Despite Govt Sanctions
In a case of opposites attract, the latest sanction imposed against Russia does not deter major cryptocurrency players from opening shop in the former-communist country nor continuing with their operations despite mounting pressure from other nations. The internal political struggle in Eurasia is the annexation of Crimea by Russian military and has led to the imposition of sanctions. Though the sanctions have pushed the economy into disarray, it does not stop foreign investors in the crypto space to invest in the country. Latest reports from Russian markets have established that there was not much fluctuation in cryptocurrency locally and much of the demand has been consistent through 2018.

Privacy Coin Market Space Battle; Who Wins the User Hearts
The juice of blockchain in one conference The 2016-2017 cryptocurrency hype appears to be ebbing away with some once-promising coins dying away while others are diversifying to meet the market needs. The only surviving plans are those built with use cases from the ground up. As the market enters 2019 bleeding, Privacy coins appear to be getting their groove on. Humans are privacy lovers and blockchain outfits offering the feature are getting more recognition. The end game is to ensure user transactions remain confidential. After all, why should others know what you are spending on or the amount you are using in your transactions

India to Finally Legalize Cryptos Under Stringent Regulations
For crypto investors in India, it is nearly party time. Leading news media group, Indian Express, reports that the Government appointed panel may final recommend legalization of cryptocurrencies, although monitoring and regulation of decentralized assets would be highly stringent. Sources which Indian Express did not name, have confirmed that the parliamentary panel has held two intermittent meetings on the legal status that has to be accorded to virtual currencies in the Indian context. Earlier detailed studies by panel members had initially recommended that the virtual currencies not be used in the country, even as the panel continued further research. Their continued study of regulatory conditions in other countries which permitted the use of cryptocurrencies has now finally revealed that many members are of the consensus that cryptocurrencies cannot be dismissed as illegal entirely.

Bitcoin and Crypto Dont Need Futures Contracts, Adoption is Crucial
2018 was stomach wrenching for crypto investors. Prices of digital assets fell and with governments and their agencies coming down hard on crypto and related products as ICOs, the consequent diffusion cast a chilling effect and prices inevitably fell. However, there is a reprieve and while we recognize that the industry is exactly a decade old, recent exposure to new demographics might be what the industry needs. Perhaps we can even draw lessons from the Dojima Rice Exchange, the first Futures contract exchange birthed in Osaka Japan back in the 1700s with the express purpose of cushioning rice farmers from damaging fluctuations of rice prices during a period of bumper or poor harvests. Because rice was a crucial source of income for the Japanese and even a medium of exchange back in the day, crypto assets especially Bitcoin is indispensable for a new breed of libertarians and maximalists'not forgetting speculators.

3 Reasons Why The Crypto Market Is Set To Take Off Soon
The last 12 months have seen the crypto sphere get battered for the first time in the cryptocurrency history and this could be for a good reason not only for the observer but the investor as well. The Bitcoin value fall has dragged the entire market to the drain; however, there are indications that the market is set to recover. Barely four days into the New Year, Bitcoin is turning the tide on the bears and according to the digital money market analysts; the ripple effect is set to spread across the entire crypto verse. The current market positivity with BTC headed for a buying streak in Q1 and 2 and this is what the ardent investor is banking on.

Bitcoin Headed for a Big Boost from Chinese Demand
Bitcoin (BTC) might be struggling in the market from the growing competition from Altcoins but there is still hope that the coin will soon beat the $4,000 resistance hurdle.   BTC has terribly missed the price support it anticipated in 2018 but a sparkle is in the horizon courtesy of Chinese demand. Expectations were high last year that a push from institutional investors would make the cryptoverse a better place to stake on, but that was a mirage. Investors have been eager to cash in on the institutional push due to Bitcoin adoption but their aspirations are still on hold. In a recent survey, China comes out as the current leader in Bitcoin and to a larger extent; altcoin interest. Many Chinese are ready to invest in Bitcoin now and in the coming future. This could come at a time when the coin has been struggling for the better part of 2018.

Nearly 14% of 4,200 Chinese People Surveyed, Invest in Cryptocurrency
The latest research report by Panews has set the Chinese people at the top the leaderboard with 14% of the citizens investing in decentralized ledger technology currencies. Nearly 98% are crypto literate in China, perhaps the highest among investor regions. Over 95% of Chinese are aware of the technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which is blockchain technology. The rationale for investing in these alternate currencies is that they are perceived as investment products and not as mediums for trading and exchange. Even as China continues to bear down on cryptocurrency investments and its adoption in the mainstream, the number of citizens investing in these deregulated currencies continues to rise.

Will Bitcoin Still Dominate the Crypto Space in 2019
When the first cryptocurrency hit the market, not many people thought it will take the world by storm ten years later. Bitcoin was created to solve a specific problem and it came at a time when the world was in a financial crisis.  Thus gave the coin a lot of traction as users sought an easy exit from the fiat world. Bitcoin market dominance came as a result of a lack of alternative virtual currencies. However, users came to realize that the coin did not solve all their problems by giving new coins leeway to hit into its market hence the birth of Altcoins.  These alternative coin and tokens have taken almost half of the market share. So, will Bitcoin (BTC) still dominate the crypto space in 2019?

The Number of People in China Willing to Invest in Bitcoin is Surging
The juice of blockchain in one conference The most recent survey in China shows that the number of people willing to invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is rising, according to Forbes. The survey has been carried out by the blockchain company PANews. One of the key findings shows that 40% of 4,200 respondents have said they are willing to invest in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in the future. Moreover, around half of the surveyed participants said they had at least heard the terms cryptocurrency, bitcoin and digital currency. When it comes to the payment element, as many as 63% don't see Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as required for payment, which is quite high. Around 22% of respondents are aware of the blockchain-based tokens.

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